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Going ahead and making a thread for reviews and discussion of the premiere episode.  I figure it would be easier to avoid spoilers if we do threads for each episode rather than one big thread, especially since I might be waiting for DVD's to come out before watching the full season (and there may be others doing the same).

The premiere airs tonight on CBS at 7:30 Central time, give or take 30-40 minutes delay due to football games...

Creative Writing Forum / Musings on reviving Frontlines (aka TNC Rambles)
« on: December 03, 2016, 01:56:44 AM »
A while back I made the statement on dA that I was abandoning my Trek fan-fic project due to the recent guidelines CBS/Paramount released for fan-films out of the concern that there might be overlap with written fan-fiction.  Recently, through a combination of playing Star Trek Timelines, binging Star Trek Online, and the 50th anniversary, I’ve begun to think about reviving Frontlines more and more.  Obviously any progress would have to be in a cautious wait-and-see mode, perhaps waiting to see if CBS/Paramount go after any other written fan-fic projects before trying to post anything of significance.

Of course another reason for abandoning the project was that I started in 2005 and haven’t done any story writing since 2009 (which was mostly editing) and that in the last two or three years I’ve begun working on backstory elements, coming up with names for unnamed characters, character backstories, etc.  In the process I’ve backed myself into the corner of having to rewrite quite a bit of stuff in order to fit with the new timeline.

For reference, here's the old versions I posted here years ago and here's the last timeline update I made.
There’s the easy stuff like changing Voyager-A to Helios but pretty much the whole battle at DS9 has to be changed because I added in Taskforce Gamma.

Also various fiction mediums have changed in the 11 years since I started writing.  Shows like nuBSG, SGU, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead, have come out and changed things.  Plus the Kelvin Timeline shook up Trek.  So I might need to up the game some…

But anywho, I have some thoughts on reviving Frontlines (or not).

Option 1: Art project only
I could just keep my idea to simply scrap the story and focus on finishing any designs.  This would be the easiest option, but there would be that lingering feeling of leaving things unfinished… 

Option 2: Finish the story
Get back to work and finish the story with the necessary revisions made from working on backstory stuff the last few years.  Probably wouldn’t be that hard if I could get out of my funk.

Option 3: Novelization
This is probably the most difficult idea.  Obviously it would involve converting the story into novel form and trying to get it published.  This way I could avoid any threats of lawsuits.  Converting the existing scripts into novel format probably wouldn’t be that hard.  The tricky part would be deciding how much material would go into each book (I’m assuming I’d have to write at least two novels to get everything in, maybe more).  The main concerns I have with this is I don’t know what kind of conditions CBS/Paramount put on Trek novel authors.  Are there things I can’t do?  How much “executive meddling” will there be?  Would I have to make edits to fit it in more with the Prime Timeline (i.e. blow up Romulus)?

Of course, if I do start working on it again, there’s the issue of just how long it should be.  I originally billed it as a “virtual miniseries” but at one time I predicted 20-40 “episodes” to finish the story, and that’s probably low balling it. That doesn’t sound very mini to me (maybe limited run would be better).  The obvious idea would be to do time skips every now and then.  But I’ve got another idea…

Format Conversion
To shorten the story down and cut down on potential time skips, I’ve thought about converting it into a war documentary format.  I could basically boil it down to a few big stories that focus on the different campaigns (i.e. Alpha Quadrant campaigns, Beta Quadrant Campaigns, etc.) or something similar.  I could probably also cut out bridge dialog scenes and focus on the action stuff, with some sort of narration over the action and character interviews.  The problem here is figuring out how to write this out.

