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Star Trek: Ranger- Relic Seeker
« on: January 02, 2017, 08:05:29 PM »
I havnt written anything in a while and this is my first Star Trek story. Hopefully the quality will improve as I continue writing and editing. I haven't finished it yet but the plot goes something like this: Anne Watson, a former starfleet engineer is convinced by her old friend, the captain of the titular USS Ranger NCC-1750, to join the ships maiden voyage of it's Five Year Mission. The ship is soon called to investigate an anomaly deep in the atmosphere of Soldaren prime, a gas giant and new federation member. This will lead to a search for ten ancient artifacts left by the Soldaran Empire. But the crew of the ranger is not the only ones looking for the artifacts. The crew of the Ranger must contend with the forces of the Klingon Imperial Remnant, who seek to use the soldaren artifacts for destructive purposes Any critiques and suggestions are welcome. Set in the Alternate Reality

Chapter One
Stardate 2265.32
Location: McAllen-Rio Grande Naval Shipyards, Earth

   Anne Watson waited in the docking terminal of Mc Allen-Rio Grande Site 10 for the captain of the USS Ranger, which made absolutely no sense. She guessed it had something to do with the fact that she was one of the main designers of the new subclass of Constitution class vessels being produced. But this was a simple tour of the completed vessel, something that could be done better by others. Who would want to listen to her drone on about the specifications of the antimatter/ matter reactors or the composition of the hull plating? Anyways a captain should always know the specifications of their own vessel beforehand, in her opinion at least.
   The hands of her old fashioned watch seemed to slow down at an exponential rate. But she was used to waiting. Anne kept herself busy by going over how the watch told time not through complex calculations done by some computer, but by the combination of gears and pins. It never ceased to amaze her that people hundreds of years had created such a device. Granted, it was not the most accurate way of keeping time, but it hearkened back to a simpler time, away from aliens and interstellar wars.
“Anne is one of the main designers of the Yorktown class, and perhaps one of our most promising  engineers at Curtis-Huntington Drive Yards…” She heard. It was probably time.
   The engineer turned around, only to be surprised at who the Captain of the new ship was.
“Anne, This is Captain Enrique Hernandez of the USS Ranger-“
“We’ve met before” Anne said.
   They had been friends aboard the USS Lexington. Certain… occurrences had driven them apart and lead to her resignation from Starfleet.
“Well I certainly hope you enjoyed your tour of our installation here in McAllen City, Have a wonderful day” The guide said in the most contrived way humanly possible.  Disgusting, what kind of operation did he think they were running here? A hotel?
“Well it’s certainly been a long time, hasn’t it?” Captain Hernandez said.
“Last time I saw you, you were just a skinny little helmsman. I didn’t know Starfleet required their captain’s to be big and strong. Doesn’t take much to just sit in a chair and just shout orders.”
“They transferred me to ship security after the incident aboard the Lexington”
“The operations division? What were they trying to do, kill you? Here let me show you around the ship”
   They headed inside the vessel. Anne led the captain through the pigeon grey tubular corridors.
“The layout is pretty similar to the old Connies with some changes. As you may have noticed, The size of the vessel has greatly increased from the previous configuration, making for at least 4 more decks and a total length of exactly 400 meters.”
“I know, I read the technical manuals" the captain said.
   Wait, then what was the purpose of wasting her time?
“So I guess I could just leave here then huh?” She said. A look into the captain’s black eyes told her that was most likely not going to happen.
“I… need...”
“Well spit it” she ordered.
“ I need a chief engineer for at least a month” He said quickly. It took her awhile to process.
    Anne started laughing out loud. Did he actually just say that?
“Are you out of your damn mind! Don’t you remember why I left Starfleet?” she shouted, her voice echoing through the empty halls.
“Yes I remember. And I also remember how you just abandoned your friends after they saved your ass from going to a high security prison. So many people’s lives ruined. This was a mistake bringing you here.”
“Alright I’ll be on my way then captain, At least I was actually concerned with right and wrong than saving our own skins” Anne retorted.
“You best be on your way off my ship Miss Watson”
   Anne did just that and exited through the docking terminal.
On the Bridge:
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