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Star Trek Coronado plot summaries
« on: October 28, 2017, 01:17:21 PM »
Exactly what it says. each 'Episode' will be ten chapters long with the exception of the pilot and other two parters which are twenty chapters long. Any epsiode ideas are welcome. I currently have the first twelve episodes of twenty episodes planned out for season 1

Star Trek: Coronado Season One Plot summaries

1-The Dagger in the Dark- The year is 2187. The ship is Coronado, starfleet’s fastest vessel yet. The launch of the Coronado has been hotly anticipated by the press. Some deride this vessel as nothing more than proof of an ever increasingly militaristic starfleet. On the day of Coronado’s launch, the USS Edgedancer is destroyed above Kaferia by the Dugaran supremacist organization known as the Zemaz, who believe that the two other races are corrupting the sacred waters of the Dugarans. The top brass at starfleet has pressured the council to move for the expulsion of the world from Federation space, and prepare for war against the Romulan Star Empire. With only three days to stop the Zemaz, Captain Jaren Ko-Ree and his dysfunctional crew work together to stop the group with constant interference from Admiral Adler. Admiral Adler’s ship the USS San Pablo is discovered to be sabatoged by the Custodian, a benefactor of the Zemaz. Shortly thereafter the San Pablo crashes into the desert. The remaining crew of the San Pablo and an injured Adler come aboard Coronado. On the second day the Zemaz are planning to raze the surface cities to the ground using an ancient transponder known as the dagger, to detonate the wells underneath the cities. The crew of the Coronado hatch a plan to stop the Zemaz by crashing the San Pablo into their control center. The Zemaz is thereafter discredited and peace is brought to Kaferia. Captain Ko-Ree manages to make amends with Admiral Adler.

2-Well, excuse me- The Coronado heads underway to the planet Herdeen to pick up the flamboyant Doctor Keeman Darcel and transport him to Vulcan

3-Card Games- With the former crew of the San Pablo adjusting to life on Coronado, Lt. Commander Ross decides to to try and bring everyone closer together in a team building activity: A Bullshit Tournament! The Captain and Cmdr. Macaraeg are naturally wary that the deceptive nature of the game will actually drive people apart, but Ross manages to convince them otherwise.

4-Abandoned- The USS Coronado receives a distress signal from an apparently abandoned station orbiting Lonar while they are invited to the planet. Lieutenant Vasquez offers to investigate, and discovers a little boy named Ulam. The crew discovers that Ulam is the last survivor of last years annual ‘cleansing’ where the ritually impure and disabled are sent to the station to starve. Vasquez must decide: refuse to abandon starfleet rules and regulations, or do what she thinks is right.

5-Hull breaches, Hull breaches everywhere- During a movie night set up by Lt. Cmdr Helen Ross, The Coronado encounters an old minefield left over from the Romulan War, suffering extensive damage. The crew must discover  way to deactivate the navigational hazard before they are blown to infinity and beyond.

6-Lessons- After undergoing much needed repairs at starbase, Coronado departs from the Redrum system and heads for Melar to investigate a geological phenomena on the second planet. Lt. Cmdr Ross and Ensign Connor are sent on mandatory shore leave to Melar II’s grassland moon when they come to blows. Ross attempts to improve Connor’s flight skills. On the moon Ross is hurt one of the native aliens after walking into their nest. With Connor as the only one able to pilot the shuttle, the two overcome their differences in order to escape their pursuers.

7-The Lights of Paro- The USS Coronado travels to the Yorkal nebula and encounters a group of the Federation scientists aboard a freighter who seem to have complete personality changes and inexplicable healing. A priest on the freighter claims that goddess Paro is responsible.

8-The New Green Dream- The USS Coronado lands on the planet Geresh for negotiations regarding the Federation’s access to a nearby corridor of space for purposes of easing travel time in the area. While exploring the spaceport a group of ensigns accidentally bring aboard a an addictive psychoactive substance and its use soon becomes rampant. Assistant CMO Armani Gonzalez leads a team of the remaining sober officers to cure the crew and stop the dealer’s influence on the city.

9-Thriller Killer- The USS Coronado encounters the ECS Silverface floating lifelessly when heading to the Terran Colony world of Bitter End. The Silverface has been carrying  a cover band whose members have been killed one at a time by someone. Each time a band member is killed, the Silverface’s self destruct sequence comes closer to activating.

10-Call from the dark- The Keruse Union is on the verge of all out civil war. The USS Toledo has arrived to help diffuse tensions between the government and the rebels, only to be heavily damaged by massive energy discharge. The Coronado makes its way to the Keruse system only to be encouraged to leave immediately by the Kersean government. According to the rebels, the government was responsible for creating a subspace based weapon that can remain hidden until it’s too late. The crew discovers that the group known as the Custodian may be responsible.

11-Skeletons in the Closet- The Coronado comes across a hostile vessel known as the Pride of Valakia, that is holding the space station Geneva hostage in return for genetic research. When the Coronado arrives, The president makes a surprise visit, ordering the ship’s destruction, complicating matters much more. Commander Macaraeg makes a surprise discovery from reading the Mission Logs of Enterprise.

12-The City on the High Cliff- The Coronado lands in the City of Ebokar, the capital of the Kyraz Republic, to discuss negotiations for the nation’s entry into the Federation. Ebokar is a city towering over the clouded lowlands. Diplomats are immediately impressed with the level of technological advancement, powered by a seemingly unlimited power source coming from the Dibronium minerals found on the planet. The crew makes a discreet visit to the lowlands to discover the truth of the Dibronium mining operation: the planet has a second group of people enslaved for their dibronium sensing abilities.
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