Then there’s one big concern I have started thinking about lately…

We ain’t getting any younger
Originally I had a very minor role for Spock; however, with Leonard Nimoy’s death I decided to cut Spock out of the story.  Not too big a deal since his role wasn’t that big.  But what if, God forbid, Patrick Stewart were to die soon?  Picard’s a major player in the story and I don’t know if could/would want to do it without him.  Now obviously as a written story I don’t need actors, but out of respect for the actor I would feel the need to cut the character (similar to how SG-1 killed off Hammond after Don S. Davis died, rather than just never having the character appear or be mentioned again).  The obvious thing to do would just be finish the story ASAP; however, as Anton Yelchin’s tragic death shows, anything can happen at any time.   One potential solution would be to push the story further into the future and just cut out any of the canon characters.  This way I could also put it back in the Prime Timeline, and replace the Romulan Empire with the Romulan Republic from STO (or something similar).  Though this might mean replacing some TNG era ships, which means coming up with more ship designs, which means more drawing…

Silver Screens and Boob Tubes / AMC's Into The Badlands $Spoilers$
« on: September 03, 2016, 01:20:37 PM »
Anyone else watch this show?  It's kind of like if Mad Max, Kung-fu movies, and Game of Thrones had a genetically spliced baby and raised it in Louisiana on 1800's style magazines and it collected 1950's vehicles.

It's set in a post-apocalyptic world run by seven (IIRC) people calling themselves Barons.  Guns have been outlawed and each Baron operates an army of assassins called "Clippers".  The series focuses on Baron Quinn's top Clipper, Sunny.  Sunny happens upon a kid named M.K. who gains super-human abilities when cut and together they develop a plan to leave the Badlands before all out war breaks out.

Season 1 is being reaired on BBC America every Saturday (they're on episode 5 now).  Season 2 starts sometime next year IIRC.

General Sci-Fi Discussion / Syfy's Killjoys $Spoilers$
« on: September 03, 2016, 01:09:00 PM »
Anyone watching this show?  It's about three bounty hunters usually operating in an area called "The Quad", which consists of a planet and its three moons run by an evil megacorp simply called "The Company".  "The Company" is in turn backed by a corrupt royal family called The Nine.  Plus there's a conspiracy inside the bounty hunter agency to turn people into super-human slave assassins.

It's got decent action and a serious story burred with quirky humor.  In a way it's as close as you can get to a live action Borderlands series.  The season 2 finale just aired.

Battlestar Galactica / Battlestar Galactica Movie?
« on: June 09, 2016, 09:10:55 PM »
So Universal is working on a BSG movie., since 2014....

Not sure how I feel about this, considering the series wrapped up so well.  Also not sure about the fact that worked on 50 Shades of Grey is producing it, but I have no opinion about The Hunger Games director lined up to direct it.

So it's been quiet here, and I'm bored so, here's a thread for video game reviews.  If you'd like to post a review for a game feel free to.  I'll start with what I've played most recently.

Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3/Xbox 360)
“Wherever this thing goes, it can’t be any worse than back there… can it?” – Murphy Pendleton, clearly having no idea what’s in store for him…

Silent Hill: Downpour is the 8th game in the franchise and was released in 2012 and developed by Czech Republic based Vatra Games (which went under right shortly after the game was released).  Downpour is a stand-alone story that is set in the previously unexplored south-eastern region of Silent Hill.  Which as an aside, if this fan made map can be trusted, Silent Hill is pretty damn big…  Speaking of big, this is probably the largest game in the franchise with plenty of hidden things to find.

Downpour once again takes us to everyone’s favorite slice of hell.  This time you are inmate Murphy Pendleton.  The game starts off with a very dark tutorial, Murphy has made a deal with crooked prison guard George Sewell to get some alone time with a sequestered prisoner Murphy has a bone to pick with.  Once you get into the showers said sequestered prisoner arrives in a fan disservice moment (fat guy wearing nothing but a towel around his waist), and then you get the combat tutorial as you chase the unarmed guy around the room and kill him.

So then the game cuts to you getting transferred to another prison.  On the way your bus goes off the road (pro tip: keep your eyes on the road) crashing just outside Silent Hill.  As usual you’ll have to make your way out of the town while learning about why Murphy went to prison.  In a way, Downpour is a spiritual successor to Silent Hill 2, instead of focusing on The Order (the psycho cult responsible, directly or indirectly, for the horror in the other games) it presents the town itself as a malevolent entity that draws in people with checkered pasts and tries to kill them until they learn something important.

