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Shades of Gray
« on: March 21, 2011, 10:49:40 PM »

Created & Written By: MelekOmega

The sounds of leaves softly rustling could be heard, as well as the sound of soft footfalls upon pebbles, as a small gray form moved among a clutch of fern-like plants, that were growing near the entrance to a small cave.

Finally, the small gray form emerged... a lone being... about three feet tall, and basically humanoid, but different. This being appeared slightly hunched over, and had almost no body or facial hair, beyond a slight "peach fuzz". The being's head was somewhat large, in comparison to its body, but not by much. It had a very small nose, and only holes for ears. Finally, it had a pair of very large black eyes, that were like two large black almonds, on their sides.

The being looked around rapidly, as if wary of some unseen predator, as it sniffed the air around it, as it brought one hand up, which held a small shelled water creature, much like an oyster, on Earth. Its hands had only three fingers. The being brought the shelled creature up to its nose, and sniffed at it, before letting out a quick chirping sound, as it sat the shelled creature on the top of a large rock.

The creature then looked down, and produced another rock, and prepared to attempt to crack the shell of the creature, so that it could get to the meat inside. The being began to pound at the shell with the rock, at times having to keep the shelled creature from slipping off the rock it was on, and at times emitting quick chirps of frustration, as the stubborn shell refused to break open.

Suddenly, something drew the being's attention away from the shelled creature, and the being looked up, and hunched behind the ferns, as if for protection, as it gazed with absolute curiosity and fascination at what it was seeing...

Off in the distance, before the being, was a group of four other beings... aliens. They were very large... perhaps seven feet tall, and they were very different-looking. These new beings were a dirty greenish color, and looked almost like reptiles. And they appeared to have some sort of white covering over most of their bodies. The new reptile-things were all standing outside what looked like a small cave or hut made out of metal, and they were holding metal things in their hands, and making sounds as they spoke.

Finally, as the silent and curious being watched, the new reptile-things walked back into their metal hut, and the entrance closed on itself. A second later, a loud whooshing noise was heard, and a cloud of dust was kicked up from underneath the metal hut, and the entire hut began to rise up into the air, flying high into the sky, until finally, with the blink of an eye, it shot ahead, vanishing from view.

The little gray being was beside itself with awe, as it very slowly and cautiously emerged from its cover of ferns, and hastily rushed inside its cave, coming to a fast stop in front of the cave wall, and reached down, to pick up yet another small rock, now having forgotten about the shelled creature it had caught for food.

It brought the new rock up to the cave wall, and began to drag it hard along the surface, as it "drew" a very simple and crude representation of what it had just seen... a group of different-looking beings, beside a strange-looking hut, as it "dotted" the sky with stars, by banging the rock on the wall in various places. Finally, the little gray being had finished its work of cave art, and stood back, regarding it for a moment, as it then moved to the entrance to its cave again, this time poking its head out, as it looked up.

The being gazed intently into the sky, with a look of total wonder, as now the sun began to set, and the growing darkness of twilight began to reveal the endless expanse of stars in the sky, as those millions upon millions of stars filled the being's large black eyes, reflecting upon them, as the being continued its gaze into the heavens above.


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Shades of Gray
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JUNE 24, 2041


The lone sound of a roger beep broke the otherwise total silence of the lunar surface, as a lone astronaut appeared from over a low ridge, bounding down the embankment, kicking up little clouds of white lunar soil, as he made his way down to the interior of the crater.

The astronaut looked up towards the horizon, as the reflection of the Earth filled the glass on his helmet. The Cape of Good Hope and Antarctica dominated the top of the Earth… at least, the top as the astronaut saw it, from the lunar south pole. It was a sight he had still not gotten used to.

Sighing, he knelt down, facing the crater floor, and began to fumble for a soil probe that was attached to his equipment pack. After taking a moment to calibrate the long instrument, he jammed it into the lunar soil, and began to push it in deep into the sand.

Suddenly, a dark shadow zipped overhead, blocking the light as it moved over the area where the astronaut was. The astronaut didn’t think anything of it, thinking it was but a small meteorite passing overhead, as he continued his soil sampling. However, just then, a second dark shadow zipped by, and this time, the astronaut decided to look up, just as three more new dark shadows of identical size and form to the first two shot by.

As the astronaut stood up, and began to look up and ahead of him, his mouth dropped open, at what he was seeing…

A group of small saucer-shaped ships, each roughly the size of a warehouse, and with hulls that looked like some form of brilliant brushed metal, and absolutely no lights or windows of any kind visible, as the group of ships sailed at what could only be described as a “leisurely pace” towards the globe of the Earth.

