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Author Topic: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark  (Read 1025 times)

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Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:20:33 PM »
decided to postpone my other fan fic indefinitely because a lot of the stuff in the Kelvin Timeline has not been established. This one is going much faster than I expected. I started working on this in late June. It's not the best thing so far but it will get better.

summary: The crew of Starfleet's newest ship has only three days to stop an interstellar war from erupting once more, all while a mysterious organization stands in their way and threatens to tear apart a young federation.

The Year is 2187.
      The Ship: the USS Coronado (NCC-0210)
      A young United Federation of planets continues to grow past the boundaries of it’s inception, adding new worlds and civilizations with every year.  It is a dream that became a reality and continues to spread throughout the stars. However not all share this dream of democracy, freedom and peace.
      Sparks flew as the enemy vessel continued its relentless barrage of disruptor fire. Captain John Whitman atttempted to hold off the attacking vessel. He stood hunched over at the tactical station, firing the ship’s phase cannons. His tactical officer was slumped over dead. The helmsman was the only other bridge officer left alive.
      “Let’s warp out of here, they can’t get get us there!” The captain yelled.
       The helmsman breathlessly nodded in agreement, pressing various buttons on his console. The ship violently shook, with pieces of the ceiling falling down. The horrid sound of metal tearing. The sound of structural beams, electrical conduits, access tunnels, all being torn and crushed. The captain struggled to remain upright until the collision stopped.
      “Captain the port nacelle is gone..”
      Whitman stood dazed. There were dead in the water now. Their starboard impulse engine had been blown up, and the maneuvering thrusters had been shot up as well. They had been brutally and efficiently shredded with little effort on the part of the attacker.
      “Try and send a message out warning Starfleet that-”
       Disruptor fire blasted open the door to the bridge. The bridge became filled with smoke. The sharp clacking of boots could be heard.
      “You will do no such thing. You will follow a very specific set of orders.” A feminine voice said
      “I am a starfleet officer, I will do no-”
      “Yeah, yeah sure, fine, whatever. You see If you don’t do what we tell you to do, there’s nothing that can prevent this ship from crashing into the planet below and causing a very unfortunate antimatter explosion. Untold numbers dead…”
       The steps became louder and louder. The intruder was getting closer.
      “The only thing you have to do Mr. Whitman is press this button on the screen right here.”
       The intruder was now in front of him. She was clothed in black. Her hand was outstretched offering a device to the captain.
      “Just press this green button right here, and we’re done.” She said as a matter of factly.
      “I don’t take orders from Romulans!”
       A chuckle could be heard. The chuckle grew into full blown laughter before dying down a little. The intruder began circling the captain.
      “ You,ve never even seen a Romulan. If only you could see how close we are to Kaferia. A modest world in it’s own right, although not as populous as it’s neighbors. Six billion people… What will it be?”
       The captain did as she said, pressing the green button on the glowing screen.. She dropped the device in front after he was done.
      “Kill everyone except the one in the corner.” She said to her underlings, pointing to an incapacitated Councillor who had taken refuge on the bridge.
      “What! I thought you said we were done if I did as you asked.?”
      “And you are.” She said with wicked smile on her face.
       The intruder and her underlings shot the remaining bridge crew with their disruptors. Her mission here was accomplished.
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2017, 05:21:21 PM »
Chapter 1
   The USS Coronado shimmering hull plating reflected light all across the central spacedock. It was truly a sight to behold. Captain Jaren Ko-Ree piloted the shuttle towards his vessel. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. The Captain maneuvered his way towards the underbelly of the ship.
   “This is Regalus to Coronado, prepare for docking procedures.”
   “This is Coronado flight control to Regalus, welcome back. We’ll be opening the doors shortly.”
   Ko-Ree waited for one of the six retractable doors on the underside of the vessel to open. One began to open.
   “Regalus, you are cleared for docking, proceed” the flight controller said.
   The captain piloted the shuttle towards the vessel. It was not long before he heard the satisfying sound of the docking clamps locking on. As soon as the bay door closed, Ko-Ree walked out of the shuttle and headed towards the turbolift.
   “A Deck, bridge.” The captain ordered while placing his hand on the biometric handle.
   In a few moments, they would begin their mission of galactic exploration. Galactic exploration! What a crazy idea, it seemed as if it was only yesterday the Romulans were prowling around, over running every system for hundreds of light years.
   The turbolift arrived at the A deck by the center of the ship. The doors opened to reveal the bridge. The circular room was was lined with consoles for the crew.  The operations consoles were located to the right of the captain’s chair, the sciences to the left and the the helm was stationed in a pit below.
   Commander Daniel Macaraeg, his first officer and head of the science department, stood up from the captain’s chair and returned to his station.
   “Captain on the bridge” He said.
   Everyone stood up from their station. There was a lot of fresh faces. Commander Macaraeg was the only one he knew. The helmsman looked familiar though. She was the daughter of Admiral Ross. He sensed smugness from her, as if her face wasn’t enough to give away her almost arrogant attitude.
   Ko-Ree could sense fear also. He could hear his Communications Officer’s thoughts. They were quite imaginative. In fact he could sense that feeling across the entire ship. They were all afraid him. Most of them, at least. Oh well, his reputation couldn’t be helped.
   “At ease”
   Everyone sat down.
   “Helm are we ready to leave Altus City?” The captain said.
   “Yes. The docking clamps have just been released” The Lieutenant Command Ross said in received pronunciation.
   The view screen showed the dock moving away. The view jerked upwards as the ship moved toward one of the city’s eight space lanes. The diagonal arches of the space lane blurred by, and they were in space at last.
   The starry expanse was punctuated by the bluish grey sphere of the Terran homeworld. On the shadowed side, amber lines criss crossed in an uneven pattern of squares and squiggles.
   “Helm, how long will it take for us to reach Kaferia?”
   “Around twelve days at warp seven.”
   “Ensign Kurtz, contact the Edgedancer and tell them we’ll be there in around twelve days.” Ko-Ree ordered the communications officer.
   “Yes--sss sir” the ensign replied.
   “ Let’s head out”
   The starry expanse began to ripple, the sphere melted away. Soon they were travelling in a rippling tunnel of lights and bright colors.
   “ Captain, the Edgedancer will arrive at Kaferia in thirty six hours. They’ll be waiting there for us. And the captain asked to deliver this message: Derela will also be there.”
   Ko-Ree chuckled. Whitman was always such a joker. He couldn't believe he  would remember something as obscure that time on Legano VI. Commander Macaraeg shook his head with a smile. Those were some good times.

   Lieutenant Commander Helen Ross prepared to drop the ship out of warp as they reached the Kaferia system. Multiple red spots appeared on one of her monitors. It was probably some space junk, nothing the deflector couldn’t handle. However it looked pretty suspicious appearing right where they where they were supposed to exit warp. She felt her muscles tense up.
