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USS Hercules NX-762-A
« on: July 14, 2017, 11:15:32 AM »
USS Hercules - Hercules-Class Surveyor
Type: Long Range Surveyor
First commissioned: 2368
Length: 65m
Width: 41m
Height: 13m
Decks: 3
Displacement: 11000t
Complement: 2 officers + 10 crew, evacuation limit: 65
Speed: Warp 7 (cruise), Warp 9.4 (max.), Warp 9.786 (max. emergency)
Sublight speed: 0.25c (max.)
Armament: 6 Type-XII phaser arrays, 2 single-fire Photon Torpedo tubes + 10 torpedoes and 10 probes
Defense: Regenerative shield system
Embarked craft: Variable, though the standard complement included 2x Type 10 shuttles, 1 Argo-Type rover, and 1 Work Bee

Unit run: 3 vessels total
U.S.S. Hercules NX-762-A
U.S.S. Globemaster NCC-76317
U.S.S. Provider NCC-76314

More photos will be posted soon. World Download (Minecraft) including other Star Trek "Sets" available upon request. MineTrek Texture Pack required!
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Re: USS Hercules NX-762-A
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This is so wonderful that I found it.