As the lone astronaut stood like a small speck in the middle of the vast crater, even more groups of flying saucers continued to fly overhead, at the same slow and comfortable pace, almost as if they were out for a Sunday drive. The incoming saucers seemed almost endless in number, as the fleet continued on its way, the ships all lined up in a long row, like some sort of alien wagon train.


The sound of the radio beeping was heard, as the Russian cosmonaut worked outside, on spacewalk duty, repairing a connection point on one of the station's solar sail arms.

The cosmonaut finished with one tool, and carefully lifted it to the side, and let go, letting the tool hang in zero-g in front of him, as he reached for another tool. He looked into his toolkit, as he fumbled for the new device, and after a while found it, and brought it out of the case. He then began to continue effecting repairs to the connection point, when he paused... he suddenly felt strange, as if he were being watched.

He decided maybe he needed a break, and without thinking, moved his hand across the top of his helmet, as if he were wiping sweat from his brow, but then felt foolish that he had forgotten that his helmet was there. Tired, he turned his head to his left, to try and get a nice view of Earth, but was treated instead, to the last thing he ever expected to see... a single saucer-shaped craft, right there, in front of him, standing absolutely still, mere meters away from him.

All color drained from the cosmonaut's face and he wore a look of terror as sweat beaded on his face, inside the helmet. Then suddenly, the saucer began to initiate a complete roll as it swept over him, from left to right. The cosmonaut followed the craft as it rolled above him, and as the saucer completed its roll, it did so by settling into formation in the middle of a much larger group of saucers which were on the move, flying towards the atmosphere of Earth.

The cosmonaut's mouth was agape with awe at the sight he was beholding as he watched the one saucer which he had first seen remain still, as the rest of its kind kept flying by. It was as if the saucer were just as curious about him, as he was of it. Finally, the cosmonaut did the only thing he could think of... he waved at the craft.

As soon as the cosmonaut waved at it, the saucer moved backward ever so slightly, and then began to drift forward, now rejoining the rest of the fleet, on the way to Earth, as the cosmonaut looked on.


The majestic presidential Boeing Sonic Cruiser arose high above the clouds, followed a second later, by the twin AF-21 Black Tigers that were assigned to protect the plane belonging to the leader of the free world, as the scream of the hypersonic engines filled the air around the three planes, as a radio transmission from the CAG broke through the noise.

"Big Bird, this is Ghost Eagle One... we are ready to break off, and descend for refueling ops... Ghost Eagles Three and Four will be our relief... coming up... now!" the lead pilot stated, as now a second pair of AF-21's rose up into view, behind the two current fighters.

"Copy that, Ghost Eagle One... descending to refueling altitude now." the reply from Air Force One's pilot stated.


From his office window, Edward Bensen, President of the United States of America, looked out to the lead Ghost Eagle fighter, as he shot the pilot a salute, to which the pilot nodded, saluting back in reply, as his plane took position alongside Air Force One, maintaining perfect formation.

The President now allowed himself to relax in his chair, as he tilted his head back, and closed his eyes with a sigh of relief. Soon his plane would be out of this warzone, and he would enjoy a good and safe night's sleep in the White House tonight. He was looking forward to it... the past three days had seen almost continuous negotiations regarding the newest military threat in the world... the Harbinger missile... a thermonuclear stealth ICBM capable of hypersonic velocities. Several nations were looking to acquire the weapon, and none of them were friendly with the United States.

For a few precious moments, the world around him seemed to drift away, as he slowly began to relax, taking calm, measured breaths. But it was not to be, as he was quickly brought back to reality, his eyes opening fast, at the sound of his head Secret Service Agent bursting through the door to his office in a panic.

"What is is, Max?" Bensen asked, seeing that the Agent was visibly worried.

"Mister President, we need to evac you to the center of the plane... RADAR is tracing three objects rising up fast from the surface... they look like they could be Harbingers." the Agent replied in a hurry, as Bensen arose from his chair, and walked around his desk to follow the man.

"Take all evasive action." Bensen said, as the two men walked out of the room, and into the narrow Air Force One corridor.

"Yes, Sir... we're already rising to maximum evasion altitude, and countermeasures are being deployed, as we speak." the Agent replied.


The lead plane, as well as its companion, Ghost Eagle Four, began to move into a defensive position beside Air Force One, just as the original two escorts, now having also detected the new threat, once again joined the group, rising up from behind, as the entire group of planes rose ever higher into the atmosphere.