Along the way you’ll run into a few other characters: Anne Marie Cunningham (a cop with a vendetta against you, who got a tie-in comic released in 2014), Howard Blackwood (a mysterious mailman and one of the few African-American characters in the franchise), Bobby Ricks (someone who seems to know a thing or two about how Silent Hill works, another African-American character), JP Sader (a guy who used to run a train ride at The Devil’s Pit with a dark past, one of the game’s more interesting locations), and Frank Coleridge (in flashbacks, a corrections officer who’s trying to look out for you).

As with other Silent Hill games, you have to survive monsters, solve puzzles, and get the hell out of Silent Hill.  This time around you have a Journal where your Gameplay Tips, Objectives, Memos (“Mysteries”), and Maps are.  As far as combat goes, you can only equip two weapons at a time, a melee weapon and a gun or two guns. However you will have to ditch one of those guns to use a melee weapon to get past barricades (like in Homecoming).  Like in Origins weapons will gradually degrade and break, this includes at least shotguns, forcing you to get new ones.  As I mentioned, you need certain weapons to get past various obstacles: hatches/fire axes/pickaxes for boarded up areas, any heavy metal object for padlocks, and latter hooks to pull down ladders.  There’s usually one of these near said obstacle.  Unlike Homecoming, swinging melee weapons is a little slow and you’ll likely take a couple hits fighting a monster.  While aiming a firearm the reticule will move around a bit.  You can also throw most melee weapons.  Monsters will become more aggressive and more numerous during storms forcing you to go indoors.

Like Silent Hill 2 & 3 you can change the game difficulty and the puzzle difficulty separately.  This time you will find a UV flashlight that you’ll need to get through some puzzles.  As I said before this is quite possibly the largest Silent Hill yet and has a new sidequest feature.  You don’t have to do any of them but most of them reward you with items, trophies/achievements, or little tidbits of information.  A couple of sidequests: “All Points Bulletin” and “Homeless” make the game a bit easier.  The first one gets rid of police cars around town that summon monsters when you get near them while the second one opens up subway tunnels for you to get around town faster.  Almost all of the sidequests involve solving puzzles or item fetching.  Three sidequests give unique weapons: “Cinema Verite” awards the Golden Gun, “The Art Collector” awards the Tomahawk, and “Shadow Play” awards the Demon Statue.  The Golden Gun is a more powerful version of the base handgun, but you will get less ammo for it since while you have the handgun every other handgun you pick up gives you more ammo, which doesn’t work if you have the Golden Gun.  The other two are melee weapons, with the Tomahawk supposedly being one of the best weapons in the game (though its acquired at a point where advancing the main story will give you very limited time to use it).

As expected you are shifted to the Otherworld, the twisted hell beneath the surface of Silent Hill, several times.  Unlike previous games, the Otherworld spaces are completely unique areas with only slight thematic similarities to the area you were in before.  The Otherworld also differs in appearance, often having lots of water around and impossible geometry (one room is called “Escher Room” for good reason).  There’s a fair amount of puzzles in Otherworld segments, as well as chase sequences where you are chased by this creature called “The Void” which is basically a red tinted black hole that will slowly kill you when it gets close to you. 
There are a lot of different areas to explore, perhaps my favorite is the aforementioned Devil’s Pit, the first cave system (that I can remember) in a Silent Hill game (or at least one I’ve played.)  This is also the only Silent Hill without a hospital.  Also there’s no more “The lock is broken, this door cannot be opened.” As areas you can’t go are just boarded or walled off.
It wouldn’t be a Silent Hill without multiple endings, and Downpour has 6 endings.  The four “main endings” are based on the hidden karma meter.  Said karma meter is based two things, three moral decisions (two at the beginning of the game and one at the end) and killing monsters.  Killing monsters means you lose karma points and because of this it means the last moral decision is more important when determining the ending.  After beating the game once it unlocks the sidequest “Digging up the past” where you’ll dig up (yes, you’ll need a shovel) artifacts around town and when you get all of them it will unlock the joke ending.  The sixth ending does not unlock a trophy and is more of a non-standard game over; just let the final boss kill you.  This means you’ll have to play the game three times to get all the endings (or if your near the threshold for killing enemies, the final boss sends a bunch of mooks after you so if you can kill enough of them you might be able to get the four non-joke endings in one playthrough, but I don't know what that threshold is).  Also this is one of the few Silent Hill games where you have to go through the whole game to get the joke ending, most of them cut some time off of the game.

