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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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I was just a little concerned, because the Odyssey Class isn't supposed to be launched until 2409.
I'm one of the last to make that sort of mistake, but thanks for your concern!

If you think the Sekhmet is unwieldy with its plasma cannon then you won't like the U.S.S. Royal or the Beowulf-class...  The Royal is 735.12 m long, 453.73 m wide, and 205.33 m tall and equipped with a plasma cannon.  While the Beowulf class is 1,557 m long and 638 m wide.  Though to be fair the Royal has saucer sep capabilites so that probably cuts the plasma cannon using part down to around 370 m long.

Also plasma cannon not phaser lance.  The Sekhmet's big gun is not a phaser based weapon.  I'm thinking about changing the plasma based nature of the cannon with a variable particle based nature, the idea being that firing different particles might have some advantage (though this may cross into video game-y territory).  Then there's the idea that the Sekhmet's plasma cannon is powered by its own M/AM reactor may be a bit much, maybe a series of dedicated fusion reactors.  Then again, the plasma cannon is supposed to take out a Borg Sphere in three shots so...  (Though some of that may be attributable to a lack of adaptation to the plasma cannon, after all, look how much damage the E-D's phasers did to that Cube in "Q Who?"...)  I'm also open to making the Sekhmet a little smaller, though not too much smaller than a Prometheus-class.

Oh, and if you don't want to bog this thread down too much with technobabble and such, we can move this to PM's.

 Fine, plasma cannon. And if the plasma cannon were too unwieldy on the Sehkmet, then it definitely wouldn't work on a Galaxy class. The bigger ships should use a battleship type turret IMO. I would say it should be M/AM powered, but that would create (another) target, and that should mean it would obliterate a Borg Sphere in one hit, and maybe a Borg Cube in 3.

 I don't want to make the Sekhmet smaller, since that would mean getting rid of the fighter escort. Plus, it seems the Entente class uses the phaser lance effectively enough, even though it's pretty big (though not as much as an Imperial class Star Destroyer).

 And I have no problem with continuing design development here. It might be interesting for some readers actually.

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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 Sorry for the double post, but I finally completed another chapter. Once again, I thank Bernd Schneider for letting me use his designs, namely the Hannibal-class Escort. I'll try to make sure the USS Diamond makes it back in one piece! ;)

Chapter 2: New Faces, New Places. Part 1

The comms officer, Elym Nyot, relayed the message to the Emperor's personal Lambda class shuttle, which was just departing the station.

Palpatine answered the Holonet request. "Yes, what is it Admiral?"

"Your highness, I have made contact with the leader of a faction that we have made contact in the new galaxy. Apparently, she wants to talk to you regarding our presence in their territory", Admiral Nyrok succinctly explained. "They have a space station that could be of use to the Empire, however, they don't seem too keen on allowing us to use it. The good news is that they are courteous, and haven't fired on us as of yet. Politics isn't my speciality, and their leader did ask for you. I figured that you'd at least like to know, and decide how to proceed."

"What is your status Admiral?" The Emperor would have expected his fleet to be engaged with any powers they encountered. A standoff was something he probably should have expected, but by now, most powers either capitulated to the Empire, or opened fire, not something in between. But then, this new power had never encountered his Empire, so their response was actually reasonable.

"Our weapons and shields are at one hundred percent. It appears that they have theirs on standby. What appears to be their patrol for their station is also standing by. Our scanners are having some difficulty getting more in depth scans. Seems they have jamming systems like ours."

"Thank you Admiral. Yes, I believe that it would be most... prudent for me to have a talk with their leader", he said with a smirk on his face. Time to say hi to the natives, and tell them how it's going to go. Palpatine pressed the shuttle's comm system to the cockpit. "Pilot, take us back to the Gateway Station. I have new business there to attend to".

"Who will I be addressing?"

"President Khellesar zh'Tarash of the United Federation of Planets".

"You may put her through".

The image of a fully colored blue being with antenna replaced the imagine of Admiral Nyrok. "Greeting, you must be this Emperor that I've heard about".

In the meantime, a blue-hued figure of a hooded old man appeared in the control room of Portsmouth.

"And you must President Khellesar zhTarash. I am Emperor Sheev Palpatine of the Galactic Empire."

"Emperor, we have much to discuss, starting with the fact that you have several of your warships in Federation territory, with their weapons armed. I'm not going to mince words: that is not acceptable. Am I to assume that you have the authority to fix this?".

Palpatine had to control himself as a surge of anger washed over him. It had been years since anyone had the audacity to speak to him in such a manner. But then, this "President" of the "Federation" didn't know any better. He'd have to deal with this in due time, but for now, he called on the skills of diplomacy that he used to take control of the now defunct Galactic Republic. Patience after all is a virtue.

"I apologize if my expedition frightened you. I assure you we mean no harm", so long as you cooperate, Palpatine added silently.
"Our Galaxy has been ravaged by constant war without end. We are so used to being attacked at every turn. I will not order my ships to lower their defenses. And we are desperately in need of new resources. My hands are tied. But perhaps we can come to an agreement?"
If they knew what was good for them, they'd agree to the terms he would give them.

President zh'Tarash wasn't convinced. Her Betazoid advisor, Jonna Loxi nodded, feeling what she was thinking. "We should move forward carefully. He's hiding something. I can't read his emotions accurately."

"We should take this slowly. Maybe take time to evacuate the civilians on this base", Choulder whispered.

"Agreed", Brandon Clarke, he Irish second in command said.

At last, zh'Tarash replied. "You'll have to understand if we don't take your word for granted. It would be reasonable to request that you at least order your ships to power down their weapons. And in the meantime, we should discuss settling this in person."

"I understand. I'll order Admiral Nyrok to power down his weapons if it will make you feel more comfortable." And he did. "Admiral Nyrok, please power down your weapons".

"Yes, with pleasure, your highness".

"I invite you over to Gateway station, where we might begin talks between our two powers".

Maybe, just maybe, the old man was reasonable. But then again, her instinct was telling her not to trust this man.

"I hope you'll understand if my personal vessel has a Starfleet escort, in case this is a trap".

"I imagine I'd do the same thing if I was in your position. I expect them not to open fire. Make no mistake, doing so would be treated as an act of war. I look forward to seeing you in person."

"The Federation prides itself in the discipline our Starfleet officers display. Starfleet has a history of finishing fights, never starting them".

Picard stepped up and spoke in a low voice to the President.
"With all due respect, Zha President, if there is even the possibility of this being a trap, then Starfleet could never allow you to travel into their territory. If you were harmed, it would be a disaster. Please, I believe we should send in a delegation of ambassadors if any Federation Starships are to travel through that rift. Your safety is paramount. Plus, if we took the time to transport ambassadors, we could stall for time to evacuate the station to safety, in case this Empire is hostile, and suddenly decides to attack."

zh'Tarash wanted to take responsibility for these talks herself, but she knew the former Starfleet officer was right.

"On second thought, Emperor, I'm afraid I won't be attending these talks for security reasons. We just can't be sure of your intentions. Instead, we will be gathering a delegation of Ambassadors to discuss these matters. It should take a day or two. Maybe if these talks go well, eventually, we will meet in person. Meet Ambassador Jean Luc Picard".

A bald man past his middle age with a beard appeared on the Emperor's holonet display.

"Ambassador Picard will be a part of this delegation."

"Greetings your highness.", Picard introduced himself. "I'm Ambassador Jean Luc Picard".

<Background music if you prefer:>

08.06.2387, 10:00 hours/Stardate 64768.26

The next hours were busy, as the different branches of Starfleet rushed to prepare for what was to come. Traffic was busy around the station, as civilians were evacuated using any transports the Federation could get their hands on to the nearest worlds and stations, such as Ivor Prime. Captain Beverly Picard was among those busy, the Pasteur being assigned to the evacuation efforts. There was a similar situation near Poseidon 1 and in the Hekeras Corridor, and Starfleet was on high alert.

Meanwhile, one by one, all ships in the area that weren't already armed were being stocked with Transphasic Torpedoes. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Even the fighters were being armed with the relatively new Micro Transphasic warheads, though considering there were eight dozen squadrons to attend to, not all of them were. It had to be done in way that if the Empire suddenly attack, they could still be quickly armed and scrambled. A few of the fighters manufactured post-2385, such as the newly delivered Gryphon-class starfighters <Gryphon-Class Heavy Fighter ortho [new]> had the new Ordinance Replicator System (ORS) installed, but most fighters didn't. If the Empire violated the hastily established and possibly temporary cease-aggression agreement, many would have to slum it out with standard Quantum Torpedoes.

Docking bay 7 was no exception. The U.S.S. Morning Dove (NCC-81971), a member of the Turtledove Diplomatic Transport variant of the Sparrow class was standing by with her delegation aboard, while the Enterprise was being prepped to depart Portsmouth, assigned as one of 5 vessels to escort the Federation delegation's starship. The Zodiac class Sierra Nevada, Saber class USS Arachnid (NCC-78082), the Hannibal-class Escort <Ex Astris Scientia - Hannibal Class> USS Diamond (NCC-75153), and the Steamrunner class Isaribi were standing with the Morning Dove.

The Morning Dove's sister ship, the U.S.S. Turtledove (NCC-81970), was taking most of the Typhon Pact's delegation back to their respective worlds, due to the Federation not wanting to take blame if they were harmed should the Empire decide to suddenly carry out an attack on Portsmouth. However, the Tzenkethi and Tholian ambassadors decided they wanted to stay and observe the events. The fact that Kirsten Heinmann trusted these people with their lives was good enough for him, and the Tzenkethi Coaltion needed to know if the Empire was a threat. The young First Fleet officer had requested that she be allowed to observe the proceedings aboard the Enterprise, to which Data had agreed. She was curious to see how the Federation would handle this, and if it turned out to be a trap, she wanted to be able to help. So did the Tholian Assembly, and thus Ambassador Tezrene stayed at the approval of the Federation and Tholian Assembly. Tholians were capable of transferring their memories and what could be considered their consciousness to a sort of date storage, where they would be transferred to a new body if the current one was killed. Most only lived physically for 6-8 months at a time anyways. So Tezrene had way more to gain in this way, and if the Empire killed him and violated Tholian space, they would be well justified to retaliate in full force. And considering that the Tholians made some of the damned finest ships in the quadrant besides the Federation, that would be a mistake on the part of the Empire. Not that the Tholians had any intention of getting involved in any conflict any more than they did with the Federation's conflict with the Borg in 2381.
If the Empire decided to abruptly attack, the Tholian and Tzenkethi Ambassadors would be safe aboard the Federation One with the President (probably).

