Author Topic: A TnT microfic - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"  (Read 1286 times)

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A TnT microfic - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
« on: March 22, 2007, 12:49:53 PM »
“You overstepped your bounds, Commander.” Trip started into T’Pol.  “This was clearly an engineering matter, and I don’t appreciate you signing off on it without coming to me first.”

The chief engineer tapped his finger on the PADD he was holding for emphasis, right on T’Pol’s electronic signature.  T’Pol looked up at him impassively from her seat in the mess hall.  Trip, on the other hand, was very upset, and it showed from his rigid posture and heavy breathing. 

T’Pol could tell that she wasn’t going to be able to logically explain her side of the issue without provoking an extended argument that might cause a scene in the public setting.  Definitely not a pleasing thought.

“Would you like to eat dinner in my quarters or your quarters tonight?” T’Pol asked him quietly.

“What?”  Trip as taken completely off guard by the question.  Not only did it not have a thing to do with the topic at hand, but from her?  T’Pol waited patiently for his answer. 

“Your quarters,” he gruffly replied, still upset with her. “We had it in mine last time.”

“Do you have a meal selection in mind?” T’Pol inquired in her sweetest voice.

“Spaghetti,” Trip curtly answered her.  “Thought you might like it.”

“Then I look forward to tonight,” T’Pol said with a slight quirk of her eyebrow.  She then turned and took a sip from her neglected cup of chamomile tea, effectively ending the conversation.

Trip was stunned.  He was still trying to figure out exactly what happened, and he didn’t like being shut out one bit.  It was really getting on his nerves that T’Pol was able to handle him so easily lately, which made his efforts to challenge that much more…well, challenging. 

God, I love her, Trip thought to himself, with not a little bit of annoyance.

“Fine,” Trip told her defiantly.  “I’ll see you tonight at 1900 then.”

While it was obvious that she’d gotten the upper hand, he didn’t want to come off as a complete pushover.  He turned on his heel with all the indignation he could muster and made his way out of the room in a huff.

T’Pol watched him go, hiding the barest hint of a smile on her lips behind her cup of tea.  Outwitting him had a satisfaction all its own, but she was already looking forward to what would surely follow later that night.  While argument could be very entertaining, the bond with her mate led her to take a different strategy when she really wanted to frustrate him.  Not only did it keep him on his toes, but she found that “making up” after thoroughly upsetting him could be much more pleasing.

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