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Artwork and Design / Re: Uss Discovery Work in progress
« Last post by Terran Imperial on Today at 07:28:04 PM »

things outlined in gold are my next goal. Finished basic shapes of the Pylons and secondary hull.
Artwork and Design / Uss Discovery Work in progress
« Last post by Terran Imperial on Today at 02:58:59 PM »

found the closest thing there is to an official ortho of the Discovery here:

Made a few interesting Discoveries (see what I did there) about the scale. Using the 1 deck thick saucer edge derived from that image of Burnham standing on the saucer, I determined that a Discovery with a deck height of 3.5 meters would be (This might seem crazy) 560 meters long and 480 meters long for a deck height of 3 meters.

This probably will take a while to finish until better images are released.

Trivia, Games, & Fun / Re: New SCN Collections thread
« Last post by Xero on Yesterday at 05:56:29 PM »
Nope.  Never heard of it, actually.

It's a Gundam series, and it is amazing. It's about a group of child soldiers who are able to branch out on their own. It doesn't hold back on the violence either.
Trivia, Games, & Fun / Re: New SCN Collections thread
« Last post by Fiery Little One on Yesterday at 02:16:30 PM »
I've seen some episodes, one of the last times I was in the States when it was on their Cartoon Network's Toonami block. As a Gundam series, it seemed alright.
Trivia, Games, & Fun / Re: New SCN Collections thread
« Last post by CX on Yesterday at 09:23:28 AM »
Nope.  Never heard of it, actually.
Artwork and Design / Re: AR constellation class
« Last post by Terran Imperial on Yesterday at 09:17:55 AM »

I changed some things on the model. The pylons and nacelles should be done soon, and then the aztecing and ect.
Trivia, Games, & Fun / Re: New SCN Collections thread
« Last post by Xero on September 21, 2017, 10:33:34 PM »
Picked up a DVD of Otaku no Video, and the soundtracks for Blood: The Last Vampire (the original movie) and Gun x Sword.