The plan was to provide a luxurious atmosphere for the Emperor, and hoped he cooperated in the end, or things would go really south very quickly. The Turtledove variant might be a variant of the Sparrow-class Frigate, but she was modified to be as luxurious as the bigger Federation One.

To Jean Luc Picard's chagrin, Laxwana Troi was among the Federation Ambassadors who had volunteered for this job. It didn't take long for her to try to be friendly, just come off as a bit annoying. He felt sorry for the Emperor already. He knew she wasn't going to take any bullshit from him.

Also joining the delegation was Ambassador Burgas Glaroch from Tellar Prime, or as the Tellarites call their world, Miracht, Ambassador Kinjer Odan from Trill, Ambassador Theria sh'Thanus of Andoria, Ambassador Lojal from Vulcan, and Ambassador Claudea Denice of Alpha Centauri. If things went well, the Emperor might eventually see representatives from the other worlds of the Federation.
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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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  Fine, plasma cannon. And if the plasma cannon were too unwieldy on the Sehkmet, then it definitely wouldn't work on a Galaxy class. The bigger ships should use a battleship type turret IMO. I would say it should be M/AM powered, but that would create (another) target, and that should mean it would obliterate a Borg Sphere in one hit, and maybe a Borg Cube in 3.

 I don't want to make the Sekhmet smaller, since that would mean getting rid of the fighter escort. Plus, it seems the Entente class uses the phaser lance effectively enough, even though it's pretty big (though not as much as an Imperial class Star Destroyer).
As I've written it the Sekhmet's plasma cannon fires in three shot bursts, referred to as salvos, before entering a cool down period.  Each burst being a beam lasting a few seconds.  Though all that can be changed if need be.

As for size, the Prometheus-class is around 414 m long, 170 m wide, and 113 m tall.  For comparison, according to this site the Intrepid-class is 342.5 m long, 144.84 m wide, and 55.42 m tall and carries about 11 shuttles.  So something around the size of the Prometheus could still have a fighter wing, just about half the size. 

Just for your own personal reference, I think I'll PM a link to my story thread where the Sekhmet appears first.

Also, I've attached a couple of images.  The first is a crazy idea for a multi-nozzle barrel that would expand the cannon's firing angle.  The idea being that each nozzle could be closed or magnets forcing the plasma beam down the desired barrel to fire the direction you want.  Included is a "X-ray" version of the image as well.  Yes it's a super rough concept image.
The second image is a really old 3D WIP of the Sekhmet that mainly focused on trying to depict the downsloping hull.  Super crude, idea/reference stuff.  The sloped hull would protect the cannon from some weapons fire.   Though to be honest I've given a lot of thought to removing the slope if I ever get around to redrawing it.

EDIT: I was digging through files and found some more specs for the Sekhmet.  It has a torpedo capacity of 300 and a maximum stable slipstream time of 3 minutes.  I think the torpedo capacity could be increased some (IIRC from that DITL article even an Intrepid class could have thousands of torpedoes easily).  Feel free to drop that slipstream time if you want.
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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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 So it needs this long barrel to work (hence no turret).

For the main hull, I was thinking of something more along the lines of the Achilles class for the main hull, rather than this sharply, thin, sloping hull you have.

 Basically, make her an Achilles on steroids.

 I probably won't work on her design though until I get to the point in the story where all of the slipstream capable designs come in.

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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 Chapter 2, Part two is done. Now working on part three. And yes, I know, it's a double post, but it's far more organized this way.

Chapter 2 New Places, New Faces Part 2

 <Optional background music:

The Turtledove and the starship that had acted as escort for the Morning Dove, the Light Cruiser U.S.S. Glenn (NCC-84462) had left the system together to bring the delegates of the Typhon Pact safely home, the latter trusting the safety of the Morning Dove now to the Arachnid, Diamond, Sierra Nevada, Isaribi, and the flagship of the Federation. The Romulans had also decided to make a discrete exit.

 The Enterprise lit up like a Christmas tree as her running lights and Warp Drive powered up. Nyrok and much indeed most of those under his command took the time to observe the strange outlander's ships, assuming their duties didn't keep them occupied. It seemed the Federation's design ethic for their ships mostly consisted of a two different hulls, the first being wider than the second, with a pair of pods. Perhaps the reactor was towards the back? Or was it those strange pods that glowed red at the front, and blue along the side? It was hard to tell. They couldn't get much from passive scans, due to them being mostly jammed from sniffing out anything that Starfleet didn't want them to know. And whenever they went active out of curiosity, the jamming become more powerful. And then Admiral Choulder contacted him and made clear they wouldn't allow them to scan for information that might be compromising to the Federation. Strange designs, but also aesthetically pleasing, like the Nubian designs from not long ago, before the Empire had to subjugate them. In fact, many of the Federation designs were actually beautiful in their own right. Hopefully, they wouldn't make the same sort of mistake the Nubians made, and just cooperate and obey the Emperor's requests.

 "Portsmouth control, this is the Enterprise, requesting clearance to depart", Data said.

 "This is Portsmouth traffic control Enterprise, your clearance to leave is granted. Thank you for staying with us, and good luck out there Enterprise", the Scottish voice of Lieutenant Hermione Pond responded.

 "Thank you traffic control, Enterprise out.", Data then turned to Commander Faur. "Take us out Commander".

 "Aye sir!"

 The Enterprise had her moorings and hatches retracted and sealed, while Portsmouth's did the same. "All systems read green, maneuvering us out", Commander Faur announced. The starship's starboard thrusters pushed her away from the docking port, and then her aft facing RCS thrusters gave her a push forward, while her 4 main impulse drives powered up. The additional two now installed in her engineering section came as part of her refit after the Battle of the Bassen Rift, giving her greater acceleration and control.

 Nyrok was surprised at how quick and maneuverable the Federation's vessels appeared to be. They accelerated quicker and maneuvered better than most Imperial starships of similar tonnage. They definitely had an advantage over the Empire in that category, and the Enterprise's quick acceleration away from Portsmouth to join the five other ships waiting to make the trip through the Imperial rift reminded him of that. From the comm chatter intercepted from Starfleet, it appeared her name was the Enterprise. Another beautiful ship, consisting of an elongated circular hull at the front, a thin, vaguely cigar-like shape that thinned towards the rear, and two pods that were connected to the second part of the ship by little wing-like pylons, which seems to be more or less common with most Federation, or at least their military designs. She was quite attractive looking like most of the new starships he was seeing. She looked more like a strange pleasure cruise than a warship. He had no idea how formidable she would be in battle, since the shields and weapons were not active.

 The Enterprise took point in front of the Morning Dove, with the Arachnid and Sierra Nevada escorting her from her sides, while the more heavily armed Isaribi and Diamond did the same with the Morning Dove. Even though they were all different designs, they stayed well coordinated as they at last began to head towards the rift together. The Enterprise flashed her lights in greeting to Negotiator's task force as a sign of respect, as if the Enterprise was cheerfully waving goodbye. Maybe not what the Imperial fleet deserved, but it wasn't like the Empire had wronged them yet.

 "Good luck out there. Hope you know what you're doing, but be careful what you wish for.", Admiral Nyrok said to himself, knowing that the Starfleet vessel's crew wouldn't hear him. He had the Negotiator's running lights do the same as a sign of mutual respect.

 Each of the Federation starships had an open comm to help facilitate a coordinated cross over through the rift.

 "All vessels coordinated set course set for the rift at one-eighth impulse, time to cross over in 60 seconds", announced Lieutenant Faur.

 On the screen was a spinning violet vortex.

 "Looking at these readings appears to be a form of Einstein-Rosen bridge. Fascinating, you see this?", Ambassador Lojal inquired as he transmitted a highlighted in yellow part of the rift to the rest of the ship's viewscreens. "That is the event horizon. Once we reach that region, we will begin the transition."

 Lojal's speciality might have been interstellar politics, but like most Vulcans, he was also knowledgeable in the other sciences.

 "Sensors are detecting radiation and high energy particles" Glinn Dygan announced. "Powering up and adjusting shields to best filter it out. I'm also detecting some tidal forces. It might not be a bad idea for everyone to strap in. With permission, I'd like to stop to give all crew members time to secure themselves."

 "Permission granted", Julia Anderson, Captain of the Morning Dove said. "To all crew members, strap yourselves in. All ships, adjust auxiliary power to inertial dampeners."

 Not that it was necessary. The navigational and deflector shields would have activated automatically, while the inertial dampeners would try to compensate for the turbulence. This also gave the Imperal task force a chance to see how powerful Federation shields were just before all 6 vessels went through the rift, and revealed that they might be powerful for their size.


<Optional background music:

 The six ships exited under the massive Gateway Station. "Well, I certainly didn't expect to see that", commented Commander Boran, referring to the massive station they were now traveling under.

 "And it looks like we have quite a welcoming committee", added Ambassador Glaroch.

One Imperial, five Vindicators, two Procursators, one Victory, one Interdictor, one Dreadnaught, and five escorts were detected on sensors. To Federation sensors, they looked like three battleships, 8 heavy cruisers, and five escorts, since they weren't familiar with Imperial starships yet.

 "Good thing we slowed down to 1/8th impulse", Lieutenant Faur said, as she watched the watched as they were speeding under the ventral side of the station.

 It was an impressive station, those who were watching as they sped under it.

 "Let's get down to business, shall we?", Ambassador Picard said from the Morning Dove.

 "Agreed", replied Captain Anderson. "Lieutenant, open hailing frequencies".

 "Yes Captain", replied the Italian comms specialist Maria Mancini. "This is the United Starship Morning Dove. We are here to begin talks between the United Federation and the Galactic Empire.

 "Ah, you must be the Federation Delegation and their escorts. I see you on our scopes. Welcome to Gateway station."

 "Thank you. When you are ready, we are ready to receive your leader," replied Captain Anderson.

 "Sorry, I thought you were coming aboard Gateway. We're not sure about allowing the Emperor on a ship whose civilization we know next to nothing about. I will have to defer to him and his advisors".

 "That is something we hope to address in due time. We've brought a data pad containing information regarding Federation's history, so your Empire has the chance to learn about us. I'm afraid the Federation doesn't feel comfortable having our people onboard Imperial property, due to not knowing anything about you either. If your Emperor would prefer, perhaps the first meeting should be held over comms, until we can earn each other's trust".

 "What's the matter? Think I will bite? I'm rather offended", the voice of Emperor Palpatine cut in, joining the conversation. He was also trying to mind trick them. "Come on over. I have had some food set out, in case you're a bit peckish, and to help things go along more smoothly."

 "I'm sorry, but this has been decided by the Federation Council. The situation is already tense as is. No offense, but if you or those in your government were to try to take the delegation hostage, then there might be no way to avoid war."

