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The Reedsarc Logs
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:02:43 PM »
I'm trying to tell 'the story behind' some of my favourite episodes.  It's from the point of view of Crewman (Security) Reedsarc - source of the name is fairly obvious - who is a human-like alien.  Not sure which species, I'm still developing the character.  He's just an ordinary bloke, a year or two out of basic training and serving on the E-D.  The point is to try to get a feel of the less glamorous side of life on a starship, and it must be hard on the ordinary crew members, racing from adventure to adventure.  I'm starting in Season 5, partly so I can jump to DS9 if I decide to, but I could even jump back in time.  This one is "The Wounded".

Please don't be too hard on me, I'm new to this.

Crewman Reedsarc’s Personal Log
Stardate 44429.8

Up 05:00 as usual.  I had a different breakfast, something called eggs and bacon, from Earth animals called chickens and pigs.  John O'Donel recommended them, and I’m beginning to take to Human food.  Was hoping to see Aimée Lacroix, but she wasn’t there for some reason.  O’D says she’s French, a nation right next to his.  Not sure whether that’s relevant to anything, but she’s also ‘one heck of a fit bird’ according to him.
Off for duty at 06:00, pretty boring, just ordinary security rounds until we suddenly go to red alert just before the change of watch.  Right then, someone starts shooting at us.  They turned out to be Cardassians, and Old Baldy brought some of them on board.  I stood guard outside Engineering for two hours before we went to yellow alert and I could go for lunch.
Finally, I get to have lunch with Aimée.  She certainly is hot, but wouldn’t stop going on about on about how great France was.  Anyway, she knows Monmouth, who’s on the bridge backup crew, so she knew what had happened.  Apparently, it was a Cardassian Gul who’d got mad because some lunatic captain was playing Old Harry in their space with his Nebulizer-class.  Just after she said that, Beardy puts out a ship-wide announcement saying just what she’d said.  Now we’re going off with them to look for the Nebulizer, (she’s called the Phoenix).  The Cardies are staying on board, and it’s extra duty for us poor redshirts.  I’m back guarding engineering again later.
Supplemental – Stardate 44430.7
Just come off another eight-hour shift.  Eight frelling hours!  We spent most of it zooming around at Warp 8.  Not sure what was going on.  Still, there’s half a chance I’ll be able to talk Aimée into coming with me to Ten Forward sometime.  Right, time to hit the rack.
Stardate 44432.1
Another eight-hour shift, but it was worth it.  I was on my rounds when I caught one of the Cardies accessing something on the computer.  I pulled my phaser on him and called Mr. Worf.  When he got there, he said ‘well done’, high praise from him.  Hope I’m in his good books, Aimée will be impressed if I make Leading Crewman.
Supplemental Stardate 44432.9
Another shift guarding that Cardie in his quarters.  Not sure how long I can keep this up.
Stardate 44434.8
We caught the Nebulizer this shift, escorting her back home now.  The Cardies are still aboard, and us poor redshirts are still on double shifts.  Not sure how much longer this is going to go on, but at least they give us a break for lunch.  I met Aimée again, and she promised to come to Ten Forward for a drink when this is over.  Apparently, her country produces a stuff called champagne, which I ‘really must try’.
Supplemental Stardate 44437.4
I’ve been on duty twenty frelling hours solid.  The Nebulizer guy, Maxwell, took off at Warp 9 and caught this transport.  We had to go after him and stop him, so we went to red alert for ages and I was outside Engineering for a very long time.  Who’d be a redshirt?  Still, it’s all over now.  Maxwell’s in the brig, the Nebulizer’s going home, and I’m taking Aimée to Ten Forward tomorrow night.
There’s a nice planetary survey coming up next week.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to guard a party of marine biologists on some coral reefs in a tropical sea.  I could certainly do with a break.
Still rambling away...