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FTL - Is It Possible
« on: June 27, 2015, 04:27:12 AM »
Based on current physics and the understanding of the Universe measured with Einstein's theories. Not FTL is not possible.


If we look at the components of what makes up Einstein's theories we can see the loophole for FTL.

Light Speed if the velocity of a light photon within a gravitated environment. Suns, Moons, Planets, Black Holes and other celestial objects constantly produce gravity which is a variable of layers. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to walk, drive a car, fly a kite, fly and airplane or escape the Earths gravity. All forms of force and exertion.

Light speed is up there on the list of velocities because it still takes a light photon around 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the sun. This means that light speed is not instantaneous which also means that it does not require an infinite amount of energy to achieve. If light speed did in fact require an infinite amount of energy then Earth would be constantly bombarded by light photons. There wouldn't be an 8 minute wait time.

Now if we take away the suns, moons, planets and black holes that create gravity there is no longer a force present that would restrict the velocity of an object passing through. So a rocket ship that once used millions of pounds of thrust to escape Earth's gravity could now theoretically approach the speed of light and faster.

But how do we mold the gravitational fields of objects in space around a starship to allow it to travel at least the speed of light?

I think the answer resides in the Higgs-Boson particle that is thought to lend particles passing through it mass when they did not have mass before. If the Higgs-Boson can be controlled so that inside of adding mass to particles passing through it, the HB would instead strip the particles of their mass. Particles without any mass are not effected by gravity.

With a starship emitting such a field around it the Anti-Higgs-Boson Particle would theoretically strip all particles within the field of their mass thus reducing the force of gravity placed on the ship as it travels faster and faster.

Think of it this way. Particles in space encounter the ship causing an increase in mass to occur. The faster the ship travels the more particles are encountered thus increasing the mass that the ship must resist until the ship comes to a particle "brick wall" where so many particles are being encountered that the ship is still moving forward but cannot go any faster because of the mass of particles. Stripping the particles of this wall of their mass would similar to chipping a frozen pond with an ice pick. Eventually you will cause a fracture to occur on the surface where something heavy placed on it will fall through the ice.