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Wolf class Heavy Frigate
« on: September 28, 2009, 08:26:34 PM »
Sir's and Ladies, for your approval the USS Wolf class Heavy Frigate:

Wolf class Heavy Frigates
Ship Type: Heavy Frigate
Length: 308 m
Width: 135 m
Height: 65 m
Decks: 16
Crew: 35 officers, 80 crew (Block 1 configuration) or 40 officers, 85 crew (Block 2 configuration)
Evacuation Limit: 400
Armament: 8 Type X phaser strips providing all-around coverage (all configurations), 4 multi-use launchers (2 forward, 2 aft, all configurations), magazine of 40 photon torpedoes (Block 1 configuration, pre-2370) or 40 quantum torpedoes (Block 1, post-2370) or 30 photon and 40 quantum torpedoes (Block 2 configuration)
Defenses: standard multilayered deflector shields (Block 1 configuration), standard multilayer shielding and additional ablative armor coating (Block 2 configuration)
Embarked Craft: Four Type 6 Personnel Shuttles, 1 Danube Class Runabout, 6  Type 15 Shuttlepods, 3 Mark 2 Inspection Pods (a.k.a. “Workbees”) (Block 1 configuration) or Two Type 9 Personnel Shuttlecraft (a.k.a Class 2 or "speedboat” shuttles), Two Type 8 Shuttlecraft (Type 6 to be replaced over time in previously commissioned ships), 1 Danube Class Runabout, Six Type 18 Shuttlepods, Three Mark 2 Inspection Pods (a.k.a. “Workbees”), and 1 Scout class Scout Vessel, 2 Type 11 Shuttlecraft

After the Borg Incursion in 2366, Starfleet ordered the Advanced Starship Design Bureau to conduct a review of all designs currently in pre-production in order to ensure that all designs would be more prepared for future similar occurrences in the future. Among the designs given a more combat-focused re-analysis was the Ranger class, under development since 2365 to fill an exploration role similar to existing retrofitted Miranda-class vessels. Given the success of the Miranda-class in encounters between the Federation and the Klingon Empire prior to the Khitomer Accords and border skirmishes of many types at other times, the Ranger class was singled out for a more detailed redesign. At this time, the class was renamed the Wolf as the registry number already assigned to the Ranger prototype was 74359. The Wolf class was hoped to take advantage of several technologies under development as part of the Defiant test bed. Like the Defiant, all of the Wolf class ships were to  be outfitted with an ablative armor coating. However, when the Defiant project was shelved, the ablative armor and other technologies were dropped late in 2367. Indeed, basic construction had already started on the first 10 vessels, as their "keels" had been "laid down" in early 2366. Originally designed as a Light Explorer type vessel, the weapons upgrades led these ships to be designated as Heavy Frigates. Another 10 vessels were laid down and completed to these specifications. However, in 2371, everything would change.

With the destruction of the USS Odyssey by Dominion forces and the ratcheting up of Starfleet’s concerns about the risk of a war, another fleet-wide review was conducted. Among the preparations undertaken was the reactivation of the USS Defiant test bed and its assignment to space station Deep Space Nine. After several months, it became clear that the Defiant’s problems were being resolved, and that the four years since her deactivation had led to enough maturation in the technologies to enable their introduction into other classes. Wolf class vessels then under construction were thus halted while their specifications were re-evaluated.  The ablative armor dropped from the original design plans was added, while the ships’ torpedo magazine size was almost doubled, and other design alterations were made. Existing ships in service were designated Block 1 hulls, while the ships completed after 2371 to the new specifications were designated Block 2. Block 1 vessels were scheduled for retrofitting to bring them into line with their Block 2 counterparts as soon as possible, based on age, deployment, and other factors. In the meantime, the vessels were rearmed with a magazine of exclusively quantum torpedoes.

By the time production was discontinued in 2375, 60 vessels had been constructed. Since production started, 7 have been destroyed in combat, with a further 4 lost in other situations. 49 vessels remain in service.