 "Glad your not the only ones to like civilized conversations on a full belly. We have also set up some snacks in the conference room. Now the question is, which ones should be moved where?", the Tellarite Ambassador Glaroch said.

 "Perhaps for a future meeting. I'm sorry, but the Delegation is not coming on board your station without a full Starfleet Secret Service and Security complement, which we didn't bring, out of the assumption that you would never accept having foreign soldiers on your own soil. I have my orders". Captain Anderson wasn't going to budge on this.

 "I believe that I speak for us when we say that we will defer to the judgement of the Federation Council", Picard added as a finality, to which most of the Ambassadors assented.

 It was worth the try, the Emperor thought. Guess they have strong minds, and I don't want to risk giving away my abilities just yet.

 "If you don't feel comfortable on the Morning Dove, then the talks can be conducted via comms from our respective conference rooms", Anderson suggested

 They were right. He did intend to take them hostage or kill them if they didn't cooperate. These people were smart. But by allowing him aboard the Morning Dove, it would be like walking into a Nexu den just the same. Or allowing the powerful predator into the den of their prey, figuratively speaking.

"That will not be necessary. I have faith that you will take my safety seriously, and will not take advantage of my trust. Gateway Traffic Control, please guide their diplomatic starship to dock with the station, so I might meet with their delegation".

 "Yes, your excellency."

 "This is Gateway Traffic Control, we are transmitting you docking coordinates now".

 The coordinates guided the Morning Dove to one of the docking trenches normally used by Imperial warships. Due to the small size of the Sparrow-class Frigate derived diplomatic transport, she looked small compared to the space granted to her that was meant for vessels many times her size. Her escorts flew away from her, and went into a standard patrol run, watchful in case this turned out to be a trap.

 "I'm sure glad that we don't have to board that station! I don't trust this Emperor", Ambassador Troi remarked.

 Used to relying on her daughter's advice ever since he served with her on board the Enterprise, he had to ask. "You sense any sort of deception, Lwaxana?". She had insisted that he call her by her first name. Due to the closeness to her daughter, she almost considered Picard a sort of father in law, just as she considered his former second in command his son in law.

 "I sense uncertainty from the crew on that station, and that in itself is disturbing", she tried reaching out to one of the ships guarding the station. "And we're being watched carefully by the ships stationed in this station. And it's not in a friendly way, I tell you! But the most disturbing part is, try as I may, I can't get any accurate reading on this Emperor. I can't confirm if he's friendly or not, but he has a mental wall, that I can tell you. Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this whole thing!"

 "Well, I hope for everyone's sake that they are friendly. They would regret it if they committed an act of aggression against us when the Enterprise is nearby". He trusted the crew onboard his former command with his life, and if the Imperial defense force was watching them wearily, he was sure so were the five Starships tasked to protecting them. Unless they had protection against transphasic torpedoes, an act of aggression would be bad for their health.

 "I just hope for our sakes that you're right. We are outnumbered and outgunned if they decide to attack, not to mention in foreign space with possibly no way back aside from that bridge", said Tagomi Takai, the ship's tactical officer.

 "We've prepared the best we can. There is no sense in being negative", Picard said. If the Imperials suddenly attacked, the shields were programmed to automatically power up.

<Optional background music [MEDIA=youtube]0uKU_Z05vPQ[/MEDIA]>

 The Emperor showed up with much pomp and circumstance with a squad of white-clad soldiers, four red-clad bodyguards, whose helmets resembled the helmets used by the Spartans or Romans for some reason, armed with some form of pikes. A series of tables with food on them were pushed through the airlock hatch, while one of the guards had a small chest tucked under one arm. Only his personal guards were allowed aboard the Morning Dove. His soldiers were forced to wait out in the hallway of the starship concourse.

 "No use in letting perfectly good food go to waste, is there now", commented the Emperor, as table after table of catered food was pushed on hover tables. One of the crew showed the crewmen assigned to pushing them to the conference room.

 "I hear that! I like your way of thinking!", commented Ambassador Glaroch. Security officers were going after dish by dish with tactical tricorders to look for any signs of poisons, hidden bombs, or any other forms of hazards. Just in case. And no, Tellarities are not pigs, well literally, but not figuratively! They are more like the food connoisseur's of the Galaxy, and in addition to having a major influence in Federation politics and technology, also had helped refine the idea that there is nothing wrong with food to relax the atmosphere at social and political gatherings. Studies showed that as long as all beings could ingest the same food, that it's presence would usually help to reduce tenseness for political gatherings.

 Except for that one time when a Ferengi decided to start a food fight.

 "I apologize for the security, but trust us, they are well warranted", said Picard and the Emperor looked on while Starfleet Security went on scanning everyone and everything who came aboard with those small scanners.

 He found it hard to believe that if he had planned to poison them or blow them up, that they would have the processing power to detect anything. But even though he thought of leaving some "parting gifts" to coerce them, he ultimately decided against it. He saw a glimpse of what their ships could do, as the Morning Dove maneuvered quickly to dock with the station, with her five escorts keeping up and then elegantly speeding off into a patrol run. Maybe their scanners were indeed that refined. He didn't take his lightsabers, because if they caught him with them, it wouldn't look good.

 Starfleet took this sort of thing seriously, since other races had tried to take advantage of their trust. From one time when a group of espionage bugs followed a Ferengi Delegation aboard, to a poisoned Romulan Ale during the early 24th Century from one ambitious Romulan Senator.

 "I understand. Rest assured, we'd take similar security measures if we were in your position", the Emperor said before taking the small chest from one of his guards. "A gift of peace to your Federation", he said, as he opened it up "featuring precious gems from the Empire".

 Inside was various types of gems. Not just diamonds, Garnets, Emeralds, Rubies, Amethysts, and Sapphires, which seemed to be a relatively common substance in the universe, but various gems not found in the Milky Way that the mineralogists would have a heyday analyzing. Ulikiou gemstones, Chrysopazes, Corusca Gems, Solarbenites, Prismatic Crystals, and Firefacets were also among the precious minerals inside the chest.

 "We thank you, your Highness, and we thank you for your gift", Ambassador Picard felt somewhat overwhelmed accepting such a precious gift, but in most cultures, not accepting it could be seen as a sign of disrespect, something that Starfleet and it's branches or space exploratory agencies that would later be put under it's command umbrella such as the United Earth Space Probe Agency learned the hard way in it's early days.

 While the Emperor handed it to the Ambassador, a Starfleet officer was scanning the chest intently, all the way down the subatomic level, for any signs of booby traps. Not detecting it, he logged off, and closed the device. "It appears to be safe. They're beautiful by the way", the security officer said, before walking off to his next assigned duty. Probably assigned to making sure the Emperor's guards stayed peaceful.

 Ambassador Lojal handed the Emperor two data pads. "The Federation believes that knowledge is one of the most valuable commodities in the universe. These two data pads have information on the Federation's history and culture, and the history of our members. The one on the left is more of an introduction, while the one on the right is far more comprehensive."

 "Interesting. I look forward to reading them when I find the time, and I'm sure many Imperial historians will trip over themselves to get their hands on this. It isn't every day that the Empire receives information on new races or powers", he said with a gentle smile. He planned to give it to the Imperial army so they might learn about the Federation, and any advantages his Empire might gain over the Federation if they didn't cooperate.


 <Optional Background music
[MEDIA=youtube]ga93aRvrMTs[/MEDIA] You may mentally interject the Imperial or the Emperor's theme at 5:12, especially since it sounds somewhat similar>

 The meetings started off easy, and both the Emperor and Ambassadors allowed each other to talk a little about the history of the Empire and the Federation.

 "So the Federation is relatively young then", the Emperor commented.

 "Compared to your Empire yes. The Federation is approximately 226 years old. Assuming your Empire is as old as you say it is", Ambassador Lojal explained. "My race however was in space for 19 centuries before the formation of the Federation, and much of the technology used by the Federation today has it's origins from there."

 "It might be longer than 10,000 years. Much history has been lost over the millennia due to wars with multiple powers. The Empire has gone through some power shifts over it's history," the Emperor admitted. He was somewhat annoyed that they didn't just assume what he said was true, but he decided to let it slide. He left out any mention of the Old Republic, since he wanted them to think the Empire was always the way it was. The Federation reminded him of the Old Republic, and he wanted to smash their democratic ideals into a billion pieces. It was these ideals that were the source of the thorn in his side the Rebellion was. It didn't matter how many of them he had killed tortured, or whose families he did the same to. It just kept on spreading like a plague! If these people truly posed a threat to his Empire, this could be a nightmare he'd need to have dealt with extreme prejudice.

 In the meantime, he was enjoying some form of meat on a bone. "I must say, this is quite delectable. I believe that it comes from some form of bird, if I'm not mistaken. Not that biology is my forte!. And this green fruit is very sweet. I really do like it!"

 "You're right. The dish you are eating is called roasted chicken. Chicken is a bird that is common on my home planet. It's a common delicacy, and is used to make a variety of dishes. And the fruit with the green flesh is called honeydew", Ambassador Picard explained.

 "Well, this chicken is most scrumptious! I want more chicken!"

 "Perhaps if these negotiations go well, we'll supply you with replicator recipes", Picard replied with an amused smile. In all his life, he had never seen someone enjoy chicken so much!

 "Replicator recipe? What do you mean?", Palpatine asked, puzzled.

 "Doesn't the Empire have the technology to manipulate energy into any form of matter?", Ambassador Denice asked.

 "Most races on our technological level have some form of replicator technology", explained Picard. "We expected the technology would have been invented by a power such as you that has the capability to build ships your size, and traverse between galaxies."

 "Ah, your replicators sound similar in function to food synthesizers! But it appears that where ours works from synthesizing from raw organic matter, you've gone with a different approach."

 "Your food synthesizers sounds similar to what we used to use on starships and stations many decades ago, until research in reorganizing energy into forms of matter allowed for a healthier and closer replica to the intended product than food synthesizers could produce", Lojal explained. "They were called food synthesizers as well, and also know colloquially as food processors and food slots, but were used to complement prepared foods onboard starships and stations."

 "Sounds like a wonderful technology. I honestly couldn't tell that this was actually synthesized. The Empire would love to trade for this technology."

 "It has taken many decades to get replicators to where they are now", Picard said, remembering how easy it was to tell the difference even when he was captain of the Galaxy class Enterprise less then 20 years ago, though that was partially due to Starfleet nutritional requirements. You could have as much fried chicken as you want for example, but unless you override it, you'd be getting the necessary vitamins and minerals, while only a limited amount of fats would be allowed, and that effected taste. Even now, the food only tasted the way it did because the nutritional limitations have been overridden. "However, in order for any talks about trade to begin, you must remove your warships from Federation space".