The Bad
It’s probably the best looking Silent Hill, but there are a few issues.  Bobby Ricks’ model doesn’t seem as good as the other characters.  The game uses an auto-save system, which can cause some lag and prevents you from going back (as it only keeps 4 save files and at least on the PS3 you can’t copy data to cut down on play time to get all the endings).  The two weapon system is kinda annoying considering the fact that previous games had unlimited inventories (except for Silent Hill 4: The Room).  There are some lag issues although it’s mostly fixed with a patch.  Also the monsters are a little too human looking compared to the previous games.  Plus the game has several points where you'll lose at least your weapon(s) and flashlight, the worst of which is near the end when you cross the point of no return and loose EVERYTHING, including the 15 or so First Aid Kits you'll have picked up by this point.  The final negative is a minor one, but there's no New Game+ feature which means no infinite ammo laser pistol and you'll have to start any sidequests over from scratch when you start a regular new game.

Final Verdict
All in all, I’d have to say this is a solid entry in the Silent Hill franchise.  It’s not the best (IMO that’s Silent Hill 3), but it’s still pretty good.  I’d have to give it a 7.5 out of 10, mostly due to the lag, limited weapon system, clunky melee combat, and mostly disappointing monster designs.  I’d recommend this game to Silent Hill fans; although I figure most of them have already played it.  If you haven’t played a Silent Hill before, but like horror games then I’d say give this one a shot since you don’t really need to know the franchise to play it (though you will miss out on all the little references).

EDITED: To fix an error and add some details.

General Sci-Fi Discussion / Syfy's The Expanse $Spoilers$
« on: December 26, 2015, 08:59:59 PM »
Has anyone watched Syfy's The Expanse?  It's set in the 23rd century, Humanity has colonized (at least part) of the Solar System.  Earth and Luna are controlled by the U.N. and Mars is an independent military power and the two are currently engaged in a Cold War.  Caught in the middle are the people of The Belt (aka the asteroid belt), which is were of most of Earth and Mars' resources come from.  These people are referred to as Belters and even have their own language, and they call people from Earth "Earthers" and people from Mars "Dusters".  A lot of Belters see themselves as slaves for Earth and Mars and after generations of living in space can't live on Earth.  (In fact in the first episode an OPA (a Belter terrorist organization) member  is being "interrogated" at a U.N. black site in the Hamptons by exposing him to Earth's gravity.)

There's also mention of a research station on one of Saturn's moon (Pheobe) and ships routinely going out that far.  One of these ships is an ice hauler called the Canterbury, the crew of which is one of the three major groups of characters the story follows.  The other major character groups involve people on the Ceres Station (especially detective Joe Miller), and a U.N. official named Chrisjen Avasarala (who was one of the people "interrogating" the OPA agent I mentioned earlier.

So as I said Earth and Mars are in a state of cold war and (as the first episodes title card says) any spark will ignite a full blown war.  And that spark is well on its way to happening (one could argue that it has happened and now all that's left is to see if it will lead to war).  So far it's been pretty good and its really nice to see Syfy showing science fiction again.

It looks like Justin Lin (who has worked on the Fast & Furious movies) has been chosen to direct the third Abramsverse movie.