   “Commander Ross, are you alright?” the Begalan captain said. His people had empathic and semi telepathic abilities.
   “Yes, I’m alright. Sensors aren't picking up the Edgedancer though.”
   “That’s not much to worry about,” the captain assured.
   “We’re dropping out of warp in three...two… one.”
   The rippling tunnel of subspace melted back into normal space. The tan sphere of Kaferia prime was hidden behind giant pieces of wreckage.
   “My God!” the captain said.
   Helen steered the ship, dodging  a chunk of a saucer. Then another. Helen dodged what she swore was a nacelle. One of the hull fragments was labeled NCC-018.
   “Let’s get clear of this mess!”
   The helmsman expertly piloted the ship through the debris field. The field was cleared in minutes.
   “What happened back there!” The captain said in a raised voice. Next to him, Ensign Kurtz was practically having a heart attack.
   “The debris reads as belonging to a Harcourt class vessel and a Garnum Zhel six light freighter. The registry read NCC-018 something, and the rest was gone.”
   The captain had flash of worry in his eyes.
   “Contact the Edgedancer” the captain ordered.
   Ensign Kurtz did as asked. Silence. Then the sound of fingers tapping a monitor and switches being flipped. Then more silence.
   “Captain, they’re not responding,” The ensign said frantically.
   “Macaraeg, can you read any life signs?” The captain asked.
   “There are no life signs detected in the debris field. I’m sorry captain.”
   The captain stood from his chair. His face was solemn.
   “Ensign Kurtz… Contact Starfleet Command and tell them… the Edgedancer was destroyed above Kaferia prime… all hands lost.”

Captain's Log

Our first mission has taken a deadly turn. Upon reaching Kaferia to meet up with the USS Edgedancer (NCC-0185), we discovered that the Edgedancer was destroyed in what was made to appear as a collision with a freighter. This disturbingly reminds me of my days during the Romulan War, when Romulans took over friendly ships and turned them on each other some times causing collisions. However this seems too deliberate and too obvious an answer to be the case. Whatever the case, we'll find out the true nature of this carnage soon enough. I'll be heading a team to further investigate the wreckage.

End log
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2017, 05:22:51 PM »
Chapter 2
   Lieutenant June Vasquez headed towards the launch pad in her copper environmental suit. Along with the captain, the other members of the away team included members of the security department.
   “We’re going to be investigating the wreckage of the Edgedancer and the other ship. Lieutenant Song and I will investigate the engineering section. Crewmen Yulan and Barnal will be in the bridge area with Lieutenant Vasquez. Ensign Marel and Lieutenant Grom will be investigating the larger saucer fragment. Let’s go” the captain said.
   Vasquez moved into the launch position, along with the others. The airlock closed behind them.
   “Decompression of launch chamber initiated” the ship’s computer announced.
   The hull panels soon opened up to the vacuum of space. Vasquez reached over her shoulder and activated the propulsion unit on her suit. She would keep it on low power and would only use it to make course corrections as the ship’s tractor beam flung them towards the vessel 20 kilometers ahead.
   Vasquez closed her eyes and hoped it would be over soon. The lieutenant didn’t fare very well at high speeds. She had done this sort of thing before. Vasquez had once tried going on a super fast roller coaster in Altus City at the insistence of her brother.
   The Coronado’s head of security felt a wave of nausea come over her. She struggled desperately to not release the contents of last nights dinner into her helmet.
   Crewman Barnal looked at her. God, he was so annoying. He started conversations at inappropriate times. It was only a matter of seconds before he began.
   “How you holding up sir? You don’t look too well.”
   “I am fine crewman. Now pay attention before you hit a wall.”
   “Whatever you say”
   In reality she wasn’t fine. She felt like she had been punched in the stomach dozens of times, and even that would be preferable to what she was feeling now.
   They were fast approaching the bridge area. Vasquez and the others dodged fragments of metal as they headed towards the shattered screen of transparent aluminum.
   Vasquez turned down her thrusters, moving to a halt. Yulan and Barnal landed inside the bridge right next to her.
   The bridge was desolate, reminding her of a ghost town. Dead bodies floated in the bridge. A body with tan skin and a tattered uniform drew her attention. She could make out the rank from the four purple squares on his collar.
   “Captain John Whitman, I met him once. He tried to get me to transfer over here from Altus City. I refused…” She said to herself.
   As she looked closely she could see burns from disruptor fire. She looked the legs. They were darker and redder than the upper portions of the body. This person had been killed standing up, and the ship’s gravity must have been on then, giving the blood enough time to drain into the lower extremities.
   “This guy didn’t die from decompression, someone or some people shot him and just left him here. Barnal and Yulan, check the other bodies for reddening, and burn marks.” She said through the communicator in her helmet.
   They did as she said.
   Vasquez searched the bridge. Near the science station left of the captain’s chair was a rust colored smear on the floor. Someone had been dragged from here. The smear stopped near the helm and terminated in a dried puddle blood.
   So the person who had been dragged here stopped in this location long enough to for the blood to pool… then disappeared.
   “How do they check out?”
   “All of them have concentrated areas of reddening, meaning most of them died before gravity failure and decompression.” Crewman Yulan said.
   “ Barnal, what do you got?”
   “ I decided to go ahead and check the internal sensors-”
   “Those were not your orders crewman-”
   “I know but look at this over here, there was a transport recorded here on the twelfth of August.”
   “The missing body… Let’s get this piece of the floor ready for transport Yulan and I want all the internal sensor memory cartridges removed.”
   As they got the evidence ready, the lieutenant contacted the captain.
   “Captain, I think we may have found something, and I’d like to transport it back to Coronado.”
   “Go ahead Lieutenant, and come towards the computer core area on deck three when you’re done.” Ko-Ree said.
   The captain floated throughout the dark corridors. Every now and then the lights would flicker on. Ko-Ree could not help but remember the last moments of the Kendall, before it was rammed into by a hijacked Dynvar. He remembered how he escaped to the planet below with nine other people. Then these people came. His head started to pound.
   “Captain!” Lieutenant Song said.
   “I’m fine, I was just thinking about something. Do you ever get that feeling that you remember something, only to realize you don’t.”
   “No, I’ve never really experienced that.” She replied.
   “I do all the time. Every time I think back to the time of the Kendall, my first assignment in the Rekol Space Navy, it’s like something is missing. Normally I take medicine to help with the headaches but this time I didn’t bring anything.”
   “Sounds like you should go to the doctor when we get back,”
   “No, they all tell me the same thing: nothing’s wrong with you. I guess I should just stop thinking about it right?”
   “I guess..”
   The two continued to search for the computer core room.
   “What exactly are we looking for, Captain?”
   “The computer core should have detailed records of the Edgedancer’s navigational scans and readings.”
