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Simm recruiting *ashamedlook*
« on: November 23, 2008, 01:27:44 AM »
Yes, I know that this is an ST and Scifi discussion board. But I've seen another recruiting thread and, in case that was an exception, please delete mine.

NOTE: I am the Captain of this ship and wrote the following text, which is (c) Frederic Bayer MMVIII


"Welcome aboard the USS Cologne. My name is Valynn Huds, Captain Valynn Huds, commandant of this proud vessel, the USS Cologne. It is currently docked at Starbase 97 and waiting for crew. Yes, and I mean for all crew: From XO to Bartender. There is no position I currently can't offer you - except of course: Mine." --Captain Valynn Huds, Advertising on PSH (Public Starfleet Holochannel)

The USS Cologne is a simm in the era of about 2408. It's a Victory class, and the Prototype for the Mark II Victory class (non-canon as everything else, and sadly no picture yet). It is a PBB (also called PBF) simm (also called RPG) that is independent from any fleet and lacking crewmembers.

Our sites: - This is the "database" of the ship, powered by Anodyne Productions's SMS 2.6.5. If you want to join, click on the join form there first and fill in your character description. I will then (probably) beam you aboard (i.e. accept you), whereupon you have to create an account on the forums (see below). - Our forum (also called message board, bulletin board or simply board) which does the rest: We post in here, discuss missions, request NPCs, come up with mission ideas, or have a nice little off-topic conversation.