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Bond, James Bond:
Here's a preview .pdf of an upcoming set of blueprints for the Firefly-class transport Serenity. The official Serenity blueprints include 10 18" x 24" full-color sheets in a limited-edition run of 750, signed by creators Geoffrey Mandel (graphic designer, Serenity) and Tim Earls (illustrator, Firefly, and set designer, Serenity). On April 7 , 2007 they become available for $99.

Given the silly limited run and ridiculously high price, this .pdf is probably the closest we'll get to the blueprints, but it is still quite cool in its own right.

Interesting, but I don't remember a sagittal crest shaped fin on the shuttles.

It doesn't say how to ORDER them, though.

Wow, I almost missed this.  If they were a little cheaper I'd definitely consider getting them.  I especially love the cross-sections.

I so wish I could afford those...



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