From inside the cockpit of Ghost Eagle Three, the lead pilot could see the lower aft end of Air Force One, as it's mighty hypersonic engines emitted a brilliant blue flame behind them. Suddenly, there was a short flash of even more intense bluish-white light, as the afterburners of Air Force One went to absolute maximum burn, and the President's plane began to slowly pull away, and rise higher into the sky, which was now almost totally black above the plane.

"Confirmed, Ghost eagle Three, Big Bird is now at Mach 5, and is assuming maximum altitude." one of the other pilots said, over the radio.

The lead pilot now saw the original two Ghost Eagles streak past and above his plane, as both took position beside each of Air Force One's wings... the original two planes would remain by the President's side, freeing the new planes to break off, and attempt to draw the missiles away.

The lead pilot looked down at regard his instruments for but a brief second, before looking back up and out the canopy windows. What he saw was something that he, nor any human, ever expected to see... something the simply defied all belief... two flying saucers, both a brilliant brushed metal color, flying right beside each of the original two Ghost Eagles, maintaining absolutely perfect speed, distance, and position with the two fighter jets.

"Oh my God!" the lead pilot exclaimed.


From inside his canopy, the pilot of the first lead plane glanced over to the flying saucer beside his plane, with an expression of absolute awe, as he replied over the radio...

"I see them... what are they... where did they come from?" he asked.


Suddenly, the lead pilot somehow felt that something was watching him, and cautiously turned to his left, to see yet another two saucers, flying between him and his wingman. For a long silent moment, only the sounds of his plane's engines could be heard as he just stared wide-eyed, at the craft before him, before finally again turning to face forward, just in time to once again be shocked out of his mind...

In literally the blink of an eye, Air Force One, and the two saucers beside it appeared to suddenly streak forward and vanish, with lightning speed, leaving only the original two Ghost Eagles behind.

But there was no time to satisfy either scientific or intellectual curiosity, for just then, the three Harbinger missiles went streaking past his plane, long smoky contrails behind it, just as the two new saucers between his plane and his wingman's plane broke formation, and shot forward, instantly moving from where they were to the three missiles ahead.

The lead pilot looked on from his cockpit, absolutely dumbfounded, as instantly, the three smoky contrails dissipated and vanished, and all three missiles appeared to be "standing still" in midair, keeping pace with the saucers around them. The pilot then began to squint a bit, as if he was having trouble believing just what it was he was seeing...

From his vantage point, each of the missiles appeared to be "deconstructing" themselves... various bits of metal plate and nuts and bolts and various high-tech components appeared to literally become undone, as the missiles all broke apart, the various parts and pieces slowly raining down in the sky to the Earth far below.

"Jesus." the lead pilot exclaimed aloud.


The plane was now high above the Earth... so high, that it was technically in orbit. The twin saucers held position on either side of the plane, as the curvature of the Earth, and the thin layers of atmosphere could be seen below, along with the continents and parts of the ocean.


With expressions of absolute amazement, the President and his Secret Service Agents all looked out the window and over the wing, to see the saucer on that side of the plane holding perfect position. Bensen then noticed just how high they were, and the curvature of the Earth below, as he now looked to the sky above... pitch-black and full of stars... so many stars. He had never seen so many stars from Earth, and didn't even know there could be so many.

"Who are you?" he whispered aloud, but to himself, as the Earth and stars reflected on the window of Air Force One that the President and his men were looking out of.


With utter disbelief, the pilot watched as within the blink of an eye, Air Force One reappeared along with the two other saucers, right where they had been, as if nothing had ever happened.

The pilot shook his head, as if he were dreaming or hallucinating. Suddenly, the two saucers ahead reduced speed, and rolled down to escort his plane, as well as the original two. He looked to his left, as one saucer rolled into position right beside his plane, and kept perfect pace with it.

For a long second, he did nothing but stare at the crafts, which somehow, had just performed absolutely unbelievable feats. Finally, something inside him compelled him to speak to the craft beside him, as if somehow deep inside his mind he could understand that it was in some manner asking him a question.

"Yes... I'm okay." he said, nodding to the saucer.

As soon as he said those words, the saucer increased speed just enough to pull ahead of his plane and take position in front of it, as he watched the forward saucers lead his fighter group along.

Air Force One, now under its own power and at a calm and comfortable speed, led the group through the air as the forward two Ghost Eagles did a series of hard banks to and fro, and a second later, the closest two saucers mimicked the move, also banking in the same fashion, as if playing a game with the planes, as the whole group continued onward.

