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1  Forum Business / Bulletin Board / Re: Off Topic Discussion, Birthday, and Hello / Goodbye Thread on: November 15, 2013, 03:31:43 PM
Hi Razor!
2  Science Fiction / General Sci-Fi Discussion / Re: Star Trek vs Star Wars... Keep it clean people... on: February 26, 2013, 05:54:55 AM
Isoton isn't a real unit...the "iso" prefix is kind of meaningless here, it means "same-as", not a mulitplier like kilo or mega. Where are you getting that conversion from?

(also a torpedo should probably 1-hit kill any unshielded target that doesn't have serious plot armour, heh.)
3  Star Trek / General Trek Discussion / Re: Off Topic Discussion - Direct Ask & Answer on: December 24, 2012, 02:50:56 PM
Can Q create a rock too heavy for him to lift?
4  Star Trek / General Trek Discussion / Re: Star Trek XII news thread possible $$$$spoilers$$$$. on: December 19, 2012, 06:35:02 AM
Fun scifi fact for you, that guy who's daughter is saved by John Harrison\khan\not-khan\whoever is Noel Clarke, aka Micky from Doctor Who.

Anyways what I would like to see, but the trailers aren't really suggesting so far, is an expanded role for Mccoy this time around. I felt he got kinda sidelined in the 2009 film.
5  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: December 11, 2012, 06:11:59 AM
I was kinda hoping we'd see Galactica herself in action (with all those extra turrets).

Anyways it's been a decent blast of action and adventure. Not really much of the philosophising we associate with BSG, except for a bit of "war is hell".

Wonder how the humanoid-prototype fits into the timeline. The skinjobs were designed by the humanoid-cylons from earth, right? Is this one of their early efforts, or something the toasters came up with themselves before that?
6  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: December 02, 2012, 10:06:53 AM
Ep7: we are man and woman alone in the ruins. You have emotional baggage and I am comforting. We must bone!

Ep8: in which centurions are revealed to be pretty bad in hand to hand combat.

I don't recall the razor flashbacks all that well. What about them has been contradicted?
7  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: November 26, 2012, 04:19:39 AM
Ep 5 - battles and shooting and explosions!

Osiris is clearly outmatched by a base-ship, but it's pretty small for a Battlestar. Also rather more agile than Galactica.

I wonder why they didn't just shoot the nukes to begin with? Maybe they get intercepted by cylon missions. That or they were too close, because of the law of tv-scifi that says ships have to duke it out at point blank range.

I wonder if the name is a reference to Final Flight of the Osiris?

(do we have spoiler tags here? It's been so long since I posted regularly, I don't recall).

ep6 - ice caves, arguments, and a cyber-snake!
8  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: November 23, 2012, 06:58:14 AM
Ok so Ep 3 is Adama being a crazy hotshot and showing us his piloting skillz. 4 we learn about super secret missions. Definitely excited to see what happens next.

I like the cramped, dirty feel of the Osiris, it's a bit like a submarine. I'm surprised tho to see that Valkyrie is around at this time - I thought that class was more recent, it looks like a smaller cousin of the Pegasus.
9  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: November 09, 2012, 11:31:22 AM
Ok watched the eps. Cocky talented rookie, jaded bitter veterans, a routine mission that goes unexpectedly off the rails. It's fairly predictable so far.

Haven't watched it full screen in hi def yet but, the CG looks acceptable. Except for few scenes in the hangar bay that were super-fake.

Also yeh, I think a designer had a sketch of galactica, doodled some extra gun turrets on and thought "lol why not".
10  Science Fiction / Battlestar Galactica / Re: BSG Off-Topic Thread on: November 09, 2012, 04:40:38 AM
The whole thing is greenscreen? That worries me. I mean, that new viper bay is a clever design, bigger and more detailed than the physical sets and overall pretty impressive. But in motion, will it look like a videogame?
11  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: General Purpose Video Game Thread on: November 07, 2012, 07:37:45 PM
Morrowind is fairly do-what-you-want too, despite having nominal classes. You can pick whatever skills you like as your primaries (which rise faster with use and are the ones that trigger a level-up).

I also think Morrowind has the best setting and story of the modern series - weird and exotic as opposed to generic high fantasy. Downside is it can feel a bit static and lifeless, and some of the side quests are just fed-ex deliveries. Later games did a better job of incorporating secndary stories into the faction questing.

But I had so much fun exploring its world, years ago. I'd suggest waiting for the next steam sale, and grabbing it cheap.
12  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Chris Roberts is back and... on: November 07, 2012, 08:03:07 AM
The Space-sim as a genre has been dead for years. I can't think of a major release since 2005? I was never that into WC but I did like X-wing, Freespace etc. Will keep an eye on this.
13  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: General Purpose Video Game Thread on: November 07, 2012, 08:00:33 AM
So a new DLC for Skyrim has been announced.  It is titled Dragonborn and adds a new area, the island of Solstheim. 

