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Coming Soon...
« on: August 03, 2007, 10:32:00 PM »
Leelee has a business...

"You know something about goats?"  Vince asked.

"I know something about well put together bodies."

"I'll say."  Vince looked up and down the Deltan's fit figure.  "So business is still booming even with the goat situation?"

Leelee rolled her eyes.  "Business has never been booming."

"What?  You're able to practice your trade freely, outside any legal jurisdiction."

Leelee smirked.  "You must still have some of that Starfleet mentality left in you.  Just because I can conduct business un-harassed doesn't mean everyone is buying my product.  This isn't exactly a bustling station."

Jendi has a six year old...

"...then it can wait until after breakfast.  We're in the black.  We should celebrate.  Let's go down to the mall.  I'll buy you breakfast.  That kid of yours on solids yet?  I'll spring for her too."

"Tama is six."  Jendi reminded him.

"Good, she won't eat much."  Vince liked good news.

Dell has a special...

Jaster straightened the collar of his silk shirt as he noted Dell's faded jeans and leather boots.  "I think I'm underdressed.  Anything edible in here?"

"Chicken Fried Steak is the house special, best you can get this side of New Houston."  Dell pulled out a menu and placed it in front of Jaster's bar stool.

"Any meat not fried in another animal?"  Jaster looked suspiciously at the paper menu.

And Vince has a problem...

"You're a very stupid man, Vincent."

Vince shrugged.  "I'm no doctor."

"Neither am I.  I'm an Orion Pirate, and you're on my station."

"From what I've heard, you haven't actually signed the contract yet.  And what happened to the Syndicate?  You know, not taking ships or stations for that matter, by force?"

"I happen to be one fickle wanker."

This August, Star Trek takes a pit stop...

"Aren't you Starfleet types famous for getting out of these no win scenarios?"  Leelee asked.

"The Koybayashi Maru was an elective at Starfleet Academy, and I didn't take it.  I never believed in volunteering for a no win scenario.  Life is enough of one already."  Vince sighed.  "I guess that's why I'm not one of those Starfleet types anymore.  Probably never was."

Star Trek: Waystation

Episode 1: Prime Real Estate

"Hey Dell."  Vince said casually, ignoring the goats.  "How are things?"

"Actually started off pretty good this morning."  Dell didn't look like an exceedingly tall man.  The bulk of his build added enough width to his frame to destroy any perspective if you saw him standing alone.  "Something about chocolate in the replicators, business really picked up seeing as I've got the only dinner around.  That is of course until a goat took a dump on my floor.  Now it's just Captain Jimmy, me, and the herd here."  Dell motioned to the bar behind him with his thumb.

"It might not have been the goats.  Are you sure someone didn't drop one of your chicken fried steaks?  Really, I think it's a common mistake."

Coming Soon...