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Shades of Gray
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From the large windows of the tower, the Air Force personnel on duty all gazed out, their mouths agape at the sight before them... the first two Ghost Eagle fighter escorts screaming past, as Air Force One followed behind, flanked by four brilliant brushed metal flying saucers, keeping absolutely perfect pace with the President's plane, as the wheels of Air Force One came to a audible impact with the runway, and the plane leveled off and began it's approach to the waiting air stairs, just as the flying saucers broke off, and headed a bit further down the runway to land, just as the last two Ghost Eagles came screaming past the tower.

Out on the tarmac below, literally hundreds of military police and soldiers were quickly gathering, rifles at the ready, just in case things with the saucers called for the use of force, as now many members of the military brass also began to walk out to the tarmac, along with government agents.


The plane's mighty hypersonic engines powered down with a whine as it came to a complete halt on the tarmac, and the air stairs were pushed up against the side of the fuselage, just as the door opened, and the lead Secret Service Agent poked his head out, looking around to see that the President would be safe, since now all the soldiers and military police were present.

After a second, President Bensen appeared, and quickly rushed down the steps to the runway below, where he instantly tuned to face the first saucer, which had landed, just as the other three came to a soft and silent landing nearby and behind it.

The flying saucers were a spectacular sight to behold... they were each about the size of one of the hangars on the base, and looked like two vaguely squashed hat-like shapes joined together at the brim. The saucers were all a brilliant brushed metal color, with an absolutely flawless and perfectly smooth surface... there was absolutely no traces of anything like panel lines, rivets, or lights or windows... there were no visible engines or weapons. Only the four landing legs gave away that these were some form of craft, and not some giant metal sculpture. In the brilliance of the noontime Sun, an extremely faint hexagonal grid pattern could be made out on the hulls of the craft, but they were not panel lines... the hex pattern appeared to be embedded into the very metal itself, as if it were a part of the metal's molecular structure. As the President moved, he noticed that as the light changed, the hexagonal grid appeared iridescent, causing waves of prismatic color to wash over the hex grid as his vantage point changed. The saucers were also absolutely silent... not a single sound was made by any of the craft.

The President walked up to the front line of soldiers, as they all raised their rifles in aim towards the lead saucer, just to prepare for any scenario, as the President outstretched his arm in front of the first soldier's rifle.

"Do NOT take any action, until I personally say otherwise... understood, soldier?" the President asked, looking to the young man.

"Yes, Mister President." the man replied, again facing the lead saucer.

For what seemed like an eternity to the humans, they just stood and watched, waiting for some sign of activity from the saucers. Finally, after a long silence, something happened...

"Sir!" the lead soldier called out, as Bensen looked to the lead saucer.


From the lower half of the craft, a thin and long vertical rectangular outline appeared, like a cookie-cutter form, just as that rectangle revealed itself to be a gangway plank that lowered itself onto the ground of the Earth.

For a few seconds, nothing happened, until finally the first signs of life began to appear from within the craft, as two beings came into view, peering out from inside the craft, looking at the humans assembled before them.

These two beings were roughly five feet tall, and had a tan skin on very thin and completely hairless bodies. Their hands hand only three fingers, and their heads were large in comparison to their bodies, and were shaped vaguely like an upside-down egg, only flatter. They had two extremely large eyes... completely jet-black, and almond-shaped, with no sign of anything like pupils. They had very small noses, and very thin and small mouths. Both beings were basically humanoid, but their appearance gave them an almost insect-like feel.

Finally, both beings began to walk down the ramp, as the humans looked on, totally speechless. As soon as both beings had planted themselves on Earth soil, they each stood to either side of the ramp, as now a third being became visible...

This new being was identical in every way to the first two, except that this one was a bit shorter... maybe four and a half feet tall, and had a gray color to its skin. As the gray being walked down the ramp, the two tans on the ground were scanning the assembly of humans with their eyes, watching every single move the humans made... listening to every sound. Some of the human soldiers were becoming visibly unsettled by the tans, as their large black eyes seemed to pierce and drill all the way down into the soul, holding it captive.

The gray paused for a moment, just as three new beings could be seen stirring about inside the craft. The three new beings were again, totally identical, only these three were only about three and a half feet tall, and were a pasty-white color. They did not leave the inside of the craft, but chose to observe from the interior, as the gray proceeded to walk towards the President of the United States.