 "I guess it is time to get down to business, hmm? I'm afraid that I have no intention of removing my warships. The Empire intends to send ships through the rift to seek out worlds in your galaxy for resources. As I've said, the war against these terrorists, and this venture to build these rift generating stations, has cost the Empire much in resources. We're desperate. I can't take no for an answer."

 "Well, you're going to have to, my friend", Glaroch said. "It is Federation policy not to upset the balance between two powers at war, and that includes allowing ventures through our space with the intent on gathering resources to support a war".

"We however are willing to provide relief supplies, including food replicators, to worlds affected by this war, and the Federation is well in the practice of acting as neutral mediators between two or more waring parties. We will send delegations similar to this one to open up talks between this faction your fighting with. We have found that most parties can be reasoned with. Perhaps this whole war is just another misunderstanding", Ambassador Picard offered. "These are the terms agreed on by the Federation Council. I suggest you take them".

 "I understand that you're trying to be altruistic, but the Rebel Alliance are just a bunch of anarchists. They can't be reasoned with! They'd slaughter any of you if they got the chance in the most painful way possible!!!" Oh damn! No, no, NO!!! The Federation couldn't be allowed to contact the Rebels! They'd surely expose me as a liar, and tell them about the Old Republic! The last thing I need is for the Rebels to gain another ally!!!

 "Believe me when I say that we believe that we can defend ourselves. The Federation has fought an enemy that would make your blood run cold, and we're all the stronger for it", the Andorian Ambassador sh'Thanus said with confidence. "We'll never know unless we try".

 The Emperor was trying to think of a way he could have a false flag attack carried out, using the Force to try to calm himself and look for possible permutations where he could get the results he wanted. If he had a false flag Rebel task force attack the Federation? But, he saw they could disable their ships effectively.

 By The Force!!! They had telepaths!!!

 If they captured someone from such a false flag operation, they could force themselves into their minds, trying to find out why they were attacked without being provoked, where to find them, and they would find out they were Imperial! He could try having their ships captured, jam their communications! But he sensed that would make the Federation suspicious if the Delegation didn't return. He could say the Rebels attacked the meeting, wanting to attack a possible ally. And then he saw the ships fight back.

 By The Force!!! Who are these people?!!!

 And then he determined that he would have to lay down the law on them. To Hell what they thought of him, to Hell with false pretenses!

 "Aren't you happy? This could be your chance to get the peace you want!" Glaroch said. "There should be no question that this is as good an offer as you can get!"

 "No", the Emperor replied in a voice that no longer had the friendly tone it had over the past half odd hour. "No, no, no, no, NO!!!. You will take my offer, or you and your Federation will be destroyed! We will search your galaxy for resources, and use your stations until we can build our own, and in return, we will recompense you. Take my offer, or be destroyed!!!", he said raw authoritative aggression.

  Dropping a piece of roasted chicken, Glaroch replied "Hey, buddy! If this is a joke, it's not very funny!".

 "I hope this isn't your official policy", sh'Thanus added. "You'll find the Federation does not respond well to threats!"

 "Yeah, if we have to remove those warships by force, don't think for a second Starfleet won't do it. Honestly, I hope that you've just ingested too much of that red wine!", Glaroch snorted.

 "I think we're done here." Ambassador Troi said, going into an aggressive negotiation tactic. "If you invited us here only to threaten us like a egocentric child throwing a tantrum when you don't get what you want, then I think we're done here. If you change your mind, feel free to contact us."

"And get your warships out of Federation space, or they will be towed though that rift by an entire armada if necessary", Picard added. He began to get up and reach for his wrist comm to inform them that the Emperor was leaving.

 "I did not give you permission to leave!!!", the Emperor said with a snarl, he then raised his right hand, and lighting appeared from his finger tips, and hit Jean Luc, knocking his chair backwards into the wall with him in it.

Each ambassador acted differently.

 Ambassador sh'Thanus had served in Starfleet, so his instinct was to protect the others. Unfortunately, Jean Luc was injured, and unable to assist in disarming the Emperor. He immediately grabbed a tray, throwing it's contents at the Emperor to at least distract him. The Emperor tried to hit him with a lightning discharge, but he dove under the table, and it hit the wall instead.

 Ambassadors Troi and Glaroch grabbed Picard by both arms, and tried to head for the exit. The Trill Ambassador Odan was stronger than the old Betazoid Lwaxana, and hence trying to help her as well. But she was stubborn, and insisted on helping to get the former captain out of danger.

 "This is Ambassador Claudea Denice to the bridge, the Emperor had snuck in some sort of weapon! Security to the Conference rooomAHHH!!!". The Emperor reached out with his hand, and the air near his hand between him and the Alpha Centauran Ambassador warped somewhat a split second before she was pushed into the wall as if hit by an invisible force.

 "How the fuck did he get a weapon past our sensors?!!", Glaroch asked, bewildered.

 sh'Thanus charged from under the table, only to be met with an invisible blast that pushed him back into the table. Many contents went flying onto the table and floor. At the same time, Picard got up and pushed off the other Ambassadors. His attempt to dog pile the Emperor with sh'Thanus got him another dose of lightning. It felt like he was being stung by hundreds of white hot needles.

 At this point, the Emperor was enjoying himself, cackling a wicked, evil laugh. "You should have taken my offer. Now, I wonder? Should I spare you? Or perhaps should I slowly and painfully kill you as an example to your pathetic Federation to those who defy me?!!"

 "Who you calling pathetic, huh buddy?" A New York accent replied. At this point, security had arrived, armed with phaser rifles. "Now disarm whatever weapon you have implanted in your fingers, and leave the ship, or we'll stun you, and kick your ass off this ship!!!" As if the underline his threat, hums came from the rifles as they were powered up and aimed.

 Palpatine responded with an evil laugh as he used the force to pluck the rifle out of their hands. But the straps kept him from doing so. Instead, he settled for pulling them along with their owners headlong into the walls between the open doorway. He heard some satisfying cracks, and responded by saying "I don't think you'll be kicking anyone anywhere, ever!!!"

 Most Force users needed line of sight to move objects or people. But those who were Jedi Masters, or in his case, a Sith Lord, could simply move them by sensing them with the force.

 "Now, where were we?!", the Emperor asked rhetorically, as he assaulted the former Starfleet captain with another excruciating torrent of lightning. "Oh, and by the way, the reason that you couldn't detect a weapon was because it's not synthetic. I am turning my own energy into the lighting that is frying you alive!"

 More security tried to engage Palatine, only to be thrown around like rag dolls and struck by lightning. They managed to get off some shots, but he would just dodge them, and by the time they got in range through the door, he had them were he wanted them. Evil Laughter and screams filled the room.


Admiral Nyrok received a communication from Gateway station. The hooded figure of Emperor Palpatine appeared, and he looked unhappy to say the least.

"Admiral Nyrok, you are to engage and either capture or destroy all Federation Starfleet forces." Guess the talks didn't go well. "However, I want that station as intact as possible!"

Nyrok gulped, almost afraid to ask "If I might ask, what happened to the Delegation and their escorts?"

"They have all either been destroyed, or imprisoned as enemies of the Empire, as you are to do to that station and all starships in the vicinity".

"And the ships evacuating the civilians?"

"ALL ships in the vicinity, Admiral!!! Each. And. Every. One of them!!! Capture them any that you can!!! Perhaps the Federation will be more compliant if the Empire has a few million hostages!"

Emperor Palpatine said the last few words with such malice, he didn't want to know what would happen to these hostages if the Federation didn't comply with whatever terms the Emperor deemed necessary.

 Admiral Nyrok felt ashamed already just thinking about carrying out the order. Attacking civilians was despicable, but the Federation made their choice, and now these people would pay the price. He know better than to disobey the Emperor. If he refused, then whatever the Empire have done to the Federation citizens would be the least of his worries. And by his concern, if the Empire didn't get Federation prisoners, he'd at the very least be facing prison time. He had been continuing talks with the Federation Admiral to pass the time, and found him to be kind and intelligent. But he had no choice. The best he could do is give the civilians time to escape by focusing on all armaments first.

 "Yes, my Lord.", and then he gave the task force orders to engage. "Alert all commands!"

 And suddenly, the small fleet began to launch fighters, raised shields, and opened fire. Thousands of TIE Fighter, Bombers, and Interceptors swarmed from the cavernous bays of the Negotiator alone. A total of 24  Alpha-class Assault Gunboats Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (6 from each Imperial Star Destroyer), 24 Skipray Blastboats (6 from each Imperial class), an additional 336 TIE Fighter series (72 from each Imperial class and 24 from the Frontier and the Virtuous) joined them, while Lambda class shuttles, and Gamma class Assault Shuttles Gamma-class assault shuttle were prepped to board Portsmouth once her defenses were adequately disabled. 2 additional squadrons squadrons of Skiprays and 4 squadrons of Alphas launched from the Negotiator.

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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So it needs this long barrel to work (hence no turret).

For the main hull, I was thinking of something more along the lines of the Achilles class for the main hull, rather than this sharply, thin, sloping hull you have.

 Basically, make her an Achilles on steroids.

 I probably won't work on her design though until I get to the point in the story where all of the slipstream capable designs come in.

Yeah, it needs a long barrel.  Think of the Sekhmet like giant A-10 "Warthog", the ship's built around the plasma cannon (more or less).  As for getting rid of the slope, honestly I've been thinking about doing just that for quite a while.  I've also thought about having some kind of structure flanking the cannon on each side (as seen in the attached image).  (Again, just a rough sketch to illustrate the idea, the structures don't necessarily have to be shaped like that.)  Don't have a clear purpose for them, other than offering some side protection from weapons fire for the cannon.  Maybe pack them full of targeting sensors, and maybe some phaser arrays?

Oh and don't worry about double posting in this thread.
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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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 Then I'll definitely focus on making her agile, like a dogfighter, which she'd need to do to work effectively. Speed by, squeeze off a few shots, go to warp, and recharge her shields and cannons. Rinse and repeat. Though that would have been before Transphasic Torpedoes were being made available to the fleet. I was thinking basically being a built around the Plasma Cannon anyways, so that makes sense.
 I'm thinking "Achilles on steroids" even more, and am thinking of using at least a few design elements, such as designing the primary hull in a similar fashion, and having big, armored, compact nacelles. Ever thought of nacelles not unlike the Defiant's?

 The flared sides should definitely have the phaser arrays, since it will need to be done in a way that the ventral is protected, even though she should be designed to outrun anything small enough to take advantage of it.