   They arrived at a crimson colored door. The letters red read “Central Computer section: Navigation.”. Ko-ree pressed a few buttons on the door’s side panel. The door had a physical lock in case of power failure. The main door had the same password on all starfleet ships and was only known by officers with the rank of lieutenant and above.
   The door opened with a satisfying hiss. It opened to reveal another locked door. This one was the same with buttons on the side.
   “This is easy. Lieutenant, prepare to help me with this thing.” The captain said as he opened the second door. The code was the ship’s registry and serial number.
   The door opened to reveal a grey cube, with a length of two meters. It was going to be a struggle getting this through the hallways, without damaging anything sensitive.
   The captain attempted to pull it out of the socket. Nothing happened.
   “You need to pull the manual release lever on deck six, I’ll start heading there-”
   The cube gave and the captain struggled to keep it from smashing into the wall.
   “Lieutenant, sometimes all you need is a little extra force and you’re good”
   “You could have destroyed vital information.” She said in a slightly annoyed tone.
   “You could have gone to deck six.”
   “It would have made for a much neater and smooth retrieval of the device in question.”
   “Well, it’s done. Let’s get this thing back to Coronado as soon as possible-”
   His communicator rang. He picked it up. It was his Commander Macaraeg.
   “Captain there is an incoming transmission from Admiral Adler, we’ll patch him through to you.”
   “Captain Jaren Ko-Ree, I’ve a heard a great deal about you. A war veteran, explorer, seasoned engineer-”
   “Admiral do not insult my intelligence with your pretense. I know very well that you were against my posting on the Repulse and the Coronado. Your feelings were quite telling both times we met at Altus City. Now tell me what you were going to say to me.”
   “What are you telepathic-”
   “Well it seems our working relationship went off to a rough start. I thought I would make it clear that we are birds of a feather. We are both warriors, and when the call to battle is made, people like us answer.”
   “What is it you’re saying Sir?”
   “The Coronado is to return to the Sol system and regroup with this sector’s arm of the Romulan Invasion force.”
   “Has the president said anything about war?” Ko-Ree said with genuine curiosity. He wasn’t aware the Federation was in the business of conquerors.
   “No, Not yet. Fortunately, Archer is more… quick to act than Avaran was. You have must leave before thirty six hours. Adler out”
   The Captain closed his eyes and sighed. Great, now his helmet was all fogged up.
   “Lord help us,”
   The chief of security and the two crewman arrived.
   “We’ve transported to the evidence on the bridge  back to the ship.” Lieutenant Vasquez said.
   “That’s good. Let's hurry and take this back also, we don’t have much time.”
   “What happened?” Vasquez asked.
   “There is going to be a war very soon if we don’t stop it.” Ko-Ree said grimly.


Ships log August 24 2187, Chief of Security Lieutenant June Vasquez reporting.
Crewman Barnal has been his usual annoying self. Oh well, some of these enlisted types can be overzealous to begin with. Today we searched the Remains of the Edgedancer. While on the bridge we discovered that almost the entirety died before the destruction of the vessel. Normally I would think that everyone would die on impact as soon as the collision occured. However this is contradicted by evidence of fighting. Why would a freighter attack a naval vessel? Our other investigation teams dicovered similiar circumstances aboard the Garnum Zhel 6 light freighter. The clock is ticking on this investigation. In three days the Coronado will have to begin heading for war against the Romulan Empire, if we cannot prove otherwise.
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2017, 05:23:47 PM »
Chapter 3
Commander Daniel Macaraeg sat at the table in the ready room along with the other senior officers. Helen Ross sat across from him with her arms and legs crossed. The commander could not believe that the captain would allow this one aboard the Coronado. She had no respect at all.
   “Lieutenant Commander Ross, please,”
   “Yes?” She said looking up.
   “Did you know that bad posture a number of well documented detrimental effects including increased fatigue, stress and lack of energy.”
   “I know.” she said nonchalantly.
   The Captain started speaking. “Commander Macaraeg can you discuss your findings with the rest of the crew.”
   “Yes captain. As you know Lieutenant Vasquez and her part of the away team discovered something very interesting aboard the remains of the Edgedancer’s bridge.”
   The commander pulled out a remote and turned on a large screen. The room darkened.
   “This bloodstain showed in this image suddenly stops and begins to pool. Tests on the Internal sensors show that there was a transport at 0700 hours dated August twelve, two hours after the Captain Whitman’s time of death. Ten people of unidentifiable origin left along with a male Catullan.”
   The Captain’s canine features displayed a mix of emotions including shock and a look of an epiphany.
   “Hold on are you saying that the the Captain died before a transmission to the Coronado and that the perpetrators in question are unidentifiable? I’m not liking how what this implies.”
   The senior officers looked toward the captain. Commander Macaraeg was curious as well.
   “What this information implies is that not only were they able to hack into some of the most secure communication systems in Starfleet and evade the most advanced sensor systems in the fleet, but they also have a Federation Counselor as a hostage.”
   “Counselor Kenal Zeness of Catulla was on that ship. He was a pro peace politician from my homeworld, totally opposite from his father before him.” Ensign Kurtz said.
   “Commander, was your team able to trace the transport?” the Captain said.
   “Yes in fact, we were able to trace the transport of Counselor Zeness to the outskirts of the capital of Kaferia.”
   “Commander Ross, you and Lieutenant Vasquez will head over there in the Shuttle- Lieutenant Vasquez you’ll head over to the shuttlebay with a landing party, it seems that Commander Ross is already on her way there. The rest of you are dismissed.”
   Commander Macaraeg walked over to the captain.
   “She needs discipline, she won’t get away with that kind of nonsense over here. Did you see how she was sitting during the meeting, she doesn't deserve that Uniform!”
   “Lieutenant Commander Ross is not exactly the disciplined type. Admiral Ross almost went crazy after he adopted her. Called her the embodiment of chaos.”
   “That’s exactly the reason why she doesn’t belong here, you can’t allow her to-”
   “Daniel, I sense that you doubt my ability as commanding officer of this vessel.”
   “Jaren, I don’t, I just don’t understand why you brought her aboard.”
   “Trust me Commander. Dismissed.”
   Helen Ross headed towards the shuttlebay. Apart of her was dreading the fact that she would be cramped in that shuttle with ten others.
   She walked through the copper lined corridors into the turbolift. She held the biometric handle.
   “Launch bay one”
   In a few minutes she arrived at the entryway to the launch bay. She climbed down a ladder onto a catwalk leading towards the Shuttlepod Regalus. It was essentially a brick with engines and wings attached, a design that was most certainly not aerodynamic.
   What an insult to the field of aviation and space travel!
   Helen entered the shuttle. It was a nightmare. The ceiling was barely high enough. The flight console was a whole other thing in itself. As she attempted to get into the pilot’s seat she banged her head.