The gray alien finally stopped about five meters in front of Bensen and the wall of soldiers, as the President now took a few steps forward toward the gray, finally pausing about two meters from it. Slowly, the President raised both hands up, showing that he was not hostile. Slowly and cautiously, he brought his right hand down, and extended his hand in greeting.

The gray alien copied the President's gesture, first raising its own hands, broadcasting that it was not a threat, before cautiously walking to the President, and accepting his hand, as for the first time in history, the hands of a human and alien being met.

For a long moment, the only sounds were of a few gasps of amazement from the humans as to what they were witnessing. Finally, the gray alien withdrew, and looked directly at President Bensen, and with its left arm, pointed to the door to Air Force One, before pointing to itself, Bensen, and then back to Air Force One.

"It wants to meet with me in private... on the plane." Bensen said.

"Inadvisable, Sir." the Secret Service Agent replied.

Without taking his eyes off the gray before him, Bensen gave his reply...

"Well, Max... I think if they wanted us dead, we would be by now... besides... how can I turn down the first human-alien summit?" he stated, as he gestured for the alien to follow him to the plane, which the being did, while the soldiers and military brass looked on.


The President entered the room, followed by the being, as the being now stood to face the President. The being made a gesture towards its mouth, and then a gesture indicating confusion, as it began to pace around the room, as the President and Secret Service men looked on.

"It's confused." the President offered.

"I don't think it knows our language." one of the Secret Service men replied.

After a second, the President snapped his fingers, which drew the attention of the pacing being, which looked to him, as he walked over to a laptop on the desk, and indicated for the being to use it.

The being went to the laptop, and looked at it, and ran its hands over the keyboard, but then looked up at the President, with lost eyes.

"Damn... that's right..." Bensen began. "How can it know what keys to press, if it doesn't know the language?" he lamented, aloud.

As the President moved to the other side of the desk, the being looked right into his eyes, and suddenly, the President felt a strong wave of dizziness and nausea wash over him, and he began to lose his equilibrium, but braced himself on the head of his chair, becoming lost in a sort of trance-like state, as his mouth began to move, but not speak. When the President did finally begin to utter words, he began to revert back to his childhood... he began to recite the ABC song, that he had been taught in kindergarten. The Secret Service Agents looked to the being, as it stared into the President's eyes, establishing a deep hold on the President's mind, while the President was now reciting the numbers aloud. Finally, the gray's mental hold was released, as the President closed his eyes, and slumped down against his chair as the being again went to the laptop, and began calling up the information on the English language.

"Mister President! Are you alright?" the lead Agent asked, as the other drew its service pistol, aiming it at the gray just in case the alien were to try anything again, while the gray absorbed the information from the computer, ignoring the Agents.

"I'm fine, Max... it's okay... it wasn't doing anything bad. It went into my mind, to learn what our language looks and sounds like." Bensen replied, as the gray alien now pushed the laptop aside, and turned to face the President, looking directly at him.

"Yes, I apologize for that intrusion, but it was necessary." the alien said, without moving its mouth, yet with absolutely perfect English.

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Shades of Gray
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Dumbfounded, the President and Secret Service Agents all regarded the gray alien before them... it just had uttered a line in perfect English, and done so aloud, without moving its lips... it was not a mental trick or telepathy, for everyone had heard it clear as day.

"I am sure you have many questions for me, Mister President, but first allow us to introduce ourselves... we call ourselves Orvani." the alien stated.

For a long moment of silence, President Bensen and the alien regarded the sight of each other, before Bensen broke the pause.

"Well... first of all, I should thank you for coming to the rescue of Air Force One... I don't know what you did or how, but it's clearly far beyond anything we're capable of." the President offered.

The alien nodded in respect, as it replied.

"Indeed... but we did not help you to show our preference for your particular nation... we did it simply because we saw you were in distress, and wanted to show our goodwill and peaceful intentions, so that you are not afraid of us, or think we are here with hostile intentions." the gray replied.

"How can you speak English so perfectly? How did you learn it so fast?" one of the Secret Service Agents asked, as the President looked to him, raising his left eyebrow, as the gray looked to the man to reply...

"I collected all of the information on your languages and mathematics from your computer. I learned English, as well as every other language form on your planet. The instant I learned the information, every Orvani in our fleet also learned it, at the same time... we can all speak any language on your planet with perfection as of now." the gray answered.

"How is that possible? Are you robots?" the Agent pressed, as Bensen shot him a look that said he should stop before he said something wrong.