 Also an interesting conversation on Space Battles, including why I wrote it the way I did, and possible changes I have been considering. I'm actually surprised that everyone went along with food being served at a negotiation function. Thinking more about it, terrible table manners might actually sour negotiations.

 ntwayneK said: ↑
This is actually a quite funny exchange! I love it!
I really love Ian Mcdiarmid's performance in TPM and especially ROTS, and wanted that quality here as well. I love the pure, over-the-top absolute hunger for power and hatred for those who dare get in his way, and I wanted to create the impression that Palpatine isn't used to being treated as an equal, let alone being talked down to and being told no.

ReddyRedWolf said: ↑
Sheev Papaltine is being stupid here. He'll probably get a better result if it was Thrawn negotiating.

Transphasic torpedoes are a bit of an overkill as Star Destroyer shields can be brought down by Y-Wing Ion torpedoes. Micro Photon torpedoes from Peregine fighters or Runabouts can take them out most likely. Not to mention exposed shield generators.
There is a reason I explained his thought process here, and that is to justify why he did what he did. Basically, he's doing this out of desperation, because he sees no way to gain control over the Federation like he did the Old Republic. Most of the Federation politicians aren't stupid or greedy like the politicians we have to deal with in the U.S. now.

In fact, the Federation reminds Palpatine of the Old Republic, and he had to wait long enough to get rid of that. Now he faces a power that could be equal to his own. He sort of has a small advantage if the small expeditionary fleets stay where they are, or commit a sucker punch, and try to cause as much damage as possible before they are possibly forced back or destroyed.

I guess the Force Visions are a little bit much, but then, Palpatine is one of the most powerful Force users of all time, and without them, he may not be in the position he is in now.

I could stop here and rewrite the whole thing. I honestly thought the readers would want the war to start sooner rather than later. If the Federation and Empire had some sort of agreement, there would be more politics, and no action. I want to add Thrawn to this story, I really do. But I honestly don't know what to do. I honestly think that because of how much better cultured the Federation is, and because the Federation Starfleet has the possible capability of not only defeating the Empire with enough pluck and allies, but also to bring the peace, civility, and order he wants, and would come to respect what the Federation stands for, and might even possibly defect like Agent Kallus (probably a huge spoiler, but then, I might not even use him or this plot). I have to consider that he wasn't at the Battle of Endor, even though he would have best been utilized there. Such as trying to lure or coral the Rebel ships into the Death Star's super laser. I'd have to wait until the end of the Thrawn plot line to see what happens to him in Rebels (he either dies, or goes back to Chiss in exile for some reason from the Empire), because I want to work with Canon here. I'd also have to rewrite a the previous chapters, changing it from talks with Palpatine to his Grand Admiral (and do it to everywhere I have hosted this fan fiction).

The best that Palpatine would get would be granted the right to mine for materials in neutral space, but the influx of warships through the rift would be heavily controlled. And the cargo ships would be escorted by Starfleet vessels to make sure the materials don't go into the war effort. The Empire could just decree a period of spartaness (or whatever the word is, assuming they aren't already in a period like Greece is in now), and try to divert more of it's Galaxy's resources towards war, but they'd still be unable to find the Rebel fleet, who would still be avoiding the Imperial Starfleet), and they'd have potential enemy sticking their noses into their business! Plus to get the Rebels and Empire to release each other's hands off of each other's throats.

Eventually, Starfleet and the Federation would find out the Empire is a dictatorship, and reach out to the Rebellion to find out if they are more reasonable. The Empire would try to distract them by having them send their aid to worlds that are Pro-Empire, but Starfleet is an exploratory organization, and would try to make contact with as many different civilizations as possible.

Even then, the Federation would insist on trying to facilitate the end of the Galactic Civil War. Palpatine could also try having Starfleet attacked in his Galaxy during something like exploratory or convoy inspection duty by captured Rebel ships, but that would just encourage them to send agents to seek them out to make contact, and find out why they were attacked without provocation, and to deliver a Burn Notice, as is Federation policy. And that is when they'd find out the Empire isn't 10,000 or even 25,000 years old, but that Palpatine instituted a coup de état, and is pretty much a traitor. It would take a month or two (and that is the minimum estimate when you'd see a battle, since I'd have to change what I was going to do, and write this out better), before the Federation makes contact with the Rebels, but it would be inevitable. I suppose that Palpatine could pretend that he's ready to bargain with the Rebels, and try to kill their leadership (and possibly the Federation mediators as Enemies of the Empire too) like how he is trying to do to the Federation Delegation now, and then declare war.

I agree that Imperial Shields seem to be far weaker than Federation shields from TNG era on, but don't forget about that there is this guide listing the power outputs of vehicles from the Star Wars vehicles that Warsies use in arguments. I use Transphasic torpedoes to avoid that argument altogether, though to be honest, if you're hit by an antimatter or zero point energy explosion, I don't care how powerful your shields are! It's going to sting! For the most part, the power outputs are somewhat balanced, though the Empire does have better power plants on their main ships than the Federation. Tranphasic Torpedoes gives the Federation an edge, while the Empire has the edge in the number of modern ship of the lines, especially since the Federation is recovering from the Borg Invasion of 2381.

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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Then I'll definitely focus on making her agile, like a dogfighter, which she'd need to do to work effectively. Speed by, squeeze off a few shots, go to warp, and recharge her shields and cannons. Rinse and repeat. Though that would have been before Transphasic Torpedoes were being made available to the fleet. I was thinking basically being a built around the Plasma Cannon anyways, so that makes sense.
 I'm thinking "Achilles on steroids" even more, and am thinking of using at least a few design elements, such as designing the primary hull in a similar fashion, and having big, armored, compact nacelles. Ever thought of nacelles not unlike the Defiant's?

I've never considered giving the Sekhmet Defiant-esque nacelles, always pictured it with conventional nacelles.  I figure ablative armor coating the nacelles with the possibility of deployable "batmobile" armor for the glowy bits would be good enough.  My Kopesh-class (a mid-25th century Sabre replacement) has something like Defiant-esque nacelles.
“Battle is not a simulation. It’s blood and screams and funerals.” – Capt. Georgiou – Star Trek: Discovery – “The Vulcan Hello”

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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Then I'll definitely focus on making her agile, like a dogfighter, which she'd need to do to work effectively. Speed by, squeeze off a few shots, go to warp, and recharge her shields and cannons. Rinse and repeat. Though that would have been before Transphasic Torpedoes were being made available to the fleet. I was thinking basically being a built around the Plasma Cannon anyways, so that makes sense.
 I'm thinking "Achilles on steroids" even more, and am thinking of using at least a few design elements, such as designing the primary hull in a similar fashion, and having big, armored, compact nacelles. Ever thought of nacelles not unlike the Defiant's?

I've never considered giving the Sekhmet Defiant-esque nacelles, always pictured it with conventional nacelles.  I figure ablative armor coating the nacelles with the possibility of deployable "batmobile" armor for the glowy bits would be good enough.  My Kopesh-class (a mid-25th century Sabre replacement) has something like Defiant-esque nacelles.

 Well, I was also thinking something similar to the Achilles or Delta Flyer, or something thick and bulky, rather than just Sovereign or Prometheus-style nacelles.

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Re: A War Between Two Galaxies
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The Hydra class used in this chapter was used with the permission of Bernd Schneider, and my thanks goes out to him. Same for Sean Tourangeau's Badger and Olympus class class and Greg MacDonald's Pulsar class.
 The America class is an old design from something called Entente Systems. You will be seeing her in the future, as well as the Olympus class. The Scorpion class is an old Andrew J. Hodges design.

Chapter 3: "You Do Realize: This Means War!!!"

<Optional Background Music: [MEDIA=youtube]FkrqnTfvTwk[/MEDIA] Nailin The Kelvin; Artists Note: I love this track, and couldn't wait to use it>

The shields of the Portsmouth and all surrounding ships and stations snapped on automatically to repel the incoming fire.

 "Sir, they're firing! Detecting the launch of fighters! Sensors detect 370 squadrons in total!!!"

 That was a total swarm of 4,440 fighters. Portsmouth only had a total of 432 starfighters (36 squadrons), plus two squadrons of Talon-class Scouts. It was fortunate as it was that her complement rose as a result of the Dominion War.

 "Return fire! Tell all ships to engage, scramble all fighters! Target their weapons and maneuvering thrusters. And I want that bastard on the horn, NOW!!!", Choulder snapped out his orders. And those under his command rushed to carry out his orders. "And how are we on the evacuation?"

 "Half of the station's civilian population has been evacuated, sir," Lieutenant Pond replied.

 "Damn! We need to speed up the evacuation! I authorize the use of shuttles! Get those civilians off this station! Zha President, it looks like negotiations have failed."


 At the very same time, the patrol fleet and all ships in the vicinity were powering up and preparing to engage the Imperial Ships. Those that were already on patrol were weaving and jinking, lobbing off torpedoes from a distance. The Paris, the Galaxy class U.S.S. Milky Way (NCC-70643), Kaneda, and Fearless were readying to leave, as were the Excelsior class U.S.S. Standing Rock, Ambassador class U.S.S. Needle (NCC-60157), and Olympic classes U.S.S. Flax (NCC-58124) and the Pasteur. In the latter four cases, they were being used to help evacuate the station, the former two due to being older and  as a result probably not as useful for assisting in the fight, even though they had upgraded reactors and transphasic torpedoes. The crew of the Standing Rock especially wanted to stay and fight the good fight, but they knew the civilians needed to go to safety, and better than to test their luck, knowing the number of Excelsior class casualties from the Dominion War and Borg Invasion.
 The Flax had been loaned from the 23rd Fleet originally to help give humanitarian aid to the Romulans, and but had been diverted to help with the evacuations just in case.

 The Zodiac class U.S.S. Aegis (NCC-74802), Akira class U.S.S. Altair (NCC-80216), Avenger class U.S.S. Champion (NCC-75903), the Badger class scouts U.S.S Mongoose (NCC-80586) and U.S.S. Weasel (NCC-80587), the Paladin-class Destroyer Star Trek Blueprints: Paladin Class Scout Destroyer U.S.S. Paladin (NCC-13980), Saber class U.S.S. Pincer (NCC-71394), Pulsar-class Patrol Vessel Journal of Applied Treknology - Starships O-Q U.S.S. Zeus (NCC-82174), the Prometheus class U.S.S. Bastion (NCC-80759), and the Hydra class Ex Astris Scientia - Hydra Class U.S.S. Hydra (NCC-70071) had already engaged from a distance.


 At this very same time, the fighter bays area where all starfighters were kept and pilots lived (those who didn't live with families in the main Habitat section), activity also bustled. It was no different in Fighter Bay 7. When Red Alert sounded, like throughout the rest of the station, the 3 squadrons of pilots that were waiting in the nearby briefing room leapt into action. Fighter Bay 7 housed the Wardogs, Slime Devils, and the Ankylosauruses.