Stargate SG-1, Atlantis & Universe / Railguns in Stargate vs. reality
« on: July 03, 2014, 12:16:27 PM »
So I was doing some railgun research on the Stargate wiki for my fanfic.  According to the wiki, the railguns seen on the show (at least the ground based units seen in ATL: "The Siege") have a range of 250 miles and a muzzle velocity of Mach 5.  Now lets compare that to a common air-to-air missile, the AIM-120 AMRAAM (which has been stated as the standard armament of the F-302).  It has a range of 34-112 miles (depending on the version) and a top speed of Mach 4.  The railguns have nearly twice the range of the missiles and are faster, though the missiles have the advantage of being self-guiding.

Now for the range of the Stargate railgun.  The International Space Station orbits at about 260 miles.  That's right the railguns in Stargate would almost be able to reach the ISS from the ground!  And further, low Earth orbit is defined as between 99 and 853.8 miles above the Earth.  So these railguns could take out Goa'uld, Wraith, or Ori fighters within the lower thermosphere.

When I first started piecing all this together, I thought it was a case of "Sci-fi writers have no sense of scale".  So I started looking at what the experimental railguns being worked on today are capable of.  According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Navy wants to mount railguns on ships by 2016.  These would have a range of 100 miles with a muzzle velocity of Mach 7.  So the Navy desires a weapon that has a higher muzzle velocity than the Stargate railgun but with less range.  As of 2008, test units were capable of Mach 7 speeds.  Some experimental versions could theoretically achieve range of at least 230 miles and a muzzle velocity of Mach 17 when production ready!

So, in the end Stargate's railguns seem to have reasonable capabilities as far as comparing them to what real world test units are capable of.  Of course, I don't think the railguns in Stargate were ever used at their stated maximum ranges, much like Star Trek ships always duke it out at near point blank range despite having weapons with thousands of kilometers ranges.

Artwork and Design / TNC's Fleetyards 3.0
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:11:21 PM »
So got to playing with SketchUp again the other day and drew this.

Close up of the engines.  I was tired of drawing circular rockets so this thing uses some kind of exotic particles as exhaust. The green parts emit magnetic or energy fields to adjust the particles, thus acting as a thrust vectoring system.

Close up of the missile bay. There are a total of 84 tubes in each bay with two bays on opposite sides of the ship for a total of 168 tubes. The missile tubes are 875 mm in diameter.

General Sci-Fi Discussion / Top 75 Spaceships in Movies and TV
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:02:45 PM »
Found this list on another forum and thought I'd post it here for discussion.

Some of their choices are a little strange.  For example they put the dropship from Aliens as number 1.  Really?  I mean it is neat looking but how does it deserve to be number 1?  They have the Colonial Viper and the Cylon raider but no Galactica or Basestar(ship).

Some other choices they made:
#67: The Whale Probe from ST: IV
#66: Icarus II from Sunshine
#61: The Planet Express ship from Futurama
#60: Andorian Cruiser from Enterprise
#50: The Klingon Deuterium Tanker from Enterprise
#42: NSEA Protector from Galaxy Quest
#40: The Event Horizon from Event Horizon
#36: D'Deridex-class Warbird
#29: The Sulaco from Aliens
#25: Viper from BSG
#22: Cylon Raider (picture on the site is of the original BSG version)
#8: Surak Warp Sled from ST: The Motion Picture (Really? WTF?)
#4: TOS Enterprise
#3: Klingon BoP

So if you were doing this list, what would you have put in it?

Creative Writing Forum / Stargate: Crusade
« on: September 10, 2011, 12:04:50 PM »

In the room are Gen. Landry and Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman.
Dial it up Walter.
Yes, sir.

The Stargate finishes dialing and the wormhole ka-wooshes.


Atlantis’ Gate ka-wooshes.


It is a large, empty room in some sort of temple.  At one end of the room is a Stargate of the type seen on planets in “SGU”.  Suddenly the chevrons light up and the Gate starts spinning.  After a beat it locks into position and the wormhole ka-wooshes.  After the puddle settles six SG Team members wearing thick jackets step through and spread out around the room.  Only one of the team members is a woman.  One of them, a young man, turns and faces the gate.

Male SG-Team Member 1
So that’s what the Andromeda Gates look like.


Text is displayed on the screen.

In an alternate “Stargate” reality, a new adventure begins.