"No... I assure you, we are quite fully biological beings." the gray replied, looking back to Bensen. "Mister President... I shall be happy to answer your people's questions, but first we must address the people of this planet, and assure them that we are here as friends, and with peaceful intent, for as we speak, our fleet is flying over the cities and towns of your planet, and we wish to avoid a panic." it added.


The bright noontime Sun shone down on the quiet suburban neighborhood, which sported rows of large and beautiful luxury homes. However there was trouble in paradise... the street was filled with emergency vehicles and a few news vans. A female news reporter gave her report to the cameraman, while behind her, some County Coroners wheeled a stretcher with a body bag on it into a waiting hearse.

"As we reported earlier, not much more is known at this hour, about the apparent double murders that occurred here earlier this morning, but as you can see behind me, the Coroners have completed their assessment, and are now removing the remains from the home." the reporter stated to the cameraman.

The reporter's face filled the camera lens, as suddenly, the cameraman wore a look of shock, his mouth agape, as he now tilted the camera upwards, to the sky.

"What are you doing? I'm down here!" the reporter called out, as she now also began to look up, her mouth opening with disbelief. "Oh, my God!" she shouted out, attracting the attention of everyone in the neighborhood, who also joined her, and looked upwards.

There in the sky, casually cruising along, was a fleet of saucers. The saucers were absolutely devoid of any noise... totally silent, as they flew over the block and continued on course as the citizens looked up, pointing, gasping, and remarking on the sight.


President Bensen looked to the gray standing before him, as he asked his question.

"What do you mean, a fleet? Why are your people here?" he asked.

"We are a non-military survey fleet, Mister President... please believe me, when I assure you that we are not here with any hostile intent. We merely wish to be allowed to land on your world, and conduct some simple planetary research, while we "recharge our batteries" as it were... I promise you, we have no desire to interfere with your world beyond that capacity. But we must assure the people of your world of this fact, or else your people will react out of fear and panic, and we wish to avoid that." the gray replied, as Bensen looked it in the eyes, nodding.


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Shades of Gray
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A small number of White House technicians and Secret Service agents fussed about the final preparations to the Presidential podium and area where the President and the Orvani delegation would address the people of the planet, as in the distance, White House Marines stood armed watch over an absolutely vast collection of news cameras and reporters from media outlets from all over the Earth, as the anxious reporters and cameramen awaited their first official glimpses of the Orvani... Earth's first visitors from another world.

A trio of Orvani saucers hovered in perfect position over the White House, in absolute silence, as the various global media agencies shot footage of them, while awaiting the President and the Orvani representative.

After a second one of the agents gave a hand signal to another agent and the agents and techs moved out of sight, as everything suddenly grew silent and the masses of reporters grew hushed as all eyes were directed to the doors leading to the Rose Garden.

Finally, the doors opened and the first person emerged... the White House Press Secretary. The man walked up to the podium and stood ramrod straight as he announced the arrival of the approaching party...

"Ladies and gentlemen... the President of the United States, and the Orvani delegation!" he boomed, stepping aside now, as the form of the President emerged from the doorway, flanked by a handful of small alien beings... the Orvani delegation.

Instantly, a collective gasp of amazement washed over the masses of assembled reporters, as they took in the reality that they were seeing six actual alien beings, right there in front of them.

All of the beings were clearly of the same species... Orvani. But there were differences... there were three "races" represented in the group... two of each. Immediately flanking the President were two "grays". To the sides of the grays were two "whites", and behind the grays and whites, were two "tans", which were the tallest. The whites had an almost quiet and timid quality to their appearance, as if they were shy, to use a human term, as they calmly and innocently looked ahead at the people of Earth. The grays stood perfectly still, looking around at the humans before them, as if trying to look comfortable amongst us, as if they wanted us to feel at ease. The tans... the tans were different than the other two groups... there was something inherently unsettling about their presence. The tans both looked into the crowd of humans with what could almost be described as an air of superiority, as if they were studying a mass of helpless lab animals. The eyes of the tans seemed to zero in on select humans, and literally pierce right into the souls of their targets, as if to flaunt the superiority of the Orvani mind, while both tans wore faces totally devoid of any emotion, save for what could only be described as an "alien Mona Lisa smile"... neither good, nor evil... just simply there.

The American President had completed his introduction, and now indicated for the gray Orvani at his right to step to the podium, as he stepped aside.

