Author Topic: Is the Luna-class canon?  (Read 17465 times)

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Re: Is the Luna-class canon?
« Reply #25 on: November 19, 2014, 03:14:10 AM »
Since Paramount has the movie rights and is doing the Abramsverse movies, it seems more likely CBS (who has the rest of the Star Trek rights as I understand it) would be the one to have the Titan appear on screen. 

Of course, that brings to mind if Paramount does decide to make a Primeverse movie, can they use the Luna-class if CBS has the rights to it?  Would they have to make the Titan a different design to avoid legal issues/paying CBS money for using the design?  Or are the rights written such that CBS and Paramount have joint ownership of the Star Trek IP, but Paramount can only make movies while CBS can do everything else?  :-\

Personally, I doubt I'd care enough to complain if the Titan appeared as something other than the Luna-class, and on the flip side I wouldn't be bothered if the Titan does appear on screen as a Luna-class.  It would probably just be easier for CBS/Paramount to use the Luna-class as the Titan rather than coming up with a new design.  (It's along this line that the Titan in its brief appearance in my fan-fic (Star Trek: Frontlines) is a Luna-class.  It's easier than trying to come up with a different design, and the fanbase expects the Titan to be a Luna-class.)

I think it's a joint thing. For example for Into Darkness and the issue of merch, JJ didn't go to Paramount to try telling them what he wanted done, it was CBS.
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