   Soon enough the Away team had arrived and the cabin had embraced it’s true nature as a closet.
   No matter. She was the best helmsman in Starfleet. This would be nothing for her.
   “We’ll be heading towards Debarron, the capital of Kaferia.” A light skinned human female said in a tough sounding voice. Helen had not seen her on the Coronado yet.
   “I know that.”
   “I’m Lieutenant June Vasquez, the head of the away team. It’ll do you good not to get on my bad side.”
   “Oh really. Why is that?”
   Helen heard the lieutenant grumble, and could not help but smile. These security types could be so bone headed.
   “Coronado, this is Regalus. We’re ready to launch.” Helen said.
   “Coronado to Regalus you may proceed.”
   The bay decompressed and the door retracted. The shuttle was now exposed to the void of space. Helen pressed a few buttons, releasing the clamps from the pod.
   Helen headed towards Kaferia. The reddish brown surface was mottled with splashes of green and blue. She increased the pods speed to full impulse, a quarter of the speed of light.
   They approached the clouds, the view screen being obscured to the point that all that she could see was grey. Whatever. She didn’t need to see to fly. Flashes of thunder could be seen in the distance.
   “Are you crazy what the hell-” Vasquez yelled at her.
   “No” the helmsman said quickly.
   The city of Debarron appeared before them as Helen piloted the shuttle out of the grey mass.  It was easy flying. The city was located in a roughly square depression where dozens of over hangs were held up by stone pillars.
   “I wonder if the Kaferians know we’re coming.” Helen said aloud.
   The monitor showed a blinking dot where the transport was recorded. As the shuttle approached the location, Helen could see that this was not exactly a good area to land. The neighborhood was filled with warehouses and seedy looking apartment buildings.
   “We’re here” Helen said to the landing party.
   “I’m going to set us down right near that empty lot.”
   The shuttle landed.
Lieutenant Vasquez and the away team exited the shuttle.
   Lieutenant June Vasquez entered the warehouse. It was filled with cargo containers as one would expect from a warehouse.
   The lieutenant flipped out her tricorder and began scanning the area for the Councillor. She motioned for the landing party to follow her.
   “Has anyone got anything? I’m not reading the councillor anywhere on the tricorder.” Vasquez said.
   “Nope nothing here either.” one of the landing party members said.
   The soft sound of steps banging on the metal containers could be heard in the distance. Vasquez stopped moving and listened. It was coming from the far side of the warehouse.
   “What’s that noise?” crewman Barnal said. His double ridged cheeks stretched out as he moved to listen.
   Vasquez motioned him to remain silent. The steps were getting louder. The waved her hand for the team to hide behind the shadows of the containers.
   The steps got louder. Soon she heard talking.
   “ It seems like a certain canine has decided to stick his nose in where it does not belong. We spotted a Concord type shuttlepod moving into the capital.”
   “ It was to be expected. Do you know where our friends are?”
   A man in a grey bodysuit moved towards the end of the warehouse, right across from where the away team was hiding. The man looked at where Vasquez was.
   “I don’t know. I’m going to turn on the lights. It’s too dark in here.”
   Vasquez waved her hand for the away team to move to more discreet location. This was cutting it to close for comfort. She crept slowly to not make any noise as did the others. She could the heavy sound of breathing. Then a loud clang.
   “Did you hear that noise. Let’s flush this place out and go.”
   Crewman Barnal looked sheepishly at her.
   “Don’t move anymore until I say so.” The lieutenant mouthed.
   The sound of energy weapons powering up broke the silence. It was a faint whine, slowly building up until it was a piercing shrill. Other end of the warehouse lit up with bright orange glow. The containers burst into flames and melted.
   Vasquez pulled an old projectile rifle from her back.
   “Let’s go.” she ordered.
   She jumped onto the containers from some smaller boxes and ran. The rest of the team followed her.
   “There they are, those damn maggots!”
   The men in the grey suits ran firing at her. Good. She took aim at their legs and waited for a good opening to appear. She fired at them, bullets flew from her rifle.
   She hit one in the foot, causing a fountain of red mist to spray from the wound. He stumbled over and screamed.
   “ One to transport, Custodian. The location has been compromised and number five is down.”
   “ Wait what are you doing?! You can’t leave me here.”
   “ I can” the other man said, holding a gun to his downed comrades head.
   June aimed and shot at the man about to transport, blowing off a few fingers. He turned into a grid of white energy before disappearing into thin air.
   “ Coronado we have a suspect and he’s in need medical attention. Do you copy?” the Lieutenant said through her communicator.
   “ Copy that Away team leader, prepare for transport.”
   Vasquez switched channels to the Regalus. She could see a ship cloaking as it rose from the ground through  a hole in the roof.
   “ Regalus this is Away Team Leader, there’s a cloaked vessel above -”
   “Don’t worry Lieutenant. I got this covered.”
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2017, 07:38:36 PM »
Chapter 4
   The Regalus chased the mysterious ship away from the capital and up onto the desert plains above. Although Lieutenant Commander Ross could not see the cloaked vessel, she could see a swirling cloud of dust in front of her.
   The enemy vessel was only around thirty meters long, from what she was able to see of it. She had been in dogfights before but not against cloaked vessels.
   The Regalus skimmed the desert floor.
   “I want you to try and shoot it down but not destroy it. They may have councillor Zeness aboard, I don’t want to risk his death, if he is indeed still alive. Do you copy?” the captain said through the shuttlepod communication system.
   “This is shuttlepod Regalus. I copy. I’ve detected the councillor’s life signs aboard.”
   Helen readied the phaser turrets. She prepared to fire… but the cloaked ship was no longer throwing up dust and sand. They must have gained altitude.
   All was not lost, however. The thunder clouds she had passed through earlier were still in the distance. She pulled up and flew straight into the clouds. As she gained altitude, ice crystals began forming on the windshield of the Regalus. Flashes of lightning periodically lit up the dark expanse.
   A barely visible thin white trail was forming in the clouds. Along that trail, holes formed and closed in the clouds. She had found her prey.
   Helen followed the trail and increased her speed. The ice crystals on the windshield fell away.
   She fired at the at the end of the trail, hoping to get a hit. The phaser blasts appeared as flickering rays of orange light. Then a ripple of light appeared, illuminating an all but invisible vessel. She continued firing at the ship, until the cloak disappeared.
   A black vessel of a strange configuration was revealed. The nacelles were attached to the top of a triangular body, with the impulse units being attached by spindly pylons.
   Helen fired at the impulse engines, causing it to burst into flames. The enemy vessel tumbled from the clouds towards the desert floor.
   The Regalus dipped down in pursuit. Helen activated the tractor beam and slowed down the descent of the black ship. It crashed into several rock formations, breaking off the impulse engines and the tractor beam. The vessel furiously skidded across the parched ground.