"Greetings." the gray began in absolutely perfect, clear, and articulate English. Even though the Orvani was speaking out loud, and all could hear its voice, its lips were not moving, nor was it using telepathy... it was creating speech through vocal vibrations elsewhere in its body. "Let me begin by saying that there will be a second media address tomorrow, at the place you call the United Nations, where we will meet and address the combined leadership of your planet. This meeting is to provide you with some basic information about us, and why we are here, so that you do not fear us." it stated, looking to the reporters before it. "To begin with, we come from a world we call Orvan... the second planet orbiting the star you call Zeta Reticuli B. We left Orvan approximately two years ago, and have been in space ever since. We have come to your world to "recharge", as you would put it... we have nothing but peaceful intentions, and mean you no harm." it continued.

As the Orvani spokesperson spoke, one of the whites looked out at the humans, thinking how large a species the humans were... from five to six feet tall, and with much more physically robust bodies than the Orvani. The humans were probably fully capable of killing an Orvani with ease, in a physical confrontation. It was not something the white liked to ponder. The white wanted to be away from here, back on the safety of its saucer, surrounded by its own kind, surrounded by the comfort of only Orvani thoughts flowing through its mind. Without realizing it, the white moved behind the gray beside it, as if to attempt to somewhat hide itself from view. Its senses were becoming more aware of every slight thing the humans did... sounds of someone coughing or sniffling, the sound of a paper being rustled, and so on.

The gray to the other side of the President was also contemplating the human audience. The gray was examining the humans with a sense of detached wonder... here before it, was an entire species of beings on a world that was just overflowing with sentient, intelligent life... almost as much life as on Orvan, yet these humans could only communicate with each other! This was indeed, an alien world in the extreme to the gray... these humans had a total lack of harmony or understanding of the planet upon which they lived... the humans fully believed that they were the only intelligent form of life on their world. They had only recently escaped the confines of their own globe, and touched their own moon's surface, yet for some reason, they had not been any farther than that. They were a species enamored with things of power and might... political power, monetary wealth, and military supremacy... weapons of more and more destructive power. The humans were absolutely unaware of the simple truth the Orvani had discovered very early on in their own evolution... that the ultimate power in the entire universe, is not a technology, nor is it a weapon... it is communication... the most basic and simple ability to communicate with every form of life on their world. If these humans could only begin to imagine the utter power that would come with being able to literally talk and converse with every form of life on Earth, imagine how it would alter the very way they exist... it would alter how they attain food, how they plan cities... any number of facets of their lives, and would bring a unity to the life on this planet that had not been known before. Yes, it was such a shame, the gray thought... a world full of people who could not begin to know their own potential.

Also watching the humans were the tans. The tan to the President's right was looking out at the audience, as if looking upon a mass of lower life-forms, like a boat Captain gazing upon a mass of floating plankton in the path of his boat... merely an obstacle to be steamrollered through, totally powerless to even begin to fend off the wall of supreme might that was the boat. The tan's mind was literally playing inside the minds of various random humans, as the tan jumped from human mind to human mind, playing small tricks, like making one human think a fly was buzzing nearby, causing the human to swat at thin air, or making someone think that another human was blowing air on the back of another's neck. The minds of the humans were so very basic to the tan... they seemed almost empty... utterly powerless to anything the tans could do to them. The tan knew that without any effort at all, all it had to do was send one simple word... one simple command, into the mind of any human, and by doing so, could kill it instantly. The humans held great pride in the might of their military weaponry, but the tan knew that nothing on the entire planet Earth could even hope to hurt the Orvani... the humans were totally devoid of power, for the Orvani had the ultimate weapon... the ultimate might... the ability to literally think an enemy to death. The Orvani had long since abandoned a need for physical weapons, and had evolved beyond that level. The humans were nothing... it was the Orvani that were the superior beings... the better species. Why wouldn't the grays just step aside, and allow the tans to assume control of this mission? They were here now... they could take this entire planet from the humans, and nothing could stop it. If the humans made an attempt, they would certainly be crushed as the insects they were.

The gray Orvani spokesperson continued his address to the crowd, as the people of Earth listened intently...

"And, to answer your question, ma'am, yes, our ships can travel faster than light... our saucers can make the trip from Orvan to Earth in two of your weeks, and our motherships can travel from Earth to your nearest galaxy in two of your days. This is achieved by a chronospatial propulsion system, which allows our ships to travel through not only physical space, but time as well as other dimensions." it stated, as the humans gasped their awe at what the Orvani's tech could do.

As the gray spokesperson continued speaking, the white Orvani to its right began to very subtly waver from side to side, as a second later, the crowd of humans gasped, as the white grabbed onto the shoulder of the gray beside it, as it collapsed to the ground, fainting, as a few humans in the crowd cried out.

