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The Plan, spoilers etc
« on: November 03, 2009, 06:25:55 AM »
So I thought this needed its own thread instead of disappearing into a "general discussion" bin. Was wondering why there wasn't more interest, then realised it's not actually out on TV yet, just download\DVD. These details tend to pass me by.

Anyway as far as I can tell "The Plan" itself was... for agents hidden on the fleet to destroy it. Seriously, that's it? Hang on let me check that banging on the door, yeah that's Captain Obvious gesticulating furiously at us. Or did I miss something? So, yeah, if you went in expecting some larger-scale revalations about Cylon ideology and society, it was a disappointment. As a story about just that small cell of agents, however, it worked pretty well.

Cavill - good contrast between magnificent bastard on the fleet and the doubter on caprica. In fact overall we saw a a few times that members of a given model are not all exactly alike.

Simon - okay I didn't really need to see him in the throes of passion, but otherwise it's good to see a Simon fleshed out more. They've been under-used since the first appearance back in season 2.

Doral - final chance to develop him, tossed aside. Maybe Ron had just never intended for that. Just have him there to look smug and wear bad suits.

Leoben - setting up his interest in Kara, which made sense. Along with eerie finger painting. ( I've always found him fascinating but a little frustrating, from "we swim in the stream" mind games with Kara in their first meeting, to his creepy parody of domestic life on new caprica. , to a vision of him that wasn't really him anyway when she died(?), to kinda fizzling out in the last season.)

Deanna - guess Lucy Lawless was busy :(

Sharon - more details of her status as a sleeper agent were filled in, and we saw how she was switched on and off. Filling in gaps like this was one of the main appeals of the show.

Sixes - proper timid Shelly Godfrey alongside slutty punk Six, heee.

Was wondering if much would be done with the Final Five, in the end we seemed to get some Blanders and Tyrol, not much of the rest. Blanders was bland as usual but at least the Caprica stuff gave time to Other Cavill. I feel cruelly teased by how Tory got some new footage at the start then disappeared.

Not much of the humans but it wasn't their show. They seemed to appear mostly in the form of existing clips. Slightly odd not to see Roslin at all.

So overall.. not what i was expecting but still a decent companion to the first seasons. Its' the sort of thing I might get on DVD once it's hit the 5 bargain bin.
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Re: The Plan, spoilers etc
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2009, 07:18:41 PM »
I've seen it, but can't really seem to bring myself to write much of a review.  It was nice to have a few things answered.  Slightly surprised by the amount of nudity, though it makes me wonder what the series would have been like if BSG had been on HBO.

It's hard to judge this as a film because it's not really setup as a traditional film.  It's more like a string of bonus scenes showing alternate or additional views of things we've already seen.  It's by no means a wasted effort, but don't go into it expecting to see a complete story like Razor.
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Re: The Plan, spoilers etc
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2009, 08:34:02 PM »
bought it yesterday, not overly impressed... i can only figure is great as a deleted scene -cut-in video. Alto of unknown details just not shown during the series