Author Topic: Compassion Class Technical Manual, WIP  (Read 1581 times)

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Compassion Class Technical Manual, WIP
« on: April 18, 2009, 07:04:51 AM »
Okay, as soon as you've seen this thread you'll probably think:

"Huh? What on Earth is the Compassion class?!"

Well, first of all, wrong thought, cause the Compassion class isn't on Earth :P

Second of all, well, let me explain: I am currently writing a German fanfiction, Star Trek: Londonderry. The Compassion class U.S.S. Londonderry (NCC-758988) is the center of attention here, and of course, I don't want to contradict myself. So the Compassion class needs a tech manual.

And I decided to do it in English first, before I translate it to German.

I only have the first paragraph of my introduction:


On 21st December, 2368, the Sovereign Class prototype fulfilled it's virgin flight - from Utopia Planitia to Vulcan and back. But instead of being satisfied, Starfleet directly ordered another Starship class - not at Utopia Planitia, but rather at Copernicus Shipyards. Admiral Friedebarth, the Director of Copernicus Shipyards, took the challenge himself and looked at Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovereign and Nebula class, to create something that could complete any type of mission that was necessary.

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Re: Compassion Class Technical Manual, WIP
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 08:53:38 AM »
First of all, there's a reason so many ships are used: diversity means that the enemy won't be easily able to find a weak spot. Because when he finds one, that is true for almost half your fleet. That's a huge security risk. Second, having a jack-of-all-trades frame means that you will have to compromise on certain elements, just to make sure other elements work. I'd suggest you think about that before you go into it too deep...
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