 "Okay, I guess the politicians failed, so now this is where we step in, and teach this Galactic Empire what for!" announced Captain Kieth Bartlett, as he got up. Clapping his hands "Okay, everyone to their fighters, double time! Come on, those boogies aren't gonna wait for us to scramble!!!"

 For many, this would be their first experience fighting actual hostiles. Not for Captain Bartlett, who had lost his family to the Dominion War, and was a veteran of that very same war. As a result, he took the moniker Heartbreak One. Most of the squad captains had also fought during the Dominion War, a few in the Cardassian Border Wars, and one had even served on the U.S.S. Typhon during her 2377 campaign.

 Like many other veteran squad captains, over time, he had been offered XO positions aboard multiple starships. However, he was among those who liked the independence that came from being Captain, and taking a number two position meant he'd officially be a Commander, which was a sort of downgrade. At this point, he had applied for the captaincy of a warship, such as an Akira class or Prometheus, or better yet, an Olympus Meet the U.S.S. Ares or America-class Battleship, or a Supernova-class Battlecruiser. He had been offered command of a few explorers, even a Galaxy class at one time, but he had declined. The Galaxy class was a fine starship, not to mention a formidable battleship, but he didn't want to be assigned a 5 year mission outside of Federation space, where if she came under attack, he would be years away from being able to fight against it's enemies. God Forbid he rush back, only to find the Federation he loved chaffing under the yoke of some hostile power. He was open to taking command of a Sovereign class, but even with the advent of the Vesta class, requests command of one for those were exceptionally high. It could be a few more years before he got the command he wanted, and he probably could have gotten it by now if he had taken a number two position, not that he cared.

 "Okay, right, all we have to do is mop up any fighters, right?", commented Ensign Elvis Davenport.

 "Depends on the number of fighters, and how they perform compared to ours. Also depends on how effective their supporting starships are", replied Kal'ya Nagasai, a half-Terran half-Vulcan ensign.

 "I don't know, what do you think, huh Kid?", Davenport asked Jace Thomspon.

 "I think the next hour will be very interesting", replied Thompson

 "Hey, I hear that!", said Davenport with a chuckle.
 Thompson had earned this moniker from Bartlett during practice flights, due to being the youngest by far member on the team. Even though his officially designation was Starblaze, the moniker stuck. He was 18, and had applied a year ago to due to wanting to one day fly the larger starships that flew in and out of the station. His father was captain of the USS Milky Way, and he had successfully filed for transfer to her to live with is mother, younger sister and brother, pet selat and pet dog, as well as serve under his father. Starfleet has anti-nepotism policies, so it took a lot of work to prove that he was more than qualified for the job as much as anyone, which was to act as professional shuttlecraft pilot. One pilot had volunteered to be reassigned to one of the Glenn class. He didn't mind working on a smaller, more advanced starship.
 Thompson would miss flying his agile and fast Gryphon. The Milky Way already had her half squadron of support fighter pilots filled out, and though he could act as a back-up pilot, there wasn't enough hanger room aboard to carry his fighter with him. He had heard of an idea where additional craft could be suspended in a specialized transporter buffer, but this was only in the testing phase.
 Serving on a Galaxy class was a promising way to work up a promising resume, and he missed his father. His family had chosen to stay on Portsmouth, since this was the Milky Way's assigned waystop between her 5 years missions exploring the Beta Quadrant. Now, they'd all be together for once. Assuming they all survived this.

 Davenport on the other hand had earned the moniker of "Motormouth Chopper", but he refused to answer to any other moniker but "Chopper", and that stuck too. This came from him talking habitually. A lot.

 "We'll find out the sitrep when we get out there! Now shut up, strap in, and throttle up nuggets! You have some boogies with your names on them!", said Bartlett as he rushed to his fighter.
 His was a Peregrine, the same that he had used throughout the Dominion War. While most pilots had opted to trade their Peregrines for newer fighters, due to them being over 30 years old by now, Bartlett was attached to his old bird.

 While technicians looked over the fighters one last time and helped the pilots strap into their seats, the pilots did their systems check, and then powered up their fighters. The small warp drives powered up with their characteristic hums.

 Within minutes, the canopies had lowered and pressurized, taxied to the runway, were all given the final okay to launch, which they did with their powerful impulse drives at a speed that without the inertial dampeners would have made most beings black out.

 25 additional squadrons of Space Superiority Starfighters and 8 other squadrons of Assault Fighters also launched.
 In addition to the both squadrons of Gryphons and the one squadron of Valor Heavy Starfighters Photo by Donald McKelvy from Fighter Bay 7, 17 additional Gryphon, 5 Valkyrie, and 3 Javelin Javelin Class Starfighter - Star Trek: Armada Files squadrons also rushed out, in addition to 3 additional squadron of Valors, 3 squadrons of Scarabs, and 3 squadron of Scorpions Banshee Squadron - Banshee Fighter.

 Once in flight, all squadrons were assigned targets.

"Look at all of those targets! Are we expected to bag most of them?! Or Great Bird forbid, all of them?!!", said Chopper, as he began looking at the boogies heading quickly towards them.

 "Not quite Chopper. Wardog, Crimson Selat, and Slime Devil, you are to escort our 9 escort squadrons to their targets", said the Portsmouth's flight coordinator.

 "Aw man! We're stuck baby sitting?!! Is this a joke?!!"

 "This is Slime Devil One, call sign Megalodon. We'll try not to take offense to that".

 "Are you kidding me?! That was so immature!", said a female voice from Slime Devil Five.

 "Look on the bright side, at least we won't have to destroy all of those fighters," Kid responded

 "Yes, but I expect that they will send many fighters to intercept us", said Nagasai, callsign Edge.

 "Has anyone ever told you that you have a tendency to take the bright side of something, and turn it black as night?", asked Chopper sarcastically.

 "No", Edge simply responded.

 "This is Pachyderm. We're ready to warp to our targets". In the background, other squadrons confirmed their orders.

 "Stop yer griping Chopper! Wardog, prepare to jump with our bombers", said Heartbreak.

 "Yes sir", replied Chopper in a sing-song voice.


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 Writers note: I had thought of using Enterprising Young Men. It didn't work for the feeling I was trying to convey.

 At the very same time, it was busy in the docking bays. What Starfleet vessels weren't already in formation and making hit and run attacks upon the attacking Imperial vessels were being prepped to leave, as were the vessels slated to help evacuate Portsmouth's resident civilians.

 The Stellar Queen was was one them. Docked in Docking Bay 4, Dock 3, civilians were being rushed aboard the 1,100 meter Starcruiser.
 One of them was the Thompson family. Elizabeth Thompson tapped her wrist comm, and selected her husband, Eric Thompson, recently made Captain of the Milky Way when his captain was selected to take command of one of the newer Vesta class Slipstream cruisers, and at his former commanding officer's recommendation, had inherited the Milky Way. The 4.5 million metric ton starship's warp drives had powered up, the blue warp grills shining a brilliant blue.

 With her was her 14 year old daughter Sarah, and her 10 year old son Timothy, and their pet selat and soft-coated wheaten terrier.

 "Hey honey, I guess you're heading out?" She didn't need to ask what was happening. She understood why they were at Red Alert. She was among the families who had opted to wait and see if the situation resolved itself. Many knew the defensive capabilities of a Pensacola-class Starbase, and knew it would hold up for some time, even against formidable vessels like the ones outside. Besides, there was no shortage of civilians who were willing to take her place to travel to safety. But now, evacuation was no longer an option. She had taken the what the family had packed up ahead of time, took a list of personal belongings to be replicated later if necessary, and the three left.

 All that answered was his voice. Starfleet officers didn't normally have holographic wrist comms like civilians. They weren't necessary. His voice brought comfort enough for her though.

 "Hey sweetie. Yeah, we're just waiting for all small traffic to get out of the way, making final systems checks while waiting."

 Timothy grabbed onto his mother's arm, and had to ask, "dad, are we still going on that five year trip"?

 "Of course kiddo! We'll go fishing and hiking on strange new worlds, just like I promised!".

 "Probably not anytime soon. Theseguys have just committed an act of war, and the Milky Way is a front-line starship. I doubt we will be going on that voyage today, or anytime soon, if this is anything like the Dominion War", said Sarah.

 "Aw!!! Dad!!!", Timothy groaned.

 "Hey, where's Jace at?", said Eric, trying to change the subject. "Hey, mind hailing him", he asked the Triexian communications officer.

 "Not at all. Hailing Ensign Jace Thompson".

 "Hey Kid, you nervous?"

 "Yeah, kinda."

 "Just trust your training and skills, and you'll do fine."

 "I love you two. Jace, honey, you two be careful, and look out for each other. And go kick their asses back to where they came from!"

 For coordination purposes, the background chatter from all of the different combatants could be heard from all of the different fighters, starships, and starbase crew. Background chatter consisting of farewells, wishes of luck to comrades, and last minute tactics streamed across the comm channels.

 This included Wardog.

 "Hehehe, if anything, if our training is anything to go by, it's Kid who will be watching our backs!" Davenport chimed in.

 "Mrs. Thompson, if Kid performs as well as his training has seems to hint he will, he'll be just fine. Honestly, I think he is one of the most promising pilots that I'm currently training, and that's saying a lot, since my current batch is all pretty promising.", Bartlett added.

 "Don't worry mom, I'll be careful!", Jace replied. His teacher's admission that he showed promised helped his confidence. Bartlett rarely showed a soft side, and was pretty tough on his cadets, so his admittance had taken him aback.

 "Okay, we're ready to leave, gotta go honey. Sarah, you take care of Mommy and your little brother, and get to safety."

Captain Thompson pressed an icon on his one of the chairs of his arm, and a boatswain sounded throughout the ship.

 "As you all probably know by now, we are about to engage in battle against the ships that appeared on a doorstep a day ago, and now they have turned hostile. I know that for many of you, this will be your first experience in battle, and you're all nervous. But I want you to know that I believe in you, and want you to believe in your training. I also know that many of you were looking forward to a 5 year mission. Well, that has been postponed, for who knows how long.
 This Galactic Empire might have started this, but we will finish it. We'll just have to fight for that 5 year mission, and of course our families and our Federation."

 "Woohoo!, long live the United Federation!", said the helm's British tactical officer. Instead of a glare, Eric gave the blond Brit a smile with mirth in his eyes. He had decided to run an easy ship, since he would have hundreds of families aboard, including children. Plus, it was more enjoyable that way.

 "That's the spirit. Helm, take us out!"

