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Non-Trek Story Excerpt: Project Nemo
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:51:03 PM »
A short excerpt (10 pages) from the text of Project NEMO, an ongoing fiction project of mine.

PDF on deviantART

Related Map PDF

It's an odd amalgam of a project, really. The basic idea of a displaced island base behind a ring of mist in an alien sea came from a dream I had once, right down to a few particulars about abandoned areas, tumbled-down bridges and water-tight sections of the base (though in the dream, it was a communications center of some sort and relatively small). The facility itself draws from ideas I had years ago or a Myst re-imagining that expanded on the original locales. A human-manned sub in an alien ocean (minus wings) and its captain are very old undeveloped idea I've had for over a decade. The transgenic characters are an almost stock bit I've played with before, but here they work better than usual, being an essential part of the setting. And the plot itself is based off a bit of near-sleep mental rambling.

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