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1  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts on: April 11, 2014, 01:52:56 PM
Man...I haven't even logged on to download a new patch, since the Voth storyline started, whenever that was...I still have Romulan missions to finish for the first time. 

That was way back in November.  I haven't been able to play the game since then...

Season 9 is set to release April 22nd.  Here's the announcement with a story summary trailer (SPOILERS obviously...).  Considering that Season 9 is titled "A New Accord", I'm betting 700 quatloos that the Federation-Klingon war is about to end.
2  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: Ships of the U.E.G. on: April 10, 2014, 03:30:57 PM
Great work as usual!
3  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TOS Medical Kit. on: April 10, 2014, 03:29:48 PM
Great work there!   Cool

Heh, when you said kit I was thinking there would be a medical kit (i.e. the box to put the stuff in).
4  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: General Purpose Video Game Thread on: April 10, 2014, 03:25:14 PM
Time for multiple game reviews/comments...

First: The only story DLC for The Last of Us, titled Left Behind.  First, you should play The Last of Us before getting this DLC (it's around $15).  It takes place before and during the events of the main game, you play exclusively as Elle during the entire thing.  The flashback portions are way more lighthearted than the main game (at least until the shit hits the fan).  One cool feature is that at a certain part you can make infected and human enemies fight each other and either escape during the confusion or deal with whoever is left standing (which in my case was usually the infected).  Overall its pretty good, although its pretty short at over 3 hours, but it does has some replay value.  One minor complaint I have is SPOILERS: The DLC pretty much ends right when Elle and Riley get bit, from the main game we know Riley dies, but they don't actually show her death.

Second: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and its DLC Revelations.  Great game (and DLC) with amazing visuals and a good storyline.  You play as Dracula (voiced by SGU's Robert Carlyle) trying to stop Satan's return, aided by your old foe Zobek (voiced by Patrick Stewart).  The only criticisms I have are that the final boss fight could have been a bit longer and the ending is a little... too open ended I guess.  The game is intended to end the Lords of Shadow reboot storyline so I just feel that a more... final ending would have fit better than the open ended ending it had.  The Revelations DLC is pretty good to, though not all that revealing really, its about 6 and a half hours long, which I guess is pretty good for a $8 DLC.  I don't know if the Xbox version has these issues but I encountered some problems on my PS3.  Namely the game would crash and an "Unspecified error" message popped up a few times in the main game and that the final boss battle glitched my first time playing the Revelations DLC.  (There's a gimmick to killing him and the gimmick didn't trigger, rendering him unbeatable, but I was able to kill him after restarting the game).  Oh and one more thing, this is an action game but there are some stealth sections, most of which aren't too bad, but the maze one is a giant pain in the ass.

Third: The Jetstream and Blade Wolf DLC's for Metal Gear Rising: Revengance.  Both of these were pretty fun, although really short (about an hour long each).

Final: If you liked Final Fantasy XIII, you should probably pick up the final game in that storyline, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (although if you like FFXIII, chances are you've already picked up that game).  Pretty good game, although the environment textures are pretty bland, pretty much PS2 quality (although that's not really that important).
5  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts on: March 17, 2014, 11:53:12 PM
I like the new interior, especially the "pop up" holo-consoles.
6  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TNC's Fleetyards 3.0 on: March 12, 2014, 05:36:28 PM
Star Trek: Frontlines update

This is the X-wing variant of the Ka'vort'ha-class battlecruiser.
7  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: Ships of the Federation Civil War on: March 12, 2014, 05:34:41 PM
Quad disruptors FTW!  Cool
8  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: General News and Current Events Topic III on: March 04, 2014, 02:42:15 PM
Well this could go in either the WTF thread, General Video Game news thread, or here... So I'll just leave this here then.

Man Stabbed with ‘Master Sword’ in Domestic Dispute.