The Prometheus and four unfamiliar angular ships pass through a thick, orange planetary atmosphere.  In front of them we see some sort of energy field with a massive city beneath it.  Several of the buildings have spires that stick out through the field.


Three people in Ancient space suits move through a water filled cave with hundreds of gigantic white crystals all over the place.


Eight SG personnel walk down the corridor of the Goa’uld base.  When they come to a junction they stop.  One of them, the young man from the beginning of the trailer moves to the front of the group and pulls a device out of his backpack; it is a Cornershot, a gadget that allows the user to aim around corners without exposing themselves.  He attaches his M9 to the front of the device and uses it to look around the corner.  The camera focuses on the monitor and we see that it is clear.  He signals that it way is clear and the group begins to head out, but a pair of Kull warriors emerges from the corner at the far end of the corridor.  The Kulls begin firing as the group takes cover.


Three of Goa’uld ships fly through hyperspace.  Two of them are regular Ha’taks but the one in the center is much larger but similar in design.  The most significant difference is that its pyramid has a hexagonal base.


The female SG team member from the beginning of the trailer is working at an Ancient control table similar to those we’ve seen several times on “SG-1”.  Gunshots echo in the room.

Male SG Officer 2 (Off Screen)
(Russian accent, yelling over gunfire)
How’s it going Reid?
Reid (Female SG Team Member)
It’d be easier to think without all the noise!


The room appears to be for prostration.  In the center is Adria next to her is the One-eyed Prior and knelling before them is another woman wearing a kimono.  It is the Goa’uld System Lord Amaterasu.

You will bow in prostration before the Ori?
Good.  There may be hope for you yet.


Destiny flies through normal space with a Seed Ship docked.  Both vessels’ defense weapons are firing in multiple directions.  Suddenly the Seed Ship undocks and goes in one direction while Destiny turns and goes in another direction.  After a beat Destiny’s main gun lowers and begins firing.


The six SG-Team members from the beginning of the trailer walk along a snow covered path.  Suddenly an alien attack helicopter flies over their heads and turns to face them.


The camera focuses on Jonas Quinn pointing a pistol at Tomin.  Vala Mal Doran stands in front of Tomin blocking Jonas’ shot.

Do you have any idea what this son of a bitch did?!


An unfamiliar Earth ship sits in orbit of P4X-351, the planet Icarus base is set up on.  The camera pans and reveals three Ori motherships launching fighters towards the planet.  Then the camera zooms in as the Earth ship begins firing on the fighters.  We get a close-up of the ship’s rail guns firing.  The camera focuses on a single barreled turret as it fires several slugs.  The camera follows the slugs as they streak towards the fighters.  Just before the slugs hit the fighters they explode sending shrapnel over a wide area.  The fighters fly through the shrapnel and are destroyed.  One of the Ori motherships closes in on the Earth vessel and fires its main weapon.  The Earth vessel fires its Asgard beam weapons.  As the two ships’ beams streak towards their targets we…


Text is displayed on the screen.

“Stargate: Crusade” coming to a forum near you late September/early October.

“Stargate” and related names are trademarks of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. No Copyright Infringement is intended.  This trailer was written for non-profit purposes.

So the Drones have blockaded all viable stars for Destiny to recharge in which forces them to do something crazy and use a Class-O blue supergiant to recharge.  They had to evacuate most of the crew to prevent them from dieing from the heat.  Eli, Rush, and Park stayed on board in the suits.  While Park was trying to save the plants Destiny sealed her in the dome and she was forced to take refuge in the water tank.  As they exited the star the dome cracked and she was almost sucked out.  Eli managed to save her but she was blinded.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew got attacked by Drones on a planet that the Novus people colonized.  Varro had some sort of rocket launcher and shot a drone down while Young, Greer, and Scott managed to shoot another down...

Varro got back on his feet pretty quickly, although it has been at least 10 days since the last episode (I'm assuming, I think there was a line about dropping off the other people).  I hope Park's blindness isn't perminate.

