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Titan - Over a Torrent Sea
« on: April 08, 2009, 02:28:50 PM »
Anybody read this yet?  If not, here is a mildly spoilerish summary and a few thoughts:

- Riker in a grass thong.
- Pregnant Troi kidnapped by dinosaur and taken to a planet of little people
- World with no continents with funky squid-whales and bioengineering
- Ultra-skanky aquatic helmsman struggling to redeem herself

I found the book fairly disappointing, with the absolutely absurd and downright terrible Troi arc, somewhat overbearing Lavena arc, and mediocrity in some areas.  The crew looked incompetent on a few occasions, and pregnancy hormones or not, Troi continues to be incredibly grating.

On the plus side, mentions of the more exotic alien crewmembers continued but didn't feel too gimmicky.  I liked the concept and use of the asexual, crystal based astrophysicist Cetethe.  Also, the world of Droplet itself and the overall story idea wasn't bad at all.  Like many of the recent books, the science seemed plausible and well-thought out, there were a few allusions to previous incidents, as well as an offering or two to explain things in canon, ex. why the TOS 'planetary stun' phaser setting is not often used.  Titan also got a Delta Flyer-derived shuttle.

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Re: Titan - Over a Torrent Sea
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2009, 02:26:14 PM »
I've been debating picking it up, as I am a big fan of Dr. Ree and the other non-face-putty aliens, and am interesting to see what happens to him due to the whole incident, as well as the character of the aquatic helmsman. I have to give this series props for making some awesome aliens, but it feels at times that the TNG cast in the book spare Ogawa and Riker is written very static-like.