The original article.
Two men hospitalized after 'Legend of Zelda' sword stabbing
Heated argument over woman turns violent after man pulls out replica sword

Author: Gianna Caserta, Reporter
Lauren Scott, News Associate Producer
Published On: Mar 02 2014 07:47:20 AM CST   Updated On: Mar 03 2014 06:36:52 PM CST

Man grabs 'Zelda' sword to battle girlfriend's ex

We have a bizarre story that happened overnight in Katy. One man says he had to grab a sword in a duel with his girlfriend's estranged husband.

"Swords and flower pots; it sounds nuts, he is psycho," said Eugene Thompson, the homeowner's boyfriend.

According to deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Thompson lives at a home with his girlfriend and said Saturday night they got into an argument. That's when his girlfriend called her estranged husband, who stopped by the house around 10 p.m.

"It's late, I get up and look and he is here, and I am like go away, you don't live here anymore," said Thompson.

Thompson's girlfriend let the man inside. Thompson said he ran to the back bedroom and told the man to leave the house, but he refused and started charging at him. That's when Thompson says he grabbed his replica master sword from 'The Legend of Zelda.'

"I heard him heading to the bedroom where I was, so I jumped in the closet and I grabbed one of my replica swords, and I pulled it out and stood at the doorway, and he was coming down the hallway at me while I was yelling, 'Go away, you don't live here' and he just walked right into the point of the sword, I don't know if he thought it was a toy," said Thompson.

Thompson told Local 2 he managed to get the man out of the house and locked the door. But he said the man wouldn't give up and broke through the front door and ran back into the house.

Deputies said the two men fought over the sword and in the scuffle, the estranged husband was stabbed -- once in the chest and once in the leg. Thompson said the man grabbed a flower pot from outside and smashed it over his head.

"It dinged me on the head and all of a sudden I had blood pouring down my face," said Thompson.

Deputies arrived and took the estranged husband to Memorial Hermann Hospital in serious condition.

Thompson was transported to another hospital to get the gash in his head stitched up. Thompson said now he's trying to figure out what to do.

"I am just trying to figure out what to do from here. I have to find a new place to live," said Thompson.

Thompson's girlfriend was not injured in the fight.
9  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: Ships of the Federation Civil War on: March 04, 2014, 02:22:00 PM
Great work as usual.  Keep it up!
10  Everything Else / Silver Screens and Boob Tubes / Re: General Media News and Review Thread on: March 04, 2014, 02:16:59 PM
Saw Robocop last night, and I enjoyed it.  The scene where they showed how little was left of Alex Murphy after the procedure was pretty gnarly for a PG-13 movie.  The focus group look for Robocop had him transforming from "Combat Mode" (which looked like classic Robocop) to a non-combat mode with police lights on his shoulders, much like one of the prototypes for Robocop Mk. 2 had in Robocop 2.
11  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: Alpha/Beta Quardant Map - WIP on: February 12, 2014, 06:56:20 AM
Well I don't know about the newer map, but the one you linked to is pretty cluttered looking to me.  So if you could try and fix that some with your version that would be nice.  Not sure how updated the newer map is, but it would be nice to have a "current" map (i.e. since the Prime Timeline events of Trek '09).
12  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TNC's Fleetyards 3.0 on: February 07, 2014, 10:30:18 PM
Stargate: Crusade update

I drew another Zakel building.  This one is a governmental building or office complex, whereas the first one I drew was an apartment complex.  The building is 157.5 m tall and 150 m wide.  The below ground section of the building extends 65 m below the surface.  The large openings in the underground section are subway stops.  The black panels on the roof are solar panels that, in conjunction with photovoltaic technologies in the windows, provide most of the power the building needs.  The white sections near the top of the building is a greenhouse that provides most of the foodstuffs for the people who work here.

And here's a closeup of the roof.  The roof has a pit to collect rainwater to supplement the building's water needs.  The four bridges over the pit allow maintenance crews to reach the solar panels (black section).  The pit is one meter deep and the spire in the center is 20 m tall.