As the President and the gray spokesperson looked on at the collapsed white, the other Orvani rushed to help it, but one of the tans knew it was too late, and looked to the spokesperson...

"He's dead." it stated, aloud, as the reporters all gasped, while a few began crying, as the President and spokesperson just looked at the dead Orvani before them, in shock.


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Shades of Gray
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The trio of Orvani saucers maintained a perfectly still and totally silent vigil over the White House as on the ground below, hordes of human onlookers looked up at the hovering ships in awe and wonder.


Inside the lead ship, the gray Orvani spokesperson walked through the corridor on its way to the ship's medical ward, where it would be briefed by the ship's medical officer about what killed the small white Orvani in the Rose Garden. Already, all the known facts and theories were streaming through the mind of the spokesperson, as well as every other Orvani mind in the fleet.

The Orvani were fully organic beings... they were not robots. However, the mind of each and every Orvani in existence was linked by computer, both to each other, and to a central computer processor on Orvan itself. The benefit of this, was that every single experience or thought any given Orvani ever had, was shared with the entire population in realtime. This was not a hive mind, no... in actual application, it was more comparable to an entire global library, where each Orvani could draw upon the collected data of the whole to serve its own needs. For instance, if a pair of Orvani were walking down the street, and one of them was injured badly, either of the two Orvani could instantly call up the collected data of an Orvani individual who is a doctor, and that individual's entire life experience and skillset would be instantly integrated into the mind of either the injured Orvani, or its companion, thus allowing instant and proper medical care, on the spot.

Not only was this global link a tool with which the Orvani could both store, keep, and learn information, but whenever a given Orvani individual died, the contents of its brain's memory would instantly be uploaded into the link, so no information was lost. Because of this technology, which the Orvani called a "neuronic link", there were literally no more teachers on Orvan... the Orvani now had the ability to literally teach themselves, since not only was the whole of all knowledge on Orvan stored permanently, but as each generation lived, its knowledge was also added and stored, so that nothing ever had to be "re-learned"... knowledge was ever-present, and only added to. This was the bulk of the reason for the Orvani's miraculous level of technology and advancement... they were simply able to not only learn faster, but learn more faster, and once something was learned, it was never forgotten or lost, even from generation to generation.

The act of interacting with the link and sharing information was known as "broadcasting". The Orvani usually maintained an active link during all their waking hours, and turned off the link when they slept, to both preserve privacy, and also to ease stress on the mind during sleep. When the link was reactivated, the data collected during sleeping hours would be uploaded into the individual's mind, along with the realtime stream of constantly flowing current data. The Orvani lived the first three years of their lives without the neuronic link, and were gradually weaned on it for the next year until finally on the fifth year, they underwent the operation that installed the neuronic link into their brains for good.

Even now, as the spokesperson walked, the link was relaying all sorts of information to his mind, from weather reports on Earth, to the fleet's preliminary scans of the planet, to the thoughts of all the other Orvani in the fleet, to sensor scans of Earth's solar system being taken by his ship... you name it, he, as well as every other Orvani in the fleet, knew it. Finally, he reached the entrance to the medical ward and entered, as a handful of white Orvani medics walked about, and the gray doctor stood by the metal table upon which rested the body of the fallen white, under a light blue sheet.

"Well?" the spokesperson asked, "aloud".

"Oh, come on..." the doctor broadcast in protest, as the spokesperson cut it off.

"We are on a planet that uses vocal communication... I suggest we all get used to doing it... it will make the humans feel far more comfortable." it offered.

"Fine, whatever." the doctor shot back, as it began to relay the report. "It's as I feared... there was no sign of injury of disease... this Orvani simply ceased to function, and died. There was no organ fatigue, no ailment of any sort I could find... I even ran a test to see if it was this wretched planet's polluted atmosphere that did it, and it wasn't that either, so I'm at a loss... for the past decade, something has been killing Orvani with seemingly no cause. And it's also happening to younger and younger Orvani, for reasons I cannot yet determine." it stated.

The spokesperson looked to the dead white for a long moment, before facing the doctor again.

"This one was just 23." it lamented. "That's the fifth one of us to die in this fleet since we left Orvan."

The doctor merely returned the spokesperson's look in reply.

"Okay, well initiate the final upload for this one, and process it. I have to return to the surface for a while... I'll check back when I return." the spokesperson stated, as it turned around to leave the room, leaving the doctor to again cover the white with the light blue sheet.

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