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'Star Trek: Janice'
« on: September 07, 2007, 05:30:37 AM »
Episode One: The Cost of Maintenance

“Charlie, hand me that hydrospanner, reroute the field matrix to the external plasma valve.” A man said, lying inside a wall access hatch. “Sam, get it yourself, you lazy ferengi, I’m working on the ODN relays, I need six more isolinear chips.” Another replied, equally tied up in his work. A small spark ignited from where the first was working below. “Holy shit, lock down the field matrix or we lose the nacelle!” Sam cursed aloud. Charlie rolled from where he was lying and ripped a handful of circuits from the sparking area. “This is not a science officer’s work!” Charlie brushed himself off and stood up, “I should be manning a console, not vital maintenance.” He cursed something in Bajoran and started looking for spare cables to repair the ones he just destroyed. Sam piped up “We are not Starfleet officers anymore Charlie, we have no job, except to get this hunk’o’junk working. Once we get out of this junkyard, we can find a job somewhere. Maybe a nice Earth to Risa run, plenty of room for pleasure.” Sam gazed out blankly, thinking of the last time he was on Risa. Charlie waved an open hand in front of Sam’s blank gaze and Sam finally blinked and continued with his work. “I’ll be on the bridge, ill get Gianna down here, she knows a bit more about Janice than I do. And Vicktor is down on deck three, we haven’t got the comm. up on that deck so your gonna have to yell,” Charlie said jokingly walking down the corridor, “I’ll get you a beer from the mess hall!” Sam chucked a spanner after him, “Don’t drink any of it on your way down!”

“You did WHAT?” A young brunette, who’s face was smeared in dirt yelled to Charlie as he strolled onto the bridge, explaining the problem in the engine room, “We don’t have an extra set of ODN conduits, you stupid targ!” Charlie walked over to the wall replicator, “Earth beer, cold,” he said to the computer terminal, “I’ll get some from the station when I go over in an hour. Sam wants you down in the belly of the beast, take his beer down to him, I gotta find Vicktor on deck three.” Charlie passed the beer over to the brunette, “Oh, we got the comms up on deck three,” Gianna explained to a relieved Charlie. He gestured over to the door, “Sam is waiting. If we don’t launch by this weekend there will be hell to pay!”


“Gianna, fire up the engines, Vicktor, detach from the dock, Charlie, set course, mark 646, half impulse, out beyond that binary pulsar,” Sam said, sitting comfortably in the captain’s chair, “This is Miranda 3, to Finley Station, we are about to depart. Over.” He waited for a second and a static filled reply came over the bridge sound system, “Finley station to Miranda class vessel 3, permission to depart, clearing shuttle ways for your departure. Out.” Sam nodded and tapped several controls on the chair panel. The image on the viewscreen started to change as the ship slowly moved from its berth for the last six months and onto open space. “Charlie, roll starboard 40 degrees, to test out the maneuvering thrusters.” The image on the viewscreen changed again as the outside world tilted to left. “Alright, return to 0 degree elevation. Gianna, open up the impulse engines, full impulse.” The ship sped up and the inertial dampers kicked in. A panel to the left of the bridge exploded and sent sparks across the room. “Gianna, what in holy hell was that?” Sam yelled down to the comm on his chair. “Primary relays blew out down here, the secondary relays are kicking in now,” Her voice replied. Sam looked over to Charlie at the helm and was surprised when all the lights on the bridge went out. “Oh, for chri…,” Sam started, but interrupted by gravity and inertial dampers going off line. Feeling his breakfast doing somersaults in his stomach, placed a hand over his mouth. “This is going to be a long day, Charlie,” Sam said with a sigh pushing a PADD floating in front of his face.


“Let’s try this again, Gianna, keep a keen eye on those relays, we don’t want any other delays, Vicktor, Charlie, let’s do this properly, engage at half impulse once free of the docking clamps,” Sam said, fatigued from lack of sleep, four hours since Saturday. “Finley station, Miranda 3 ‘Janice,’ we are about to depart, take two.” Sam said from behind a tired smile. The man on the station didn’t have a sense of humor “Miranda class vessel 3, permission to leave. Clearing routes for departure. Out.” Charlie turned around from his console, “We should get that guy an Orion slave girl for Christmas. Might lighten his mood.” Sam nodded, “Let’s go, half impulse.” The Miranda class ship glided out of its port and eventually into open space. Sam crossed his fingers and gave the signal to go to warp, and to his surprise Janice made the transition quite well. Gianna came over the comm, almost drowned out by the warp engine in the background, “Sam, we are stable at warp 3.6, on a heading for Risa. It’ll take us about a day to get to Risa at this speed. Can I meet you in my quarters in a minute.” Sam exchanged a glance with a curious Charlie. “Ill be right there, Gianna,” he replied.

Sam opened the door to Gianna’s quarters to find her half out of her flight-suit laying provocatively on her bed, She stood and walked over to Sam, still standing in the doorway still oblivious to what was happening. She placed a dirty hand on his cheek brushing off some of the dust accumulating on his face. She kissed him tenderly on the lips and he placed a hand around her waist pulling her close. She pulled away from him and strolled back over to the bed. Sam followed her over and the door closed behind him.

To Be Continued.....

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Re: 'Star Trek: Janice'
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A new paragraph should begin everytime a different character speaks.  The block format you've posted in makes it very difficult to read.