1.   USS Wolf NCC-74359, Commissioned: 2368
2.   USS Ranger NCC-74360, Commissioned: 2368
3.   USS Gryphon NCC-74361, Commissioned: 2368
4.   USS Horatius NCC-74362, Commissioned: 2368
5.   USS Balius NCC-74363, Commissioned: 2368, Destroyed, Battle of Tyra 2374
6.   USS Confidence NCC-74364, Commissioned: 2368
7.   USS Paladin NCC-74365, Commissioned: 2368
8.   USS Sondaica NCC-74366, Commissioned: 2368
9.   USS FireBird NCC-74367, Commissioned: 2368, Destroyed at the 3rd Battle of DS9
10.   USS Bonestell NCC-74368, Commissioned: 2368, Destroyed, Federation/Klingon War, 2372
11.   USS Diligence NCC-74369, Commissioned: 2370
12.   USS Beowulf NCC-74370, Commissioned: 2370, Destroyed, Battle of Tyra, 2374
13.   USS Horizon NCC-74371, Commissioned: 2370
14.   USS Steadfast NCC-74372, Commissioned: 2370
15.   USS Xanthus NCC-74373, Commissioned: 2370
16.   USS Cortez NCC-74374, Commissioned: 2370, Destroyed, patrolling the Cardassian Border, 2374
17.   USS Wyvern NCC-74375, Commissioned: 2370
18.   USS Independence NCC-74376, Commissioned: 2370
19.   USS Amoyensis NCC-74377, Commissioned: 2370
20.   USS Caliburn NCC-74378, Commissioned: 2370
21.   USS Leonidas NCC-74379, Commissioned: 2372
22.   USS Templar NCC-74380, Commissioned: 2372
23.   USS Bengal NCC-74381, Commissioned: 2372
24.   USS Drakon NCC-74382, Commissioned: 2372
25.   USS Ryu NCC-74383, Commissioned: 2372
26.   USS Gwilym NCC-74384, Commissioned: 2372
27.   USS Asguard NCC-74385, Commissioned: 2372
28.   USS Panthera NCC-74386, Commissioned: 2372
29.   USS Bozeman NCC-1941-A, Commissioned: 2372
30.   USS Tyr NCC-74388, Commissioned: 2372
31.   USS Aeolus NCC-74389, Commissioned: 2373
32.   USS Tahoma NCC-74390, Commissioned: 2373
33.   USS Azrael NCC-74391, Commissioned: 2373
34.   USS Providence NCC-74392, Commissioned: 2373
35.   USS Tirgis NCC-74393, Commissioned: 2373
36.   USS Loki NCC-74394, Commissioned:2373, Damaged beyond repair, Navigational Deflector Failure at Emergency Warp, Delivering Medical Supplies to Benzar, 2375
37.   USS Drake NCC-74395, Commissioned: 2373
38.   USS Caspian NCC-74396, Commissioned: 2373
39.   USS Altaica NCC-74397, Commissioned: 2373
40.   USS Gaia NCC-74398, Commissioned: 2373, Damaged beyond repair, Cloaked Mine Field around former Dominion Supply Depot, 2376
41.   USS Resolve NCC-74399, Commissioned: 2374
42.   USS Venturous NCC-74400, Commissioned: 2374
43.   USS Bonhomme Richard NCC-74401, Commissioned: 2374  Destroyed, 2nd Battle of Chin’toka, 2375
44.   USS Lynx NCC-74402, Commissioned: 2374
45.   USS Arawn NCC-74403, Commissioned: 2374
46.   USS Sumatrae NCC-74404, Commissioned: 2374
47.   USS Horatio NCC-74405, Commissioned: 2374, Destroyed, Battle of Betazed, 2374
48.   USS Corbetti NCC-74406, Commissioned: 2374
49.   USS Crusader NCC-74407, Commissioned: 2374
50.   USS Aries NCC-74408, Commissioned: 2374
51.   USS Republic NCC-74409, Commissioned: 2374
52.   USS Decisive NCC-74410, Commissioned: 2374
53.   USS Tiger NCC-74411, Commissioned: 2374
54.   USS Fafnir NCC-74412, Commissioned: 2374 Destroyed, Warp Core Breach at max warp, en-route to a Massive Medical Emergency at a Cardassian Colony, 2376
55.   USS Lucius NCC-74413, Commissioned: 2374
56.   USS Essex NCC-74414, Commissioned: 2375
57.   USS Courageous NCC-74415, Commissioned: 2375
58.   USS Thunderbird NCC-74416, Commissioned: 2375
59.   USS Chiron NCC-74417, Commissioned: 2375 Missing, Presumed Destroyed, on exploration mission, 2376
60.   USS Vigilant NCC-74418, Commissioned: 2375
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Re: Wolf class Heavy Frigate
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2009, 03:42:46 AM »
Great! Though I'm urging you to use JoAT's submission form, found here. That way we can integrate the submission into the site much more easily :)
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