Trivia: Destiny likes to recharge in main-sequence stars, usually red dwarfs.

Next week is the last episode.  :(     While I'm loathe to plug syfy, they are showing SG-1 marathons all this week.  I'm pretty sure they're doing a marathon of the last few episodes of SGU next Monday.

So the Novus people managed to build ships and sent them to a colony that most of the people gated too, but the ships don't have FTL and will take them 100 or so years to get there.  Duplicate Varro wound up with James, Eli with Corporal Barnes, Greer with Park, Scott with Chloe, Brody was apparently alone (and a bitter old man) as well as Wray.  Volker died soon after they got there and Greer and Park named their first kid after him.  T.J. died from ALS five years after they got there.  200 years later they developed a cure for it but it was not one of the things they managed to upload.  Eli wound up being a teacher and wrote a crapload of textbooks.  Rush managed to find some super awesome CO2 absorbing material to replace the lime in the air filters.  Varro was wounded falling from a ladder as they were trying to escape.  The city was swallowed by a fault line due to a black hole entering the system.  They couldn't contact Novus because a volcanic eruption destroyed the Gate.

2 episodes left.  :'(

Artwork and Design / Stargate: Crusade, Artwork
« on: April 21, 2011, 09:31:19 AM »
I've decided to put my Stargate fanfic artwork in a separate thread from my Trek stuff for clarity's sake.  The following images are related to an alien race I created for this fanfic, the Sakarrans.  The Sakarrans rival the Asgard technologically and a thousand years ago they fought the Goa'uld to a stalemate in a war.  Although they were significantly more advanced than the Goa'uld, they lacked the manpower to wipe out the Goa'uld.  As a result the Goa'uld signed a treaty with them and the two powers left each other alone after that (for the most part).

Two of their ships.

Sakarran staff weapons.

Their text (letters, numbers, and even some punctuation marks).

The two ships, the Patrol Ship and Interceptor, make up the bulk of the Sakarran fleet.  They share the same basic design, the only difference being that the Interceptor has a couple missile bays.  Although they are only slightly bigger than an Al'kesh they can easily take on a Goa'uld Ha'tak.  The staff weapons are similar in function to Goa'uld staff weapons, except they're more accurate and have a stun and kill setting.  Most of the staffs in the image belong to elite Sakarran warriors referred to as Ra'zal, each one being customized to the individuals preferences.

So the Pandoran panther thing decided to not eat T.J. and Corporal Redshirt because they were smart enough to make fire...  Not sure I buy that.  At least Varro got to do something this episode.

The side story with Eli and Brody messing around with the stasis pods against Rush's wishes was a little amusing.

Only 4 more episodes left.  :(

It seems Telford still wants to command the Destiny mission.  Would have been nice to see Jonas Quinn around at some point in this episode.  Hopefully the tour those two Langarans will inspire them to allow Earth to dial Destiny at some point before the series ends (or maybe for a movie or something).

On another note, I think I have an idea about why Duplicate Rush went to the chair room in "Twin Destinies".  I figure he wanted to be one with the ship before the end.

Decent enough episode.  I had a feeling the airman was a Lucian Alliance member for some reason.  I wonder if this cloaked cargo ship run on Homeworld Command was the attack that's been being mentioned all this time or just the lead-up to something much bigger.

Huh apparently the guy who played Dr. Andrew Covel is the same guy who played Lt. Feretti in the Stargate movie.

Pretty good episode.  Chloe did call the blue aliens, they sent three ships which distracted the drones long enough for Destiny to blow the command ship to hell.  Those drones are pretty bad-ass taking out two of the blue alien ships.

Anywho, the scene with the arrival of the second command ship and it launching it's drones was pretty cool.  I wonder if the blue aliens really un-did what they did to Chloe or if they just made it look like they did (or un-did it then re-did it).  Sad to see the seed ship and the Ursini go though.

Stargate SG-1, Atlantis & Universe / SGU Canceled
« on: December 16, 2010, 05:38:35 PM »
Syfy canceled SGU.  >:( >:( >:(

I'm fucking done with Syfy.  I think I'm not even going to bother watching the new BSG series they're making.