 "Yes sir!"

 The Galaxy class launched out of the starbase like a bat out of hell, and gracefully swooped around the station to join the rest of the ships. They had fallen back to regroup with the Milky Way. Now they were given permission to use their transphasic torpedoes as necessary.

 "All fighters and starships are in position", one of the coordinating sensor officers said.

 "Our bombers, escort fighters, and starships are Warping towards the enemy fleet", said another. "Our other fighter squadrons are readying to engage theirs".

 "One of what I assume is one of their Ships of the Line and two smaller flanking escorts are approaching the Fearless and Kaneda".

 In a moment, all forces would begin their clash for supremacy.

 "Divert the Altair, Bastion, and Aegis to engage their three ships, and give the Fearless and Kaneda time to leave dock", ordered Choulder.

 "I think this will be the area where the fighters will meet and engage", said a female tactical sensor operator, pointing to the area on the 3D tactical display.

<Continuing to use the Battle of Hoth Part One. Skip to 0:38 [MEDIA=youtube]uLb15SgAR5c[/MEDIA]

 The Regretless began to move towards the two dry-docked Akira class vessels, flanked by the Ardent and Virtuous. On board, the crews on the two Akira-class Heavy Cruisers were powering up the systems, and preparing to leave. The power reading coming from the large approaching grey arrow-shaped behemoth 3-4 times their size plus their escorts gave them extra incentive. Their 12 respective Valkyries had launched, along with the Altair's own half squadron, and were readying to engage the incoming enemy starfighters along with the other 25 squadrons assigned in space superiority.

 First came the TIE Bombers.

 As part of their post-Dominion War upgrade, all dry-docks were equipped with Phaser arrays. The Federation had expended much time to make Phaser arrays as accurate as they were now. The earliest prototypes iterations weren't as accurate, and it took a couple of decades for them to be able to accurately track multiple targets, but all that research and development paid off.

 Not only were most of their ordinance shot down, but a few TIE Bombers that got too close or thought it would be a good idea to make a strafing run like this were some simple Rebel base got at shot up for their trouble. The Alphas and Skiprays faired better, their shields protecting them, and giving them ample time to go on strafing runs with ion and laser fire, and close in torpedo and missile fire, straining the drydocks' shields, and even causing systems damage. One of the phaser arrays weren't so lucky either. And that was only the first run. There were also enough of them that the Phaser arrays weren't able to hit them all.

 "All fighters with ORS installed, you are authorized for stand-off torpedo fire", one of station's tacticians said.
 Admiral Choulder wanted those that had limited ordinance to save them, just in case, for the enemy starships.

 "Rodger that! Fox 3!!!", one pilot said. And many others followed.

 Hundreds of blue torpedoes streaked off. The TIEs responded by letting off chaff, redirecting the deadly projectiles.

 Some of the fighters responded by warping after the evading TIEs, surprising them by suddenly jumping on top of them with Phaser fire.

 "What in the Seven Hells?!! They've just made a micro-jump on top of us!!!", one of the TIE pilots said

 "Are they crazy?!! They could have jumped right into us!!!", another said. There was a reason why making any jump into Hyperspace was dangerous, even a small one's risk was not to be underestimated. It was quite possible they could have jumped into real space, and destroyed a fighter or two!

 "Hold on, targeting", one of them who weren't being shot at said. He and many others stared trying to tail them, only for the rest of the fighters jumped in as well, chasing after more TIEs, and ripping any they could.

 But the Starfleet fighters were outnumbers a hundred to one.

 "Youch!!! Shields are down to 48%!!! Watch it folks, their weapons pack a wallop!!!", one Valkyrie pilot remarked. "I'm breaking off to recharge and then re-engage!"

 Another pilot wasn't so lucky. He was ganged up upon by 11 fighters: 4 TIE/LN, 6 TIE/IN, and 1 Skipray, and shot up before he could warp out.

 But for now, it seemed for every victory that the Imperials had, the Federation struck back.

 A couple of TIES were shot down by a pair of Valkyries and Gryphons, for example.

 "Computer, analyze their weapons", one of the pilots requested.

 "It appears their weapons consist of a form of rapid phased laser", the computer responded.

 "You mean like what the Federation used after the formation of the Federation over 200 years ago?", her wingman asked.

 "Affirmative", responded the onboard computer.

 "Individual shots don't seem to do much, but it appears that they fire so quickly, they quickly overwhelm shields if given the chance. They seem to basically work off overpowering shields, and then, you know."

 "Then working destroying what the shields protect".


 "Transmitting to the rest of the fleet, assuming they don't know what we now know. We need to be careful".

 Another 5 TIEs tried to shoot down a Javelin. Things didn't go so well. Javelins are among the fighters deployed by Starfleet that have Phaser arrays, making them very effective for defense. Most fighter craft in the Milky Way have shields, so they don't get shot down by this defensive weaponry. The Empire on the other hand had never encounters starfighters with effective defensive weapons, especially ones as accurate as those equipped on the likes of the Javelin.

 "Hey, where did that beam come from?!", one asked as his wingman suddenly was shot at, and then promptly exploded.

 "It came from the rear of the enemy fighter!!!" said another, shortly before his left solar panel was shot off, and he went spiraling out of control.

 "Break off!!! Break off!!!", said another.

 Tied into her enemies comm channel, he retorted with a wisecrack. "Aw, what's the matter boys?", she tried to say in a sexy voice. "To pooped to party? Or perhaps you left your shields in your hanger bay!"

 While this was going on, the Regretless was trying to position herself between the Fearless and Kaneda. By then, the fighting had extended between the capital ships, with fighters trying to use the capital ships and dry dock as cover, and trying to snipe off fragile bits from the enemy. At least for the Starfleet fighters and shielded Imperial fighters. The TIEs quickly learned to stay away from the Starfleet vessels. Having a few dozen of your fellow pilots shot down with precision had a tendency to leave that sort of impact on a pilot.

 The Aegis and Altair engaged the Ardent and the Virtuous respectively, while the command ship for the Portsmouth's defense force was trying to keep the Regretless away from the Kaneda and Fearless while they left.
 The Regretless managed to get in a few volleys of turbolaser fire, causing damage to their already weakened shields on the two dry-docks, as well as causing damage, since all three Starfleet vessels only started off with a volley of Quantum Torpedoes, Phaser fire, and pulse phaser in the case of the Aegis. They only had enough Transphasic Torpedoes for several volleys, so orders were to conserve them if possible.

 But most torpedoes were shot down, and so as the three Starfleet crews saw, a few torpedoes from each wasn't going to cut it.

 But the Imperials were also surprised when Gryphons started to snipe off weapons emplacements with close in Micro Transphasic Torpedo launches...which went through their shields like they weren't there, and slammed into their targets, annihilating them outright with blue catastrophic releases of zero point energy.

 "Most torpedoes have been destroyed by their defensive fire. Enemy shields are holding."

 "Take us about, and fire a full spread of Quantum Torpedoes from each tube", the commanding officer of the Bastion said.

 "The Altair and Aegis say they are coming about on their targets as well", replied the communications officer, passing it to tactical for coordination.

 One especially pesky Alpha was blown apart as her shields finally failed. She had been trying to shoot up the Bastion with Proton Torpedoes, but in the end, her pilot underestimated the power and accuracy of a Prometheus-class Tactical Cruiser's Phaser arrays.

 "This is the Fearless. Will you please just get rid of them? They're liable to turn us into a fireball if this keeps up!"

 As part of the post-Dominion War upgrades, the older dry-docks also had received shield. The Jem'Hadar had destroyed one too many ships while still in dry dock, hence the phasers and shields. But these shields were weak, and if not for the two Akira's adding their shields to shore them up, they would have been shredded by the green deadly bolts of phased plasma energy. The newer dry-docks meant to resist firepower from heavy Dominion warships and the now no-longer-a-threat Borg were different. There was even the possibility of pulse phaser and torpedo turret upgrades Unfortunately, those were in the core Federation systems, and slowly being replaced throughout the Federation.

 This time, several Quantum Torpedoes made it through, having some effect on the shield. But a large part of them were still shot down by the anti-fighter defensive laser cannons. Zero Point Energy detonations are powerful, and they went off with cerulean blue explosions. But it wasn't enough. But the Regretless finally decided she had enough, and decided to turn all of her weapons on the Bastion. Trouble was that only a bolt here and there made glancing hits, but for the most part, they proved to be too fast, rocketing at full impulse to stay ahead of them, while stabbing back with Phasers. Fortunately for the Regretless, her powerful shields held the phased Nadion energy back from the hull as well.

 "Would you please stop messing around? Our shields have dropped below 50%! You have Transphasic Torpedoes! We'd do it ourselves, but we don't want to hit the docks!"

 "Understood Fearless. All ships, Transphasic free!"

 The Kaneda was the first to haul ass, leaving her at this point heavily damaged dry dock. The Fearless on the other hand barely left in time, her shields taking a 5% hit from the less fortunate dry dock which fell apart around the Fearless as she left, due to a combination of fire from the Regretless, some shots from the Virtuous, and marauding Alphas and Skiprays.

 But at the same time, the three active Starfleet vessels came about on their targets yet again, this time adding Transphasic Torpedoes to the mix. The Kaneda and Fearless ran off to lick their wounds and recharge their shields, waiting until their massive arsenal was really needed, especially the Fearless, who only had 34% of her shields left. The Kaneda was more fortunate, and all it would take was 5 minutes to fully regenerate her shields.

 Once again, the Regretless and her two escorts focused her defensive fire on the incoming projectiles from the three incoming ships, shooting every nine in ten of them down. But every one in ten of them made it through the CIWS fire... And like with the smaller Transphasic Micro Torpedoes from the Gryphons, through the shields like they weren't even there... But on a bigger scale, and so pandemonium broke out.


One of President sh'Tarash's Presidential Service, a burly male Orion came up beside her. "The Admiral's right. Your ship is ready to leave, zha'President. It is no longer safe here."

 "And your safety is essential to the continued function of the Federation", said another PS agent, a female Andorian.

 "How are our shields holding up? If they are holding, it would be safer to stay on the station, right?", the President asked.

 "We're about the find out. Barrage contact, now", said one of the tactical officers, a female Indian officer. It took time to reach them, due to the Imperial task force choosing to stay at a distance. Booming thud noises sounded as the Empire's weapons hit the Portsmouth's shields, and the station vibrated a little. But for the most part, the station's inertial compensators kept her from violently shaking.

 "Shields are holding for now, but they are powerful, and one of their types of weapons appears to be some form of phased ionized plasma weapon. They are draining our shields." She turned her seat to face the President. "I don't think our shields are going to last long at this rate. Maybe ten minutes at the most. I agree with your Presidential Service agent. It's not going to stay safe here for long. You should flee like the civilians while you have the chance."