The Zakel are a humanoid, reptilian species that lives in the Andromeda Galaxy and are at roughly the same technological level as Earth.
13  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts on: January 31, 2014, 08:15:35 PM
So according to the 4th Anniversary Infographic, 75,500 Voth Fortress Ships have been destroyed since the release of Season 8, which works out to one destroyed every 75 seconds since Season 8 went live.  In other words the Voth Fortress Ships are pushovers.  Tongue

I'm glad that they finally gave the Hirogen a proper Hirogen Battleship instead of that generic POS they had before.

With regards to the new Featured Episode, feel free to post a spolierific review/summary of it (in spoiler text anyway) if you want.  I won't be playing it any time soon (if ever).  The game continues to be unplayable for me, and I doubt they will be able to fix the problem anytime soon.  Assuming of course that there is an actual problem and the issue is not the result of server traffic being too much for my internet to handle.
14  Everything Else / Get a Life! / Re: General News and Current Events Topic III on: January 21, 2014, 11:42:58 AM
Scientists create anti-atom beam.

Scientists at CERN have made a device which creates an anti-hydrogen beam to better study the differences between matter and antimatter.
15  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TNC's Fleetyards 3.0 on: January 17, 2014, 08:24:16 PM
Star Trek: Frontlines update

This is the "shrinking wing" variant of the Ka'vort'ha-class battlecruiser.  I've also added the four main disruptor cannons and the smaller impulse engines on the wings.  The main disruptor cannons are visible in the front view, in the cut-out on the bow.
16  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TNC's Fleetyards 3.0 on: January 04, 2014, 07:26:15 PM
Star Trek: Frontlines update

A few minor updates on the Ka'vort'ha WIP.  I've made some modifications to the main hull and bridge module to reduce the "blockyness" of those parts.  I also made some changes to the deflector dish and pod on the ship's stern.  The wings and main hull are now separate components so I can work on modifying the wings and main hull separately for the two different variants of the ship.
17  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: TNC's Fleetyards 3.0 on: December 29, 2013, 12:42:20 AM
Star Trek: Frontlines update

Finally have a 3D WIP of the Ka'vort'ha-class Klingon battlecruiser.  The basic structure of the ship is done.  Some may remember the last time I posted images of this ship that there was an issue with the thickness of the wings.  They're 29 meters thick in this model!  At the time a couple ideas were proposed to fix the issue, an X-wing configuration (IIRC this was The Unbound's idea) and to gradually shrink the wings (IIRC this was Data007's idea).  I will be doing both of these ideas to cover the two variants of the ship mentioned in the Frontlines timeline. The ship is 500.5 m long, has a beam of 282 m, and a draft of 54.5 m.  The draft of the ship might change between the two variants.

For some side reference, the following is a link to a 2D drawing of the Ka'vort'ha.
18  Star Trek / General Trek Discussion / Re: Off Topic Discussion - Direct Ask & Answer on: December 22, 2013, 03:33:09 PM
I don't like Chekov's uniform.
19  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts on: December 11, 2013, 02:40:08 PM
Details on the Mogh-class battlecruiser.

It's pretty much the KDF version of the Avenger, only real difference is that the special console fires a single projectile that will release armed mines every few seconds.  The mines will fire different energy weapons based on which cruiser command is active (disruptors, anti-protons, or tachyons).  The mines will also act as standard mines after some time.
20  Science Fiction / General Sci-Fi Discussion / Re: Upcoming Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy news & previews on: December 10, 2013, 07:44:02 PM
It's good to know that its being made by the same people that made Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I'm not holding my breath, but I am curious to see what comes of it.
21  Everything Else / Videogames and computers / Re: Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts on: December 06, 2013, 03:21:46 PM
Still can't play the game.  But here's a screenshot of the new Mogh-class Battlecruiser for the KDF. 