Telford's back!  Now we know that the ship Rush and Young got stuck on was one of the alien's (from the seed ship, the Ursini) ships.  The scenes with Destiny and the Seed Ship flying into the sun and away from the sun was really cool, as was the docked FTL jump.  I bet that Chloe either called the blue aliens, did something to fix Destiny's power problems, or repaired the FTL system and plotted a jump.

Hopefully we won't have to wait 6 months for the next episode...

Well it looks like what Jimi said was right...

Heard an interesting idea today about the whole recurring 'hallucination' idea, particularly as it relates to Rush, TJ, and Young.

We saw Destiny testing Young because he's a vital member of the crew, as if Destiny has provided what Young needs in order to get his act together and be a functioning member of the crew.

Now compare this to what we see with TJ, giving her the idea that he baby is safe so that the crews only medic doesn't lose her marbles and do her job.

And then Rush, seeing his wife and what's his name that sat in the chair, possibly allowing him some measure of guilt relief towards the actions he's taken in the past and being forced to take as the hallucinations are taking place.

So maybe Destiny was responsible for TJ's and Rush's hallucinations as well, which I think is way more significant in regards to TJ.  Rush already knows his wife is dead so there's no real shock if/when the truth is revealed, however if/when TJ learns that her baby really is dead, she's going to lose it.

The people they left behind came back in a brand-new shuttle that was picking up a signal which will lead them back to Earth... Wait, wrong series.  Anywho the people all died on the planet and the aliens who built the planet reanimated them and brought them back in a restored shuttle, for some reason.  TJ's baby was not among them and had they had no memory of TJ being brought there with a baby and there were no cabins.  So it looks like Destiny was making her hallucinate, and if that's the case it probably and put the nebula in the dream and dropped out of FTL near it as a way of further convincing her that her dream was real.  Though she didn't seem to really loose it (or if she did she regained her composure quickly), but maybe that's coming soon.

Favorite quotes:

"'Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.' Aurthur C. Clark" - Eli
"'Turn the mic back on.' Winston Churchill" - Young
"Really?" - Eli

Next week is the mid-season finale.  :(

Rush wasn't playing...  Triggering that stampede was pretty cool.

Even if he had taken Simeon back alive I doubt he would have given up any information about the attack.  I wonder if Chloe just reploted Destiny's course or did more.

Well the bridge has been reveled and so has Destiny's mission. Basically the Ancients found evidence that the universe may have been artificially created and Destiny was built to find proof.  I wonder if this has some connection to the "meaning of life stuff" from that SG-1 episode with the meeting place for the Ancients, Asgard, Nox, and Furlings.  This could also be related to the planet with the obelisk.  Also they found pods from the aliens on the Seed Ship on the alien ship they found.  I wonder if it was something they were probing or if it was one of their ships.

Oh, and Ginn and Amanda Perry are dead, killed by one of the Lucian Alliance guys (Simeon).   Where the frak was the guard who should have been escorting him?

Artwork and Design / TNC's Fleetyards 2.0
« on: November 07, 2010, 02:03:00 PM »
Playing around with the KDF faction on Star Trek Online inspired me to do some work on my Ka'vort'ha class cruiser.

Length: 527 meters
Beam (Width): 1,001 meters
Weapons: 14x Disruptor cannon turrets (each mounts (1) pulse and (1) beam style cannons), 1x Heavy disruptor cannon (fore only, beam fire), 6 Torpedo launchers (4 fore, 2 aft)
Torpedo Payload: 425 Photon torpedoes, 275 Enhanced photon torpedoes (Klingon equivilant of the Quantum torpedo), 36 Decoy probes
Top Speed: Warp 9.9978 for ten hours
Cruise Speed: Warp 8.7

I might change the disruptor cannot turrets to separate pulse fire cannons with different locations for the beam disruptors.  The heavy disruptor cannon is just a big super-charged disruptor cannon.  The little box with the red part on the ventral side is the deflector array.


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