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Star Trek: Discovery looking for writers
« on: October 29, 2006, 02:33:05 AM »
Star Trek: Discovery is now looking for writers for the upcoming Season Two, which is to begin in early 2007. Discovery is a script based fan fiction series, which ran for 14 episodes in Season One (January Ė September 2006). Iím looking to increase that to 16 in Season Two.

With a staff of writers, Iím hoping to lighten my workload slightly in regards to the writing side of things, as well as have more voices, concepts and ideas in regards to the series. If anybodyís interested and is up for this type of challenge, please send me an email at stdiscovery [at] hotmail dot com or PM me. Roles will vary from pitching stories, writing and contributing to discussions about all aspects of the series on the development board. Those who havenít written in script before are welcome to contribute and will be shown the ropes.

To find out more about Star Trek: Discovery, check out the links in my sig.