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The Star Wars Storybook Mystery
« on: May 08, 2009, 11:37:01 PM »
I still have my Star Wars Storybook from 1979. It's not in very good condition and so would not be worth very much but to me it has personal value.

But here is the mystery. On page 10, there are two pictures of Luke talking to a man. This man is Biggs.

But in the movie, this scene is nowhere to be found. Not in the theatrical release. Not on the video tape cassettes, and not on the DVDs. It never made it to the version of the new footage Lucas added to the movies. It is not in any of the special deleted scene sections on any DVDs that I have.

So, the question is where is this scene? And why hasn't it been restored to any other releases?

And will it be restored in later DVD releases?

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Re: The Star Wars Storybook Mystery
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2009, 06:26:40 AM »
No. I'm guessing the scene you're talking about is Biggs and Luke talking on Tatooine. This takes place in during a sequence where Luke observes the battle between the Tantive IV and the Star Destroyer, and rushes to go tell his friends. Biggs is there, Luke's hick friends make fun of him, and Biggs takes him aside to tell him he's joining the Rebellion. That's it.

If I recall, it was to be our first introduction to Luke, but this was dropped in the editing booth (and good on them. The most deserved Oscar ever was for Best Editing that A New Hope received. Editing saved that movie) for pacing reasons. It's unlikely that it will be restored and reintegrated into ANH, but I'm pretty sure you can catch bits of it during Empire of Dreams, the making-of doc that comes with the DVD set.
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