 "Target priority on those ionized plasma cannons! We need to buy ourselves more time! How long will it be until reinforcements make it here?"

 "We expect the first wave reinforcements to drop out of Slipstream in ten minutes, sir", the comm officer replied.

 "Okay, I'll leave this station, but I want to give the Admiral a minute to respond. I wish to talk with him too", replied the President

 "You know you can do that from the Federation One! On the other side of the Quadrant! Please zha President, don't make me order you to go to safety! As the Admiral of this station, your safety is my responsibility!"
 Admiral Choulder couldn't really order the President off his station. She was free to stay if she wanted, reckless though it was. Self-determination was a virtue that Federation held dear, and if that got her killed, then that was one of the reasons why the Federation had a Vice President. He watched as the shields dropped below 90%. Shit. I might just loose my command today. I hope that's all we loose today.
 "There isn't much time. I suggest that you leave with the civilians while you can."

 "Zha President, please, let us escort you to safety,", said another PS agent, a male Saurian.

 "Alright! Alright, I'll go!!! But on the condition that you all get yourself to safety as well if things go south, as the Terran saying goes! That's an order!"

 "Fine, deal! I promise that if we are overwhelmed, we'll evacuate the station too!"

 It was possible. Portsmouth had enough shuttlecraft to completely evacuate the station's complement and families. It wouldn't be as comfortable though as traveling on starliners, hence the attempted evacuation, though that was relative. The seats on the shuttlecraft might of been of a soft, conforming material, but they were also made to be used by the many member races of the Federation, which meant they weren't as body hugging as if they were designed for one species.


 At the same time that the Empire's turbolaser and long range missiles had begun to hit the Federation station and their weapons platforms, so too, did the Federation's counter attacks.

 "The Federation is returning fire. Projectiles and some manner of pulsed energy discharges incoming," the sensor officer reported from the operations pit.

 "Our gunners report they are engaging their torpedoes with CIWS operations", weapons control reported.

 Admiral Nyrok watched as every nine in ten of the quick cobalt blue projectiles were shot down. Nothing could be done about the orange pulses headed for them. The fleet was trying to maneuver away from them. Unfortunately, this left them further away from the option of retreating back through the Gateway Rift, not that Nyrok anticipated that the enemy Starfleet couldn't be handled. The enemies torpedoes had changed course, tracking his fleet as they spiraled in closer to the Portsmouth. The operation was mostly going as expected however.

 He was taking note once again of the Federation Starfleet's vessel designs. He had to admit, for the most part, they were aesthetically pleasing, if not perhaps works of art, but also functional. They came in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but most had a few design elements in common: a forward hull, either circular or pointed in nature not unlike typical Imperial starships. He really liked the design of one that had an arrow-shaped hull with four pods. One however only had same engines/possible reactors-to-the-side and glowing forward mechanism that seems to act like some sort of deflector. A small and compact design. Perhaps an escort or corvette of some sort.

 And then every one in ten make it through the defensive fire... And past the shields like they weren't even there... And he was snapped out of studying his opponents vessels as he watched in horror as their cobalt blue weapons struck home.

 The Negotiator shook violently from dozens of direct hits, taking out weapons emplacements, and causing significant damage. He watched in further horror as the Regretless and her escorts were crippled by what appeared to be 2 cruisers and a corvette or frigate, the biggest of them only 1/3rd her size.

 The other two vessels, of the same class as one of the ships that attacked the Regretless retreated, no doubt due to damage to at least her shields, if not worse.

 He watched the three ships that fought back against the Regretless, Virtuous, and Ardent as they maneuvered like oversized starfighters.

 Only the defensive lasers really hit their mark. Some glancing hits were made by her main weapons, but the Empire had never encountered a power with vessels that size capable of such agility and speed. Her main turbolaser batteries and some secondary turbo laser batteries, and indeed the hull sections nearby, had been completely destroyed, including her main portside and starboard engines. The secondary sublight drives were also offline. Fortunately, it looked like she hadn't lost Hypermatter containment, by some miracle. The even scarier thing was how fast they took out an Imperial class ship-of-the-line. The Rebel terrorists could never hope to achieve such destruction on an Imperial ship-of-the-line with only 1 small cruiser in the short amount of time the Federation Starfleet just did.
 The Ardent and Virtuous were more fortunate. The Ardent's forward main weapons were destroyed by well placed fire from the Aegis and some fighters, taking her bottom forward hull.

 The Virtuous's quad laser cannons ere wreaking havoc on the Altair's shields. The Vindicator and Nebulon-B series classes was better designed for taking on faster moving targets. At this point, they were batting away torpedoes and starfighters that were attempting to take out her defenses, as well as the Federation capital ships. But the two Imperial starships were slowly loosing, some of their weapons damaged or outright destroyed. The Virtuous had already lost three of her weapons emplacements, including one Turbolaser. But with assistance from TIE fighters, they were making her way back to the rest of the intact fleet, and had taken down a few enemy fighters, while damaging others that somehow managed to jump away, making it questionable if they were insane, desperate, or used a form of FTL different from standard hyperdrives.

 And then the Aegis and Bastion fired a series of torpedoes, taking out the forward most turbolaser on the Virtuous, and the front 30% of her hull with her. Instantly, many of her crew was exposed to secondary explosions and the harsh void free of the oxygen they needed to breathe and temperatures vital to survival. Those in the front section that was ejected from the explosion who survived the collapsing corridors and rooms who were wearing sealed helmets, such as stormtroopers, were left alive, but also left floating in the vacuum. One of her anti-capital ship missile launchers were also sealed by phaser fire.

 Things weren't much better among the remaining 6 ships, which were under attack by 12 fighter squadrons and 7 Federation starships, who had somehow micro-jumped into the fleet, and were now picking his ships apart piece by piece, similar to what the Rebels did when the opportunity presented itself.

 For example, one of their fighters had shot up one of the Durasteelclad's main turbolasers.

 He completely and totally underestimated their capabilities, and now his men were paying the price. Maybe he should have refused to obey the Emperor's orders. To avoid bloodshed on both sides. Now he understood why these people weren't intimidated. It was because they had this trick up their sleeve! He didn't really want to know what other technological horrors they had!

 "How are they doing that?!"

 "It appear their torpedoes are phasing through our shields somehow. We need to gather more data for the specifics, sir!", one of the sensor officers in the crew pits below him responded.

 "What about their other weapons?", the Admiral had to ask.

 "They appear to be made up on phased pulses of some form of energy particle that we are not familiar with. They appear to be draining our shields. It appears their ships use some sort of beam weapon that fires similar energy particles. The Ardent reports some heavy damage. The Virtuous reports extensive damage, and her forward hull is completely gone, and reports 8 of her weapon emplacements have been damaged. They have destroyed 2 enemy fighters however with assistance from out own squadrons. It appears their quad laser cannons are having more success against their capital ships then our turbolasers"

 "Move the fleet forward to assist the Virtuous and Ardent. Recall our Alphas and Skiprays to assist in support immediately!" It seemed that they were fairing far better than the TIEs, whose only advantage was that they outnumbered their rivals. They were even having some success harassing the Federation capital ships. But only some, due to the Federation starships' impressive acceleration abilities. "Target their torpedo launchers. I want them all destroyed!"

 "Admiral", the comms officer tried to get his attention. "We're being hailed!"

 The Negotiator shuddered from another hit from one of those accursed torpedoes. But she was doing far better than the rest of his forces, due to far heavier armor. Their overlapping defensive fire helped somewhat, but the Negotiator's large size made her a large target.

 "Put them on!", Nyrok replied. "And hail Imperial Command, and tell them we're going to need reinforcements! LOTS of reinforcements!!! Warn them about these weapons the Federation possesses! And their speed! We need fast support ships, specifically Vindicators and Lancers, and we need a lot of them to shoot down those torpedoes. If they can't, then I'm prepared to order a retreat!"


 "Admiral, what the hell do you think you're doing?!!", the Admiral said, hitting the armrest on his chair in righteous fury. "I thought we had an agreement! There are still civilians on this station!!!" Admiral Choulder was pissed, and Nyrok had to admit he had every right to be so. "I swear, if any civilians on my watch get killed because of your actions, I will have your head!!!

 The President of the Federation also cut in from her personal ship. "I hope Admiral that you realize you just committed an inexcusable act of war against the United Federation of Planets. I had to be escorted off this station to safety, and I am not happy about it. Nor is the fact that you are putting Federation citizens at risk with your unprovoked attack."

 "I told you we couldn't take no for an answer", Nyrok replied. "I don't remember promising no aggression".

 "And your ships don't take Transphasic Torpedoes very well, if our sensors are reading correctly. We have you outnumbered, and more ships are on the way. I suggest you surrender while you can", Choulder retorted.

 As if to drive home the point, a graceful alien-looking cruiser that looked more like a luxury liner passed by the Frontier, shooting a salvo of blue projectiles and orange beam weapons, the latter strangely from strips. She didn't appear to have cannons in any conventional sense. She had a ovular dorsal section, a strange looking neck and ventral hull, and a pair of those pods, attached to the secondary hull by a wing-like pylons. But she hit like an enraged Reek. One of them took out her starboard main Turbolaser batteries, and the nearby engines with them. Another salvo spat out her aft torpedo launched. Even with the combined defensive fire, one of them hit their target: the portside main batteries. The Victory class began to drift.

 "We also have reinforcements on the way. And now that the Empire knows how formidable your ships are, hundreds will be speeding on their way here, if not thousands. What about your forces Admiral?", Nyrok replied. "I really do regret the loss of life, but my orders come from the Emperor himself. This is for the common good. You'll see Admiral, assuming you live through this, which I hope you do by the way. You'd make a fine Imperial officer."

 "I'll try to take that as a complement", Choulder replied with sarcasm.

 "As you should."

 "I have an even better idea: surrender to Starfleet, and join us. Someone who would order you to fire on a city full of civilians certainly isn't worthy leadership, especially when we tried to seek a peaceful option. Starfleet could use more good officers, and no civilian casualties have been reported. It's not to late."

 Nyrok resisted the urge to show how much he was really touched by the offer, and wanted to think about it. But if the higher ups ever knew that he held such sympathies, he might as well hold sympathies for the Rebellion. And those who did had a tendency to die. In horrible pain. He couldn't even risk conveying that the offer was attractive if the Federation was what he thought it was. He'd surely be reported, and loosing his rank and command would be the least of his worries.

 "Admiral, we have readings coming from the rift indicating more ships are coming through!"

 "I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass. It looks like my reinforcements have arrived."