   A few hundred meters ahead was a canyon. Helen activated the tractor beam again, dragging at the disabled vessel. Her target slowed to a halt, ten meters away from the cliff.
   It was such a shame that she had to ruin such a beautiful object. Oh well, she could always build her own. It would take some convincing the captain though. It was a nice thought.
   “Captain, I got em.”
   “Good, check for life signs. You sure gave that thing a beating!”
   Helen scanned the downed vessel for life signs.
   “There’s nothing down here.”
   “God damn it, you idiot- Argggghhh,” the captain screamed, his voice cracking.
   Helen revelled in the captain's displeasure. She almost started laughing. He was so sure about his assumptions. That he hadn’t given a thought to the fact that this was a drone. It was too easy to bring down, even for an amateur.
    Helen listened to the comms system. Colorful words she had never heard spoken filled the air waves. Then she heard a loud crash.
   “Captain! Captain! It’s a drone, there was no one in there.”
   “Commander, phew- hah, you almost had me thinking you killed a Federation Councillor.”
   “Did I? Oh sorry, it seems that I was scanning the wrong thing.  It’s somewhere in the area west of the city. I’m going to go check it out. Do you want me to leave the drone here?”
   “Go ahead Commander, we’ll deal with that. You’re priority is the councillor, He’s the only other one who witnessed the attack on the Edgedancer, besides a friend we found in the warehouse. The away team is waiting in the capital. Ko-Ree out”
   Helen smirked and headed for city of Debarron. The shuttle pod flew across the desert, quickly traversing the plains, which were barren except for the occasional wire thin tree.
   Not much was interesting except for the spectacular anvil shaped mountains, which were framed with white snow, a sharp contrast to the tan fields. They were also skirted by forests. The city of Debarron was nestled in a towering plateau connected to one of the mountains.
   She had not really payed attention to the geography of the region, but the more she saw the more she was reminded of her first home by the wastes outside Utopia Planitia. She watched remembered the blue sunsets she used to watch with her biological father.
   It was good while it lasted. Even if they had not been arrested, a few months later the city would have taken over and turned it into lakeside resort.
   Helen flew up onto the dry plateau, and the capital of Kaferia was in her sights. Dry river beds and the occasional spaceport hatch, blurred by as the shuttlepod raced to it’s destination. The sun was setting.
   The lieutenant commander pulled into the neighborhood where the warehouse was. Vehicles with purple flashing lights surrounded her. This did not look good.
   “Coronado, I think the coppers are here,  and-”
   The vehicles started firing at the Regalus. Helen quickly activated the polarized plating. Why were the coppers attacking a starfleet shuttlepod?
   Helen tried to fly the Regalus away from the maelstrom of phaser fire, was followed. She attempted to go to full impulse. No effect.
   “Impulse destroyed. Thrusters offline. Plating offline. Warp nacelles critically damaged. Life support offline. Landing gear offline. Gravity offline-”
   “Oh bully, they’re destroying everything now aren't they.”
   The Regalus started tumbling towards the ground. Didn’t they realize that there could be people below? They really loved over kill didn’t they. Helen pulled out her phaser and made a hole in the windshield. She jumped out and landed on the rooftop of a tall building.
   Helen looked out and saw the Regalus explode in ball of fire.
   “Captain, the Regalus was destroyed.” His first officer reported.
   The captain dropped the broken arm of his chair that he was idly spinning. Before he could say anything Ensign Kurtz began speaking.
   “Captain there is a transmission coming in. It’s from Admiral Adler.”
   “Put it through” Ko-Ree ordered. The admiral’s pale face appeared on the view screen. It did not take an empath to know that the Admiral felt victorious.
   “Captain Jaren Ko-Ree, it seems your search for the Catullan councillor has gone… astray.”
   “I don’t see what’s so funny Admiral. This is a serious matter we have at hand.” the Captain said.
   “By the time you get you're away team out of jail, the councillor will be dead. And the Kaferians have blockaded the city so if you go down there-”
   “I can take the Coronado instead a single shuttle.”
   “-You’ll still be destroyed. You might as well come back and join the rest of the fleet. The earlier the better.” Adler said with a smile.
   “All right I’ll guess I’ll head back. At least I’ll be able to tell Vice Admiral Ross in person that his daughter was viciously attacked in Debarron, and how you may or may not be involved. You’ve only been promoted from Commodore recently right?”
   Adler grew even paler as the smile quickly turned into an expression of fear.
   “My mom used to say we all make mistakes. Anyways, we were questioning someone who was involved and I kept on sensing something about… what was it?”
   “Tell me Jaren what did he say?” Adler said barely keeping his composure.
   “Ah, I remember now! Loyalty to the Custodian, does that sound familiar to you?”
   “Captain you’ve no idea what You are getting yourself into.”
   The transmission ended. Ko-Ree looked around the bridge. Commander Macaraeg had a big cheesy grin.
   “You really got him there didn’t you.” The commander said.
   “I guess I did. Helm prepare to head for the surface.”
   “But sir, they'll-” Ensign Connor exclaimed.
   “I guess we should start working on a way fixing that. Ensign Kurtz!”
   “Y-y-yyesss sir”
   “Are you any good at jamming transmissions?”
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
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Chapter 5
Helen felt groggy as the coppers dragged her through a hallway. They had knocked her out with something. Two Dugarans carried her. Did they have six arms or was she just imagining?
   They threw her into a chair, and tied her up. She saw the coppers insectoid faces before she was blindfolded. She was pretty sure this was illegal treatment of prisoners.
   “Talk! You human slime!” one of them yelled.
   “I feel pretty solid alright-”
   She felt a hard smack across her face. She tasted blood.
   “Are you not going to read me my rights? I am still a Federation citizen and a starfleet officer. Not to mention, my father is an admiral-”
   “Does it look like we care? What we want to know is about the ship you pilot, the Coronado. What are the defense capabilities?”
   “I can’t tell you. You’re a civilian. Also how would I be able see if you cared if I was blindfolded?” Helen said with a smile on her face.”
   “Sensor capabilities? Were you able to read the presence of the Catullan councillor from orbit?” They said, striking her again.
   “As I said, I can’t tell you.”
   She was struck again.
   “It’s a simple yes or no question. Were you able to scan the councillor on Kaferia?”
   “Why do you need to know?”
   “We’ll start counting down. Every second you waste, one member of the away team will die.”
   Helen sat there silently. These were no ordinary coppers.
   A horrid scream could be heard on a communicator they were holding next to her ear. Was it fake?
   Another yell.
   And another. Helen started breathing faster. A bead of sweat trickled down the side of her face.
   Another scream.
   “Commander just tell them already! Stop being a smart ass and tell them!” A familiar voice said. It was June Vasquez. They were not playing around.
   “No. No we did not detect the councillor from orbit.” She said in an exasperated voice.”
