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A Woman scorned
« on: April 17, 2010, 03:02:10 PM »
Hello all this is my first short story in years

A Woman scorned

Thank god for the stim blocker. Otherwise I would be a screaming mess on the floor. Well I think I would. I donít remember the events on the HMS Enterprize my mind was wiped after them and the event is still classified.

But i found myself on the HMS Astute. She was making a fast run from Mercury to Pluto trying to dodge the confederation lines with her battle fleet. I remember one day on the Enterprize then the next on Astute. I was told donít ask question and donít investigate it the Enterprize is heading for Sol and will be destroyed, the event never happened.  The Astute was one of those A class warcruiser built by the Union. Massive ships with huge weapons and quite capable of blowing a small moon apart. She was escorting a fleet of cargo liners with enough troops and combat gear to make the confederation think again about its Pluto adventure.
When we arrived at Pluto we found out that we were far too late.  We dropped out a few light minutes away from the planet and tried to raise one of the three orbital forts to be met with static. Then the scanners picked them up 45 confederation warships and 32 troopships . They had arrived a few minutes before us and where jamming the hell out the area. Thankfully the A.I. on the A classes where the best in the business. Maggie as we called her began her job of countering the jamming. I sat at my gunnery command section and began listing targets. There were six gunnery stations on the A class. I commanded section 3 which had two Rail guns, 60 long range missile tubes and 8 heavy pulse turrets. By then the CIWS had been linked to the A.I. so that was automatic. I gave my order to my unit and target the lead ships as our fighter and bomber launched. 

The battle had been drilled in to gunnery during the fast run. Pulse turrets kill shields, Rail guns damage the emitters and missiles kill hulls. The first shots in the 3rd battle for the liberation of Pluto where fired by me all 8 pulses found the mark. The confederation flagship Watchman shield flicked glowed and failed in the first volley (we latter learned that the confeds Admiral was on a shuttle entering the watchman hence her shields failing in one volley). The rail guns came next firing the truck sized projectiles at her. She flinched as she and her fleet tried to be gain evasive action. But the rail guns found there mark ripping out half of her defensive grid then at last I fired 12 of the anti-ship weapons theses massive weapons where the size of a truck and trailer. Travelling faster than most CIWS weapons could cope 11 of them slammed in the hull of the watchman there was a flash on the sensors when they came back the watchman was aflame and falling to the planet. I realised at this point weapon 4 had not been among those weapons hitting the watchmen. Its had instead found the confederation communication ship Tesla a much smaller ship than the watchman. Its warhead had ripped the shields open and completely gutted her stem to stern. She was lifeless and dead.
The battle raged for around to hours before the remains of the confed fleet  12 warships and 27 troopships broke orbit and headed for their lines. It was a hell of a battle but still I mused as I left my watch at the gunnery station what the hell happened with weapon 4.  So the next watch i asked Maggie what had happened. Her response was full of fire but made sense. 

ďThe communications ships was carrying a class one A.I. on bored it tried to hack me. I severed the link in more ways than one.Ē

So even an A.I. woman can get pissed I thought. Imagine that.

Lieutenant Commander William Drake UNION Space forces UK Division. 26/11/2315
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