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Hello all.

I have not seen this project mentioned here before but I figured it deserved its own thread. A crowd funding effort has been underway to do a documentary series in honor of Leonard Nimoy produced by his son Adam Nimoy. As of this thread it has less than ten days left and is still underfunded. I doubt our membership could make a dent but I figured it should be mentioned in case any of you are interested in pitching in. There are several reward tiers that will allow donators to view behind the scenes photos, videos and lot of other great stuff.

General Trek Discussion / Trekonomics
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:52:18 PM »
Hi everyone,

I know this is a subject that has been discussed on and off over the years but the politics and economics of Star Trek has always interested me. It has definitely influenced more then one generation of people in careers that have far reaching implications. I wanted to discuss the ideas of economics shown (or not shown) in Trek as a standard of the future. While Gene Roddenberry and the writers of Trek where intentionally vague concerning the economics of 22nd, 23rd and 24th century Earth and the United Federation of Planets, I think a new topic is worth it. I admit to being a novice when it comes to economic theory but I am interested despite still being an amateur or "armchair" economist.

Yet, I was influenced to start a new topic by this article on a possible answer to what economic system the Federation is based on and a speculative (read: non-canon) history - Unofficial Economics of Star Trek. I have not completely read the article but I am working on it. I looked at 'Preparatory Economics', an interesting concept if a bit Utopian. Still what would you call Trek if not "Utopian" . . .  ;) I also wanted to speculate not only on the economics of the Federation and a "future" Earth, but also the economics present in "alien" cultures of Star Trek such as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, or Ferengi. Anything along these lines. Oh and let's try to keep it civil since economics is almost as prickly a subject as religion or politics.

Get a Life! / That Guy With The Glasses
« on: July 11, 2008, 01:02:00 PM »
His website: Home of the Nostalgia Critic and other stuff.

First saw him on Youtube. He was the guy who first started the 'Five Second Movie' parodies if you ever saw them. He's even better as The Nostalgia Critic, reviewing those films you wished you forgot. Not a new idea by any stretch but he does it well. He also has a sketch series called "Ask That Guy With the Glasses" as well as "Bum Reviews".

General Trek Discussion / Philosophy of Trek
« on: March 07, 2008, 01:40:40 PM »
I have always been fond of the philosophy and ethics present in the storylines of Star Trek's protagonists. While Im hardly a religous Trekky, I do feel that has influenced my perception of the world in general. I knew people have written on this topic before so I thought I would look for some book and perhaps a online essay on the subject... partly out of curiosity, partly out of boredom.  ;)

I thought I would search on Google for some Trek waxing philosophic, but I should have known better. I came across this essay. Now granted its on a Star Trek vs Star Wars site, whatever, it doesen't matter to me. What does is the content of the essay. While I can see the point of view of the author I don't agree with some of his claims. For instance, he cites the usual allegation that alien characters represent a caricature of their species (all Ferengi are cowardly and greedy)  ::). One that really interests me is the charge that the "Prime Directive" and a policy of "non-interference" by the Federation is cowardly. Of course the author does point out the inconsistency concerning the Federations claim of being "utopian". For example Troi's line to Cochrane that within twenty years in his time war, poverty, disease, etc would be gone from Earth. Personally I think that's Troi being lousy at Human history or somesuch  :D.

Well, I pointed out only a few examples. What do you all think about the philosophy and ethics espoused by Star Trek throughout the years? What is your opinion on the individual things pointed out? Can the idealistic philosophy espoused by the Federation actually be applierd to the real world? Tough question on that last one...  :( I honestly don't know, but I can dream.  :)

The Other Voyages / The Way of D'era RPG & Conjectural Romulan Uniforms.
« on: February 06, 2008, 11:00:25 PM »
I am not into those book and card RPG's out there that feature my favorite genres (or any). However some of the non-canon material peaks my interest. One of them I am curious about is the Romulan oriented RPG The Way of D'era that was published way back in 1999 by Last Unicorn Games (strange name  :P).  Specifically what interests me about this RPG is not the books themselves so much as the poster that was supposed to come with it. This colored poster features drawings of conjectural designs for Romulan uniforms and clothing as well as star ships used by the Star Empire. Does anyone happen to have seen this RPG or better yet own it? I know it is being sold on, at least a few copies.

On the Rommie fan club website,, a few years ago they featured uniforms and clothing drawings based on The Way of D'Era as well as ST: Nemesis. Unfortunately they removed these for an unspecified reason in 2003. Since then I have wondered if I could get my hands on that poster.  :-\

Anyway, discuss anything you know about The Way of D'era, and/or conjectural Romulan uniforms and clothing. 

Treknology Expert Forum / The Steamrunner-class & Deflector control.
« on: January 21, 2008, 11:41:56 AM »
Hello Subspace comms members!

I will begin by saying that, while have been a longtime fan of Star Trek I am in no way an expert of the scientific concepts explored in Star Trek. Granted many of those concepts are stretched a bit via artistic license inherent in science fiction but "Treknology" still has a language all it's own. My point is my first thread may be in the "Treknology Expert Forum" but I am not your equal in the school and concepts of "Treknology". That being said let's begin!

I pose a question concerning the Steamrunner-class vessel, one of the background Federation ships shown in ST: First Contact. My question is: How does the crew of that vessel type get to the deflector dish which is located on a catamaran at the stern of the ship, in between the warp nacelles? I could only come to three conclusions:

1) They simply transport to the deflector control station near the dish using the transporter rooms in the main hull. Yet what if there was a malfunction with the transporters or something else kept them from using the transporters? How would they access the deflector!?

2) There is an access tunnel or turbolift through the warp nacelles from the main hull. This seems unlikely because it would take a long time to reach the end and the catamaran attaching the deflector to the ends of the nacelles look a bit thin.

3) Perhaps the most obvious solution is that the crew do not access the deflector dish manually. Perhaps the deflector is remotely accessed through EPS conduits leading through the nacelles to a deflector control room in the main hull. Still I would think the crew would want to access the dish manually to fix some problems.

Overall the design of Starfleet's Steamrunner-class, while unique, is strangely unorthodox. I have been scratching my head every time I see the ship in the film and elsewhere. I wondered why the Steamrunner was designed like that (both real and in-universe reasons) and how the crew would control the deflector as done many times in Star Trek. Please discuss!  :)   

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