   “You here that? Their scanners won’t be able to detect us.”
   “What do you mean!” the helmsman shouted.
   “We know all we need. Good night.”
   “Okay Commander, tell me what you and the ensign got.” the captain said.
   “Well captain, we got a couple of decoys we’ll be spreading around the planet’s most protected areas.” The commander said.
   “Hows that?”
   “Using the ensigns skill in communications, we were able to create a probe capable of emitting the same identification signal as the Coronado.” Macaraeg said as he  pointed to one of the dozen silver cylinders in the cargo bay.
   He and the ensign had worked quickly for almost two hours. They only had sixty hours left before they had to return to Earth. Only sixty more hours before they could prevent a war.
   “Are they ready commander?” the captain asked.
   “Let’s get ready to launch them”
   The captain’s communicator chirped. He picked it up.
   “Captain there’s something approaching our way, we weren't able to detect it but-”
   The ship shook violently. Next the lights flickered out. The faint sound of ripping metal occurred. It must have been a few decks down.
   “Did you hear that Jaren?” The commander asked.
   “Yes, I heard it quite well.”
   “What was that!?” Ensign Kurtz shrieked.
   “Not good” The captain said.
   The hunter thrust himself from the airlock into the hallway. Sickbay was down a few decks on these types of ships. Eight turned on his night vision. Dozens of crew members stood still. As if that was going to do anything. These people should have minded their own business.
   Eight gunned down crewmembers with glee. He was almost tempted to go and cause a warp core breach. Not today, though. Five had been compromised. His termination was not successfully completed by Seven. He would correct that soon.
   Eight flew towards the central atrium and headed down from there until he had reached the sickbay. He forced open the doors. Five was laying down with the ship’s doctor standing over him. He shot down the doctor.
   “Eight?” Five said, trying to pull himself up. They had him chained to the bed.
   “Five what do they know?” Eight asked.
   “The know about the Custodian. I don’t know how but I felt something probing by mind…”
   “The captain’s a Begalan. They can read your mind if they probe long enough. Do they know anything else?”
   “No, He was only able to get those two words.”
   “You’re sure?”
   Eight reached down to press the termination key on his suit. Five’s unmasked face had a look of disappointment. He was the youngest of them, and almost like a younger brother to eight. Eight’s vision blurred behind his mask.
   “Tell me Eight, was it worth it?”
   “Beyond measure. Good bye Five” Eight said as he rushed out of the sickbay. He forced the doors closed and sighed as he activated the termination sequence, telling himself it was for the better of everyone in the Federation.
   The sickbay exploded into flames, throwing out shards of metal and glass into the plaza. The door was launched towards the turbolift shaft in the center of the ship, clanging it’s way to the bottom, where it got lodged.
   Starfleet bodies were flung as well. He felt nothing but hate for them. They had dishonored and violated Five, not allowing him to die dignified.
   Eight flew through the ship, returning to their point of entry. Suddenly he was stopped. A clawed hand grabbed him by the leg. It was the captain. The canine looked angry.
   “Don’t think you can come aboard my ship and kill my crew, and leave in one piece.”
   The beast grabbed his face. Eight’s visor showed cracks. He could feel his ankle starting to give way.
   “I don’t feel sorry for killing torturers and savages.”
   “I’ll show you savage!”
   Eight felt the claws slice into his face. He stunned the captain repeatedly, failing each time. He powered up his thrusters. The claws ripped into his flesh as he escaped the captains grip.
   “Get off me, dog!”
   Eight escaped into his ship, leaving for his next mission. He stared at the captain, who looked at the vessel from behind a forcefield as the Coronado’s power returned.
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
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Chapter 6
The captain stared as the black ship disappeared behind it’s cloak. A temporary force field stood between him and the cold expanse. The airlock was wrecked.
   Behind him, where the bodies of dozens of starfleet officers. They were almost identical to what he saw on the Edgedancer. Jaren kicked the wall. He cried out in pain.
   It was so frustrating, not being able to see his enemy. They were most certainly outmatched, against whoever they were fighting.
   He could only hope that the away team could manage to escape somehow.
   Helen Ross woke up in a dark cell. She could see the outlines of Lieutenant June Vasquez and two other crew members.
   “Commander, you should have let us die.” Vasquez said angrily. So ungrateful.
   “Maybe I should have. But I guess this would have never happened if someone did not decide to get captured. Ten trained professionals, all captured  and seven killed.” Helen said.
   “You should have been able to tell that the voices were fake, you drill bit!”
   “Drill bit? I’ll drill a hole in your head you-”
   “That’s enough!” Lieutenant Song said.
   Commander Ross and Lieutenant Vasquez were silenced.
   “You two have to shut up if any of us are to make it out alive. Now I have a plan-”
   “A plan? We don’t even know where we are right now!” Vasquez yelled.
   “Hold off, let’s hear her out.” Helen ordered.
   “I’ve examining the cell walls and they seem to be made of sedimentary rock, specifically limestone. See these shell fossils? Now, I think that given the nature of our captors, we may in fact be underground.”
   “That seems like quite a stretch Lieutenant Song.” Helen said.
   “No, look at this transparent layer covering the walls, Dugarans often cover the walls of their underground cities with a saliva like fluid, giving them strength when dry-”
   “How do you know we are even on Kaferia?” Vasquez interjected.
   “There’s the Kaferian emblem right behind us,” Lieutenant Song said, nodding towards the indentation in the back wall.
   “The bars are also made of limestone. If we can break the transparent casing and dissolve the bars with some acid we can escape.” Song finished off proudly.
   “How are we going to get acid in prison? And if breaking out is so easy, I can only imagine how heavily guarded the rest of this place is.” Helen said.
   The crew members sat silent for a while.
   “Kaferian apples are sometimes used to create a highly acidic cider. There’s not a lot of unfrozen fresh water here, but apples everywhere. It’s the most famous thing about this planet.” Crewman Barnal said.
   “Drinkable water must be like wine here. And nobody gives prisoners wine.” Helen said with a smile.
   “Here’s your drink. You’ll be scheduled to make an example in the square of Jahan in a few hours.” The Dugaran guard said to them.
   Helen and the lieutenants pretended to sleep.
   “Hey wake up!”
   “Terrans have very long sleeping patterns, it’s a product of living in the frozen terrain of their planet for millions of years. It’s an energy preserving mechanism.” Crewman Barnal lied.
   The Dugaran stood still for a moment. His six compound eyes twitched, as if in disbelief.
   “You’ve never been there haven't you?”
   “No. That one with the blue stripe just moved her eyes.” The guard said, pointing to Lieutenant Song.
   “It’s Biology. You can leave that stuff here and I’ll give it when they wake up.”
   “Whatever you’re trying Humanoid-”
   Barnal was grabbed by the face and pulled towards the prison bars.