Have you watched Iron-Blooded Orphans?
Trivia, Games, & Fun / Re: New SCN Collections thread
« Last post by Fiery Little One on September 21, 2017, 01:46:17 PM »
I  was out today and I found a couple, but I decided to pick up just one: the Tusken Raider.
Creative Writing Forum / Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« Last post by Terran Imperial on September 16, 2017, 02:00:11 PM »
Chapter 8
“Hey!” Helen yelled at the officers in the distance.
   The three officers turned toward the away team. Then they turned to each other shrugged. What was the hold up?
   “We’re starfleet officers! I’m Lieutenant Commander Ross of the USS Coronado, we’ve lost contact with the ship-”
   “Commander, they heard you,” Lieutenant Vasquez said.
   Ahead, the three officers ran towards them. There was two human males and a vulcan female. One of them had a medical white coat with teal stripes across the shoulders.
   “What a coincidence you were beamed right near us,” Helen gasped. Her left foot was killing her.
   “Now we can contact the Coronado, where’s your communicator?!”
   The vulcan female stepped forward, her rank stripes and pips indicating her to be a Captain. Her assignment patch was of the USS San Pablo, NCC-0163.
   “I’m Captain Valan of the San Pablo. Commander Ross, we are not here to rescue you.” The captain said coldly.
   “What do you mean?” Vasquez burst.
   “We were stranded here by Admiral Adler. It seems that He thinks that the Romulans are supporting a Dugaran supremacist group in their overthrow of the planet’s government. We disagreed.”
   “That’s just smashing. So we’re stranded on this rock and there’s about to be a revolution.” Helen said.
   “We found the Catullan Councillor Zeness. We’ve determined that he’s the only survivor of the Edgedancer. I can only hope he can tell us what’s going on.”
   The helmsman of the Coronado thought for a moment. Why would anyone want to start a revolution on Kaferia? It was not a planet of great importance.
   “We’ll have to contact the Coronado-” Helen said
   “Not before we without our communicators.” The Vulcan interjected.
   Helen looked up to the sky. It was turning a warm grey and then into a cool blue. Somewhere up there, was the Coronado.
   “Let’s go then” She said.
   Jaren Ko-Ree viewed the test results in awe. He had covered his hands with the intruder’s blood during the confrontation in the airlock.
   “It’s… Terran. Commander this could be the information we need to stop a war!”
   Daniel Macaraeg face remained grim. Lives had still been lost.
   “Captain we have an incoming transmission from the USS San Pablo- It’s Adler. He wants to speak with you in private.”
   Ko-Ree nodded in agreement and opened his monitor. It displayed a star field bound by a circle and two laurel branches on a navy blue field. The flag of the Federation. Commander Macaraeg left for the bridge.
   The pale face of the Admiral appeared.
   “Captian I tried to warn you, my sources at starfleet intelligence had known this would happen.”
   “You were already on your way here…”
   “As cover yes. The Dugaran supremacist group, known as the Zemaz, or dagger, has taken over the planet. Debarron is now under siege as we speak. We’ll leave the system soon.”
   “Kaferia is a Federation member, we can’t just leave! Admiral-”
   “Not anymore, Councillors from the other forty seven states have reviewed the Kaferian Union’s membership status upon learning of the internal conflict. They'll come to a deciscion in fifty hours. General Order One stands.”
   Jaren stared the admiral in the eye. He was serious. If Starfleet intelligence knew, why did they just let this slide. It reminded him of the time back on Barkol when he was young. His family did not worship the old Gods of I’nua. The day when the house was surrounded, the neighbors just stood by, like nothing was happening.
   “Well, until they come to a decision, Kaferia is still a Federation member. We’re obligated to interfere.”
   “This is Romulan territory now can’t you see! The Dugarans are merely their pawns, they even had drones for crying out loud!”
   It seemed the Admiral had been monitoring the Coronado’s activities more closely than he had thought. Even for a paranoid old man, Adler didn’t seem like the person to partake in that sort of covert operation.
   “How long has the San Pablo been monitoring the Coronado?”
   “Captain the Romulans, they’re trying to manipulate you, turn us on each other-”
   “Admiral! For the sake of our crews lives, you need to tell me!”
   “We’ve been watching you since before you left Altus City.”
   “Was the San Pablo able to detect our near collision with the Edgedancer?”
   The San Pablo was a Harcourt class vessel and would have been able to detect Coronado’s encounter with it’s advanced sensors.
   “Yes” The admiral said confused.
   “Hold on,”
   Jaren shut the monitor off. He got up from his seat and practically leapt onto the bridge, commanding the attention of the crew. He sensed a sharp spike in the amount of fear on the bridge.
   “Commander, can you scan the Edgedancer’s hull for signs of tractor beam stress?”
   “We’re not too far away, so yes.”
   Commander Macaraeg looked into glowing scope. He pulled away, his brown eyes widened.
   “Captain, how did you know?”
   “I talked to the admiral. Ensign Kurtz hail the San Pablo”
   The admiral’s face appeared on the screen. He looked annoyed.
   “Admiral, while the San Pablo was scanning us, It seems like our adversary was doing so as well. Admiral, who’s your science officer?”
   “I’ve had to throw some of the senior officers in the brig temporarily, so my science officer at the moment is this nice young lady over here. I havn’t caught her name yet but so far- where did she go?”
   The admiral turned around to face an empty science station.
   “I would find her if I were you. And quickly.” Jaren said grimly.
   Voices on the San Pablo’s bridge grew frantic. Something was wrong.  Very wrong.
   “Admiral, there’s trouble in engineering. They called but when I picked up there was no answer.”
   “Admiral, the helm is not responding.”
   “Get it back online ensign, lieutenant check the-”
   “Admiral, is everything alright over there?”
   “Noth-fzzztt-ing-shhhhhhh-we-” The screen went black.
   “Hail them again” Jaren ordered.
   “No response.” Kurtz said while frantically pushing buttons.
   The air grew thick with concern. The crew stared around the bridge. Then a beeping noise came from the tactical console. The officer stationed there at the moment, the andorian lieutenant Hosell, looked at her monitor curiously.
   “Captain, I suggest we polarize the hull plating,”
   “Lieutenant what’s going on?”
   “The San Pablo is arming its photon torpedo launchers. And it’s aiming at Coronado.”
Selara is a terrestrial world and the capital of the United Federation of Acero, with 26 rings orbiting the planet. All but the last ring, Zargoza, are urbanized. The City covers a large portion of the northern continent, measuring around 5000 kilometers in diameter. There are three continents and thousands of small islands.

Selara was the second planet in the Iviom system and was orbited by two moons, Redblum and Silverface. The planet was 13,568 km in diameter and had a revolution 365 days long.

Selara was colonized by the crash survivors of the UECC Serenity, Lake Superior, and the Caldera in 1815 CE (year 0 of the Selaran Calender). Eventually the survivors named the world Selara.
A graphic of the planet:


-the City-
The City is the name of the giant metropolis on Selara, spanning of five thousand kilometers in diameter. It had a population of around 750 billion by the year 1635 RC. The City functioned as the capital of the Interstellar state known as the United Federation of Acero and as the capital of the Selaran Union before that. The City shortly after the arrival of the first settlers, eventually growing to cover a good part of the planet's largest continent.

A subway map detailing the rough location of the trunk lines of the Capital Railway System. The CRS is the main rapid transit service serving the City and extending to other areas of the Northern continent and the rest of Selara. The CRS is divided into ten main letter divisions and had a total of 10000 services numbered 0 to 9999. A mythical 10000 line exists in urban legend but has not been found. The CRS serves anywhere from 3 to 4 hundred billion people a day. Its maintenance was funded by tax money and grants from wealthy people, and was as such freely accessible by all citizens. However a lot of money is funneled into the pockets of corrupt politicians. As such many services have not been repaired in as much as 80 years. The CRS is operated by the Selaran Transportation Authority.
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