While I like the looks of it (from this view anyway), something about it makes it look not as good (graphics quality wise) as other ships in the game.  Maybe its all the curves/jagged edges/hull detailing or they released a screenshot of a low-res/early model?  Undecided
22  Creativity and Design / Artwork and Design / Re: Not a reboot on: December 02, 2013, 03:03:24 PM
Great work as usual.
23  Star Trek / General Trek Discussion / Re: Off Topic Discussion - Direct Ask & Answer on: November 28, 2013, 11:50:14 AM

1) That picture that is labeled "A new Starship" looks like one of those Advanced Escort variants from STO.  In fact I'm almost certain it is one of those variants... (Hah! I was right! It's the Hephaestus-class!)
2) "A 'Defiant class' type starship." Eh?  They could have just said Defiant-class... Although I suppose they could mean something small like the Defiant.  Which brings me to question why you would use a warship as a mobile crime lab...
3) Considering that they've recently canceled two of the three CSI's I don't really see them making another police procedural too soon...
4) Why the "warp jump" for the medical show?  Why not just use quantum slipstream?
5) Genre crossing in Trek. <Flashback to Caprica getting canceled> Yeah I don't see that going well.  Although maybe it's been long enough since ENT that most Trek fans will just take what they can get...
6) Considering that the website in question is part of the "RescueHumor family of Webpages", I'm not sure how seriously I should take this.  I suppose I could take it with salt instead of just dismissing it, but I'm afraid that much salt may be dangerous to my health.  Tongue
24  Everything Else / Silver Screens and Boob Tubes / Re: General Media News and Review Thread on: November 27, 2013, 11:19:41 PM
Well Person of Interest wrapped up that arc nicely.  Reese, Root, and Fusco got some good badass moments.  (Reese got several but the best was the storming of the building where Quinn was, Root's was during the shoot out with the Russians, and Fusco's was when he beat Simmons ass.  The look on Fusco's face when Root started telling him all that stuff was priceless.  Elias showed up at the last minute to get revenge on Simmons because he liked Carter.  I liked the little flashbacks they had for most of the team, interesting to note that Reese's name was missing from his uniform.  That Johnny Cash song ("Hurt") at the beginning was very appropriate.
25  Star Trek / General Trek Discussion / Re: Off Topic Discussion - Direct Ask & Answer on: November 25, 2013, 02:56:52 PM
The only part of the Galaxy-X I really liked were the phaser strips added to the nacelles, which seemed like a practical idea.  I'm glad they carried it over to at least some of the Galaxy class ships.

Don't visit the STO forums then.  Just about every other person on there bitches endlessly about the phaser strips on the Odyssey and Avenger's nacelles.  When they're not calling the Romulan Republic space hippies that is...

As for making the pod aesthetically pleasing, I think it would depend on the height of the placement.  If it's high above the ship like the Nebula than it's going to look bad, but if it's lower and closer the to the nacelles, it might be alright.  Either way it's going to mess up the way the Galaxy looks, but it might actually help balance the ship a bit.  The Galaxy class has always been saucer heavy.  It could stand to have a little junk in it's trunk...so to speak.

I don't know what the original thread was about, and couldn't find it with a search, but I remember you saying something similar regarding the third nacelle on the Gal-X and suggesting the pod there.  Then someone posted an image of a Galaxy with a Nebula pod on it.  This was the closest thing I could find with a Google search, but it's a Gal-X with the top half of a Sovereign's saucer and a Nebula pod instead of the third nacelle.  Ignoring the saucer, the pod doesn't look too bad from the top view, but it's definitely too high up in the side view (in fact I think it might be higher up than the third nacelle on the Gal-X, but that might just be a thickness difference between the pod and the nacelle). 

Also I was thinking that instead of a Nebula pod, perhaps a purpose built pod attached to a Galaxy might work.  Something that would look a little less "kitbashy".  Undecided
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