   “It’s not gonna work!” The guard said. The drinks were thrust into the cell. The guard left.
   Barnal waited before the guard had wandered out of hearing range. He snapped his fingers, giving the signal for the other crew members to ‘wake up’.
   “I’ll get started  working on these two bars. That should leave enough space for us to get out.” The crewman whispered.
   The others nodded in agreement and Barnal began breaking off a piece of the outer casing at the top of the cell bars.
   The cell was lit a dim orange glow by a small torch in the neighboring tunnel.
   The casing began to give way before breaking off. As he got to work onto the next bar, Lieutenant Song pours some of the Kaferian cider into the opening he made, dissolving the limestone pillar almost immediately.
   He then broke off some of the casing on the second pillar. Lieutenant Song dissolved the second pillar. Smoke poured out of the now empty casings.
   “Let’s get the hell out of here, before these goons come back.” Barnal said.
    He broke the casings, causing them to crumble into dust. He motioned for the other crew members to follow him out.
   “Let’s go down that tunnel over there” Lieutenant Commander Ross ordered, pointing towards a left facing arrow with some blue zig zags.
   Barnal and the others followed her down the winding tunnel. It spiralled downward before terminating in front of a balcony. The balcony overlooked a massive lake resting at the foot of the cave. Dozens of structures jutted out from the cavern walls. At the far end of the cavern, at least two kilometers away, a large dam marked the beginning of another cavern.
   “This place is huge, how are we even going to get out of here?” He whispered.
   “Down there.” Ross said, pointing to row of parked hovercraft. They were large enough to hold at least five people, and had multiple guns.
   In the same area thousands of Dugarans marched along to the beat of a deafening droning sound. They shouted in another language.
   “How are we going to get past that?!” Lieutenant Song said.
   “Over there.”
   Ross pointed to a large crack leading all the way to the lake surface. Water violently rushed out of the opening. The crevasse was around three hundred meters tall with the hover craft terrace located a dozen meters below the top of the opening.
   “There’s a staircase right here-”
   “It leads directly into the army’s path, Crewman. This is our only chance out.”
   Barnal sighed. He hated the thought of going down that crevasse. He could either fall to his death, or drown inside the waterfall.
   “Alright let’s go” The crewman said.
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
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Chapter 7
Helen Ross and the remaining away team members ran as quietly as they could along the balcony. She did her best to remain in the shadows. If someone saw too much movement they could be discovered.
   Above them was a large building, with large searchlights mounted on the roof.
   They reached the waterfall.
   “This is it, look down so you don’t swallow any water.” Lieutenant Vasquez stated. The roar of the water had nearly drowned her out.
   Helen began climbing down the slippery rock face. Following her was Lieutenant Song, then Crewman Barnal, and finally Lieutenant Vasquez.
   Water drenched her blue uniform turning it almost black, with the gold piping turning an orange. She could barely see below her as water streamed down her head and splashed into her face.
   Suddenly a loud siren sounded throughout the cavern. Purple searchlights suddenly activated all over the cavern. Startled, Helen lost her grip, getting knocked into the rock face. A sharp pain shot up her foot. They must have discovered the empty holding cell.
   “Bloody hell…” Helen said under breath.
   “Commander, are you alright?” Crewman Barnal yelled.
   “Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s hurry, we are almost there.”
   Helen jumped onto the platform. She rushed towards one of the craft. Dozens of armed Dugarans rushed towards her. She jumped into the helm, and launched the vehicle. She made eye contact with some of the attackers and smiled at them.
   Helen flew off towards the waterfall.
   “Get in and man your stations!” She ordered the away team. Lieutenant Song jumped in first, followed by the others.
   Helen looked at the navigational sensors. She could not read a word of the text, but from the looks of it they were right beneath Debarron. The councillor was to the west. She began to search for the Catullan’s biosigns but stopped.
   “Bollocks! I can’t read this! How am I supposed to know where the councillor is?”
   “Forget that let’s get out of here” Lieutenant Vasquez yelled over the sound of phaser fire.
   Helen piloted the ship through the caverns, dodging stalactites and stone pillars. The computer’s alien voice would not shut up.
   “Speak English!”
   “Language change confirmed- enemy craft approaching-”
   Yes! Helen was pleasantly surprised about how easy that was. According to the sensors they were headed towards the Holdeen Passage. Helen looked up to see a crack in the wall. It was wide enough for at least two of the hovercraft to fit. But only if the hovercraft was sideways.
   “Guys hold on!”
   Helen flew so that the ship was now perpendicular to the ground. The cool air rushed through her hair as she moved closer to the water’s surface.
   “-Enemy craft approaching-”
   Helen spotted the same 20 red dots following them through the passage on the glowing monitor.
   “Computer scan for Catullan life signs!” She ordered the machine. A glowing green dot appeared on the display. It was twenty kilometers ahead of them in a large open room.
   The passage opened up into a shallower cave filled with glowing crystal formations. They were almost there.
   “Crewman, be prepared to grab the councillor from the ground! We’re fifteen kilometers away!”
   “Yes Sir!”
   Bolts of blue phaser fire lit up the tunnels. Up ahead was a larger cavern. The green dot was getting closer on the display. Ahead, Helen caught a glimpse of a person lying on the rocks. She steered closer to the flat bedrock.
   Crewman Barnal grabbed the councillor as the ship sped along.
   “Computer, where is the nearest way to the surface!”
   A blue line showing the way out appeared on the display. Soon enough the starry midnight sky appeared.
   They couldn’t keep up the chase forever. There were still ten enemy craft left. Ahead was a lake punctuated by a huge stone pillar.
   “Prepare to jump off as soon as we reach the end of the tunnel”
   Helen increased her speed. As expected their pursuers did the same.
   They jumped into the lake. Ahead the hovercraft flew into the stone pillar, exploding into a brilliant ball of flame. Their pursuers did the same, unable to slow down enough in time. Fragments of metal, and charred flesh splashed into the lake.
   “Let’s get to dry land.” Helen said. The drenched officers agreed. In the distant steep canyons, Helen saw some lights. A city.
   “There’s a settlement over there. We’ll get there and try to contact Coronado.”
   June Vasquez hiked up the cliff side. Lieutenant Commander Ross struggled to keep up.
   “Hurry up, we’re almost there. Before we get there I suggest we get some new clothes. It seems this world is pretty hostile to Starfleet presence.”
   “Where do you suggest we get these clothes? By magic?” Her commanding officer rasped.
   June thought for a moment. Maybe they could buy something-no a bunch of people in town would have seen them already. Ahead of her Barnal started to slow down.
   “You’re slowing down crewman,”
   “You try carrying a hundred kilogram man on your back for five hours.” The crewman responded.
   “Oh please, you’re a big guy-”
   “Lieutenant Vasquez we’re resting as soon as we reach that rock terrace; that’s an order.”