Same place we visited in Bloodmoon, ie one of the Morrowind expansions. Could have a bit of a nostalgia factor for TES3 fans - I saw mushroom towers and bugshell houses!
14  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: General News and Current Events Topic III on: November 07, 2012, 07:34:06 AM
Glad that Big Bird's going to be okay.
15  Science Fiction / General Sci-Fi Discussion / Re: What the Hell? Is B5's cast cursed? Michael O'Hare dead. on: November 02, 2012, 06:46:01 AM
Number 4? Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas, O'hare... who am I missing?

[searching]oh man Jeff Conaway too.
16  Science Fiction / General Sci-Fi Discussion / Re: Top 75 Spaceships in Movies and TV on: October 02, 2012, 05:13:43 AM
A few odd choices - the Vulcan "Warp Sled" is hardly one of Trek's most iconic designs. On the other hand the list reminds me of some cool designs I had forgotten, like the Aries from 2001.

Really lists like this will never be satisfactory to everyone (how do you objectively decide the Coolest Scifi Ship Ever?), and they're not worth nerdraging over. Just use them as a starting point for discussion. At least Trek gets two entries in the top 5.

The Aliens Dropship is a little surprising - it looks cool but despite its gunship style never does more than ferry people around. But it does come from maybe the greatest SciFi Action film of the 80s. As for the Eagle Transporter I can't comment much as I've never watched Space 1999 but it does look like a convincing near-future space transport. And acknowledging such spacecraft is as important as exciting fighters and warships.

Lack of Galactica herself is a shame. Perhaps the original was deemed too derivative of Star Wars (but then Vipers are derivative of Star Wars fighters). The 2003 version is worth a mention though, with the rugged industrial look and retro techology.

As for B5... I guess I'd go for either the Omega Destroyer, all boxy and businesslike up against superior alien ships that looked like various kinds of sea life. Very "plucky humans fight back".
17  Forum Business / Bulletin Board / Re: The Future of SCN on: June 15, 2012, 06:39:46 AM
I sort of like the Podcast idea. Although it would probably take a lot of comittment to make something anyone actually wants to listen to. Preparation of talking points, editing etc. Decent sound quality would be good too.

I mean there must be a lot of nerds out there talking about videogames and prometheus or whatever. Can we stand out?

I saw the facebook page. May as well exist, I guess, altho it won't do anything to gain us members right now.

I know I'm being pessimistic right now. I've seen this happen elsewhere, forums fading as the media that inspired them trails off. Also I think forums are, in general, yesterday's internet. The kids are all on social media and reddit these days. (I say this with some sadness as an old fashioned guy myself).

Jimi's throwing forth a bunch of great ideas for a new focus for SCN, but it's going to need willpower and initiative to carry through to something lasting and worthwhile.
18  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: Slavery Becomes a Personal Question Online/ on: March 12, 2012, 04:16:19 AM
Let me guess, you hate your job?  Grin
19  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: Feel Trapped with my BPD and Bipolar Niece, need to vent. on: March 08, 2012, 05:53:23 PM
I wouldn't have the first clue how to deal with a teenager, let alone one with mental illnesses. Hope you can be strong and do what you think is best for her.

ps flagg be nice

pps holy shit i'm posting and telling flagg to be nice, is it 2007 again

(but seriously Moonshadow, best of luck)
20  Everything Else / Silver Screens and Boob Tubes / Re: Thundercats get new series for 2011. on: September 29, 2011, 05:57:24 AM
I've been following this one with positive impression so far. Animation is great, stories pretty good. That one with the flower-people was surprisingly moving. The way Lion-O learns a lesson each episode tends clunky\obivous way, but eh, it's a kids cartoon.

The setting I think has a lot more potential than the "crashed on a random planet" stuff of before. Now we know the cats, the other animals and Mumraaaaaa have history. And the cats were actually working for him, which is intriguing.

re: characters, I prefer the teenage version of LionO to the man-child of the original. Snarf is much less annoying this time around. Also I don't mind the Wilykits, and I usually hate kid sidekicks.
21  Everything Else / Silver Screens and Boob Tubes / Re: General Media News and Review Thread on: September 29, 2011, 05:43:14 AM
may a stingray stab you in the anus.

I am now eagerly awaiting an oppotunity to wish that upon someone.
22  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: I got this in my Inbox today. on: September 08, 2011, 04:03:05 AM
ten whole dollars, sir?

sign me up immediately, here are my bank details
23  Science Fiction / General Sci-Fi Discussion / Re: Transformers: The Movie Discussion Thread on: July 01, 2011, 05:43:40 AM
Since ages back I linked the Topless Robot faq for TF2, here's his take on TF3.

Is it as bad as Transformers 2?
No. Not even close.

Really? Does that mean it's good?
No. Not even close. But it's not a wretched cinematic atrocity against man and god, so I consider that an improvement.
24  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: Osama Bin Laden is Dead on: May 10, 2011, 10:26:46 AM
To soon?

well if bin laden was 50 metres tall I'm extra glad they took him out!  Shocked
25  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: Hi yall on: February 08, 2011, 03:45:52 AM
Hello Xiorc. I'm vaguely disappointed it took over a day for any of us to reply to you but it's pretty quiet round here these days.
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