Author Topic: Feel Trapped with my BPD and Bipolar Niece, need to vent.  (Read 53633 times)

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Re: Feel Trapped with my BPD and Bipolar Niece, need to vent.
« Reply #50 on: January 05, 2015, 08:51:39 PM »
this thread's a bit old but since this has become the venting thread....

Warning: from here on out the word 'YOU' refers to my Former employer, not this board. That said, rant mode on.

Hewlett Packard are a bunch of two faced lying sacks of dog shit!

I was going to get my old job back working on HP's DOD contract, and they even told me I was one of their top refresh techs on the previous contract. Now they are saying they are not putting me back on the new contract because of my performance numbers. REALLY? 

Excuse me you fucktards my performance reviews were always outstanding, and the ONLY bad mark on my record was being part of a failed, poorly planned  inventory project YOU assholes put me on, and provided NO FUCKING LEADERSHIP at all so we were all having to wing it without a sense of direction. Perhaps I should break my gag order about our pal Aaron Alexis now that you showed me just how much you truly care about your contractors. You fucks are lucky you have all these government contracts or else you'd have gone the way of Digital Equipment, Honeywell, Commodore, etc a long damn time ago!
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