   June gave in. These people were so weak, even Barnal, he was supposed to the muscle of the team. Whatever, they were almost to the top of the plateau anyways.
   “Oh well, If we get eaten by wild animals-”
   “It’s a desert, what animal is going to eat us?” Commander Ross said.
   “Never mind, we’ll be poisoned by snakes. Anyway we’ve reached the top. The city isn’t to far.”
   Lieutenant Commander Ross gasped desperately for air, before collapsing onto the ground. Before them was the wide open desert plain. The city was just a few more kilometers ahead.
   The sun started to come up, the sky turning a brilliant orange. In the distance, she saw a white glow appear then fade away. June looked closer there were three people wearing blue. Starfleet uniforms!
   “Are those starfleet officers in the distance?” Lieutenant Song said.
   “Help is closer than we think guys” June said with a smile.
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Re: Coronado S1 Ep.1: Dagger in the Dark
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Chapter 8
“Hey!” Helen yelled at the officers in the distance.
   The three officers turned toward the away team. Then they turned to each other shrugged. What was the hold up?
   “We’re starfleet officers! I’m Lieutenant Commander Ross of the USS Coronado, we’ve lost contact with the ship-”
   “Commander, they heard you,” Lieutenant Vasquez said.
   Ahead, the three officers ran towards them. There was two human males and a vulcan female. One of them had a medical white coat with teal stripes across the shoulders.
   “What a coincidence you were beamed right near us,” Helen gasped. Her left foot was killing her.
   “Now we can contact the Coronado, where’s your communicator?!”
   The vulcan female stepped forward, her rank stripes and pips indicating her to be a Captain. Her assignment patch was of the USS San Pablo, NCC-0163.
   “I’m Captain Valan of the San Pablo. Commander Ross, we are not here to rescue you.” The captain said coldly.
   “What do you mean?” Vasquez burst.
   “We were stranded here by Admiral Adler. It seems that He thinks that the Romulans are supporting a Dugaran supremacist group in their overthrow of the planet’s government. We disagreed.”
   “That’s just smashing. So we’re stranded on this rock and there’s about to be a revolution.” Helen said.
   “We found the Catullan Councillor Zeness. We’ve determined that he’s the only survivor of the Edgedancer. I can only hope he can tell us what’s going on.”
   The helmsman of the Coronado thought for a moment. Why would anyone want to start a revolution on Kaferia? It was not a planet of great importance.
   “We’ll have to contact the Coronado-” Helen said
   “Not before we without our communicators.” The Vulcan interjected.
   Helen looked up to the sky. It was turning a warm grey and then into a cool blue. Somewhere up there, was the Coronado.
   “Let’s go then” She said.
   Jaren Ko-Ree viewed the test results in awe. He had covered his hands with the intruder’s blood during the confrontation in the airlock.
   “It’s… Terran. Commander this could be the information we need to stop a war!”
   Daniel Macaraeg face remained grim. Lives had still been lost.
   “Captain we have an incoming transmission from the USS San Pablo- It’s Adler. He wants to speak with you in private.”
   Ko-Ree nodded in agreement and opened his monitor. It displayed a star field bound by a circle and two laurel branches on a navy blue field. The flag of the Federation. Commander Macaraeg left for the bridge.
   The pale face of the Admiral appeared.
   “Captian I tried to warn you, my sources at starfleet intelligence had known this would happen.”
   “You were already on your way here…”
   “As cover yes. The Dugaran supremacist group, known as the Zemaz, or dagger, has taken over the planet. Debarron is now under siege as we speak. We’ll leave the system soon.”
   “Kaferia is a Federation member, we can’t just leave! Admiral-”
   “Not anymore, Councillors from the other forty seven states have reviewed the Kaferian Union’s membership status upon learning of the internal conflict. They'll come to a deciscion in fifty hours. General Order One stands.”
   Jaren stared the admiral in the eye. He was serious. If Starfleet intelligence knew, why did they just let this slide. It reminded him of the time back on Barkol when he was young. His family did not worship the old Gods of I’nua. The day when the house was surrounded, the neighbors just stood by, like nothing was happening.
   “Well, until they come to a decision, Kaferia is still a Federation member. We’re obligated to interfere.”
   “This is Romulan territory now can’t you see! The Dugarans are merely their pawns, they even had drones for crying out loud!”
   It seemed the Admiral had been monitoring the Coronado’s activities more closely than he had thought. Even for a paranoid old man, Adler didn’t seem like the person to partake in that sort of covert operation.
   “How long has the San Pablo been monitoring the Coronado?”
   “Captain the Romulans, they’re trying to manipulate you, turn us on each other-”
   “Admiral! For the sake of our crews lives, you need to tell me!”
   “We’ve been watching you since before you left Altus City.”
   “Was the San Pablo able to detect our near collision with the Edgedancer?”
   The San Pablo was a Harcourt class vessel and would have been able to detect Coronado’s encounter with it’s advanced sensors.
   “Yes” The admiral said confused.
   “Hold on,”
   Jaren shut the monitor off. He got up from his seat and practically leapt onto the bridge, commanding the attention of the crew. He sensed a sharp spike in the amount of fear on the bridge.
   “Commander, can you scan the Edgedancer’s hull for signs of tractor beam stress?”
   “We’re not too far away, so yes.”
   Commander Macaraeg looked into glowing scope. He pulled away, his brown eyes widened.
   “Captain, how did you know?”
   “I talked to the admiral. Ensign Kurtz hail the San Pablo”
   The admiral’s face appeared on the screen. He looked annoyed.
   “Admiral, while the San Pablo was scanning us, It seems like our adversary was doing so as well. Admiral, who’s your science officer?”
   “I’ve had to throw some of the senior officers in the brig temporarily, so my science officer at the moment is this nice young lady over here. I havn’t caught her name yet but so far- where did she go?”
   The admiral turned around to face an empty science station.
   “I would find her if I were you. And quickly.” Jaren said grimly.
   Voices on the San Pablo’s bridge grew frantic. Something was wrong.  Very wrong.
   “Admiral, there’s trouble in engineering. They called but when I picked up there was no answer.”
   “Admiral, the helm is not responding.”
   “Get it back online ensign, lieutenant check the-”
   “Admiral, is everything alright over there?”
   “Noth-fzzztt-ing-shhhhhhh-we-” The screen went black.
   “Hail them again” Jaren ordered.
   “No response.” Kurtz said while frantically pushing buttons.
   The air grew thick with concern. The crew stared around the bridge. Then a beeping noise came from the tactical console. The officer stationed there at the moment, the andorian lieutenant Hosell, looked at her monitor curiously.
   “Captain, I suggest we polarize the hull plating,”
   “Lieutenant what’s going on?”
   “The San Pablo is arming its photon torpedo launchers. And it’s aiming at Coronado.”
i want to put my fist through this whole lousy beautiful town