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New Member Guide to Posting
« on: September 13, 2006, 11:42:35 AM »
Hello, and welcome to the Subspace Comms Network. We are a medium sized community and a tight knit group, which can be a little intimidating to new members sometimes. In order to help you navigate the board easier, here is a list of forums where you can post any questions, comments, and requests you might have, or just drop in and introduce yourself. We hope you enjoy your time here and stay on to become a permanent member. Thank you.

Starting at the top of the board and moving down we have the:

Feedback & Bug Reports Forum, where you can report any technical problems with registering or with the board in general, as well as post comments, questions, and suggestions about how the board works.

Off Topic Discussion - Direct Ask & Answer Thread in the General Trek Discussion Forum, where you can ask any general questions about Star Trek that simply require a direct answer as opposed to an ongoing discussion, or you can make requests about Star Trek related topics - such as finding images, models, websites, names, etc.

Creative Writing Forum, where you can post any fanfic or general writing websites or ideas you might have, or make requests for people to collaborate on a fanfic with you.

Member Sites Forum, where you can ask questions regarding the websites that are part of the SCN family, including Ex Astris Scientia, The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae, The Federation Starship Datalink, and TrekMania.

The Journal of Applied Treknology Forum, where you can submit artwork or Treknology descriptions that you would like to be considered for posting at the JoAT at Ex Astris Scientia.

Memory Alpha, a Star Trek Wiki project. Join the group and post your own entry regarding a factoid of Star Trek history.

The Breen War Forum, ask questions, post reviews, make suggestions, and read this excellent fanfic.

Star Trek: Endeavour Forum, SCN's newest fanfic. Please give it a read and post your comments, questions, and reviews.

New Member Introduction Thread in the Get a Life Forum, introduce yourself to the members of the board.

Off Topic Discussion, Birthday, and Hello / Goodbye Thread in the Get a Life Forum, post about any topic you feel like. Someone just shoot your cat? Post it here. Girl troubles? Post it here. Computer on the fritz and you need technical advice? Post it here.

The Webmasters Forum, where you can advertise your website, ask for technical or other advice regarding websites, or just post some fun websites you have found.

Other then those, the rest of the forums are all pretty self-explanatory.

Remember, it never hurts to get the "lay of the land" before you start posting. Try and follow these guidelines if at all possible:

* Make sure the topic you are posting fits the general theme of the forum you are posting it in.

* Make sure to check the date on the last post in a topic before you reply to it, if it's been dead for almost a month or more, it's best to just leave it dead unless you absolutely, positively have something of value that you just have to add to the topic.

* Make sure to check through the topics on the page to see if the topic you are posting hasn't been done recently, or use the board's search feature to look around.

* If you post a request and no one replies, it's not nescessarily because they are ignoring you, they may just not have the information you are looking for. Do not get impatient about it and keep posting messages, if they have the answer, they will reply, if not, they won't.

* Sometimes we as Mods and Admins will do things like lock or move a topic that might seem baffling or rude to you since you are not used to that sort of thing. Do not take it personally.

* When in doubt, try Google. 90% of people's questions can be answered with a simple keyword search. You'd be amazed at how many people post an elaborate topic to find out a piece of information they could have looked up themselves in seconds.

Do not worry about making mistakes, it happens to the best of us and is to be expected when dealing with a new forum for the first time. You won't get in trouble for it, but we do ask that you at the very least make an effort to try and follow the above guidelines whenever possible.

While the forum's attachment feature is an easy way to add a file to your post, there is a limit to the size we allow (usually 400k) and we ask that large files be hosted elsewhere and displayed with a link or thumbnail.

Thank you very much and welcome to the SCN family.
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Re: New Member Guide to Posting
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 04:51:35 AM »
Well that's what you get from copy-pasting stuff without editing Jimi, because here the upload function does work ;)
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